Sonic clothing of Japan
For the amount of 'other stuff' Japan produced with Sonic, there's a surprisingly small amount of clothing available. Why? Likely for the simple reason of photos of it being scarce. Much of what SonicGear has on display is from the Sonic Store, which was the first real heavily photographed Fan Event from over there. But, as more clothing photo submissions come in, Sonic Gear will expose all the Sonic clothing of Japan!
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5 Different Embroidered Sonic Theme Caps Here are 5 different baseball type caps, each with it's own Sonic theme design! Each one says "Segasonic" on the bottom despite the character featured. The designs are embroidered on, for a nice quality stitched look. The different colors of fabric also help these hats stand out.
What really does the trick here though, is that the art used on them is still stock, but RARE stock, in that it's not repeated all over every other item you own. Just look at sitting Tails, he's so cute! Photo by Alesandro.
The following neck-tie avalanche brought to you by
Green Look Out Sonic Neck Tie This simple and cute greenish tie has a few stock art Sonic and Tails scattered among geometric shapes. It has the lesser used "looking out Sonic", the standard running Tails and standing Tails. Because they are scattered in all directions, it helps abstract the design a bit and turn it into a pattern.
Here's a clever design, this tie uses TV monitors (of the exact same shape found in the game!) to show pictures of Tails, Sonic in different poses, and Eggman too. If you look closely, you can even spot ring and invincibility monitors scattered through as well! What a clever touch for this interesting tie! TV Theme Sonic Tails Eggman Neck Tie Photo
Magenta Sonic & Tails Color Wave Tie
What do you wear a magenta colored tie with?
Well...if you can manage to find this one, you'll have to find out! Here, they've overlaid various color waves onto a pink/magenta background, while applying various stock arts. Sonic and Tails are featured larger at the bottom, standing next to eachother, to highlight the tip of the tie.
Blue Color Swirl Mens Sonic Neckware
Having a color varient is sometimes a good idea. Especially when the other color is a bright pink! This is clearly the 'same' neck tie, but now the background is a dark blue and the waves of color are a bit more subtle. This is the tie for when you're not feeling quite so 'loud' as to wear the one above.
Monitor Theme Scattered Design Necktie with Eggman
Here's a very slight variation on the monitor theme tie above. If you look closely, you can see here that this background is blue, and not green. The pattern is still the same, but this time the box is rather purple.
The box to all these is rather clever, with a 'tie shaped' die-cut out of the front to expose the pattern directly to potential buyers while adding interest to the packaging.
Reddish Purple Look Out Sonic Tie
This interestingly colored reddish-purple-ish tie is obviously the varient to the first one on the page. This curious color choice makes the Sonic & Tails graphics stand out more, but the green shapes in the background nearly give it a "Christmas" like theme....the orange box however, might not of been the best package choice for this particular item.
Think of how well it would display in your Sonic collection, with it's great little box!
Casino Zone Bright Colors Sonic Tie The last two ties in this collection depict Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2. Notice the star bumpers, triangle bumpers, and slotted area (Where Sonic could fit, rolled up) to play at the ring-dispensing slot machine. It's also ocvered in little stock arts interacting with the 'level' and sound effects. A large finger waving Sonic finishes it off at the bottom.
Though it is 'busy' it does not (for some reason) come across as intensely busy as other ties seen elsewhere on SonicGear.

All photos for these, and above ties by Alessandro.

Slot Machine Sonic Level Design Tie
Here's a rather clever double shirt.
The front of the shirt is white, and has the "Sonic the Hedgehog" red/white letters with the (oddly) black and white Sonic running. The back is black cloth and has "Sonic the Werehog" in drippy white paint. The 'were hog' is also shown reaching for the viewer while snarling like some kind of oldskool horror movie werewolf. This shirt was available around the time of Tokyo Game Show in 2008 to help promote Sonic World Adventure/Sonic Unleashed.
This isn't actually a picture of a shirt. It's a drawing with a logo on it. Supposedly the shirt does exist in Japan though. A rather "Halloween-like" scene is done in gray black and purple on the front with "Creepshow" style lettering that says "Werehog by night, let yourself get wild in the dark". Again the were-hog is sort of menacing the viewer under a (non classic) crescent moon.
What's that in the background, hanged from a rope in the tree? It's "Chip" the new character supposedly used in the introductory part of the game. It seems to be hung by a foot, so it didn't die. Photos/Art by SonicTeam Japan, Discovered by fueledbychaos.
Hot Pink Urban Style Splash Sonic Shirt
Another picture of a shirt.
This time, there's a rather interesting new design. The design is mostly black and white, with a bit of hot pink thrown in. It has clouds, geometric shapes, and "Sonic the Hedgehog" written in an unusual font. Jumping Sonic isn't lost in the urban-style jumble though. Hopefully this is helping to introduce a new stock art pose. With the bold design and paint-drip style, this is a great new Sonic shirt. Should be available in Japan in 2008/fall. Drawing by SonicTeam, discovered by fueledbychaos.
School Letter Style Sonic Fade Tee This looks to be an off-white (possibly tan or beige) tee.
It's hard to tell what color they really have planned when they didn't use an actual shirt to showcase their design. This one appears to be a fade-look Sonic, with "School Letter" or "Sports letter" style lettering. Interestingly, it breaks up his name with Sonic at the top and "The Hedgehog" in itallics at the bottom. Sonic is in another different and dynamic looking jumping pose. Hopefully these new poses will carry over onto more things and spice them up. Should be available in Japan in 2008/fall. Drawing by SonicTeam, discovered by fueledbychaos.
Sack-like Sonic Ski Hat Gray w/Box Here's a curious item, if not 100% fashionable.
This is a Sonic themed ski hat. But, due to its (unfortunate?) design, it looks like a sack gone wrong. The top of the hat (or actually 'tube of cloth') is meant to be tied with the included strip which then forms a knot that presumably flops about on top of your head. And makes it look like your face is poking out of a hole in a large Sonic themed bag!
Notice that the box it comes in has a die-cut Sonic head, and very much resembles the boxes of the Sonic ties (above) It is likely from a close-by year. The design on the hat is quite classic with the "Segasonic" banner and Sonic 2 like theme. Tails looks quite good here, and the seal/logo is nice and large. You can see the instructions for tieing the hat are still inside the box. Photo provided by: Rhia
Sonic vs. Metal Sonic CD T-shirt Here's a shirt sure to please fans, if it were not so rare.
This shirt was released around Sonic CD, and uses the famous art created for it of Sonic fighting Metal Sonic. The art was quite high quality with very good shading, and even reflections in Metal Sonic's paint, making this one an easy choice for t-shirt design. A simple black to white gradient provides the background, highlighting the words at the bottom. Photo provided by: Rhia
Sihlouette Border Stay Sonic Shirt This is quite an interesting shirt. It has a curiously posed silhouette of Sonic on it, but if you look closely you'll see it's bordered by a thin line of yellow, magenta and cyan-blue. The slight bordering almost does a 3d or trick-eye effect to the art, which retains the green eyes. The speech bubble is written in English and says "Stay Sonic!" Why do they keep placing the design on an obviously drawn-in shirt? What's wrong with showing people a real item? This is available for order, but only if you're in Japan, at the Cospa Store. Photo discovered by: Feuledbychaos.
Invisible Sonic Shirts Well, the shirts aren't invisible, but Sonic sure is!
These interesting shirts are attempting to be edgy and modern by...well, pretty much having invisible Sonic on there. All that's left are select (not all) white parts for his socks, gloves and glove-cuffs. Not even the shoe stripe remains. You can still readily tell which stock art this was though, it's the funny walkin Sonic Adventure 1 era round art.
In all, the shirts are pretty interesting because to recognize it you would NEED to be a Sonic fan. These were released for Sonic's birthday in 2009. Photo discovered by Sonikkou no Uta.
This is a windbreaker jacket 'concept art'. As you can see, for whatever reason they didn't take a photo of the real thing over at the Japan COSPA store where this is sold. This jacket was released around the time of Sonic's birthday 2009, but does not relate to the event. The lettering is done in an old fashion college 'lettermans style' and the graphics are monochrome tan. Both of the arts used are fairly fresh and look good in Windbreaker Jacket Back
Windbreaker Jacket Front Concept Art
the style. It says the same thing (Sonic The Hedgehog) in the same format on both the front & the back. With a nice large design on the back combined with different art for the front, it's a nice looking jacket. Discovered by Sonikkou no Uta
May be order-able in Japanese only at Cospa Store.