Sonic clothing of Japan
More Sonic clothing from Japan. This page will also feature a mix of old and new items.
The amount of clothing produced there should at least be on par with the UK, but photos are scarce so the sections build slowly. With some rather unique designs and no over-reliance on 'busy-ness' the clothes seen here are often quite fashionable and interesting.
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Segasonic Soccer theme Sweatshirt Here is a navy blue sweatshirt-type shirt with a Soccer Football theme.
It's an early item as shown by the "Segasonic" branding. It has running / kicking Sonic art applied over a large soccer ball background. The small writing above the logo is the "Precious Time" quote that was commonly used in the era. The art is uncommon, or it's a modified piece to get his foot up really high to illustrate 'kicking' so he'd go with the sports theme of the shirt.
This is an uncommon shirt. (Since it's heavier than tee material, it may have been expensive when released) Over all, the quote & interesting art give this a unique and quite classic look. @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Hooded Tee Sonic Thumbs Up Here's a hooded...tee...shirt?
This thin-fabric white shirt has a hood with drawstring. (Why? The hood's not going to protect from the wind with that thin cloth) The interesting bit here is the art. It has a seldom-seen, or possibly only-on-this-item Sonic art. It's classic style Sonic, but he's got more 'expression' than normal, and is giving a thumbs-up from within his yellow ring border. It doesn't look like the regular stock art though, maybe a little more 'animated'.
This shirt is uncommon, but the art makes it interesting. Photo by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Dry Sonic Headphones Blue & White Tees Here are 2 new tees with NEW stock art on them for 2016! These are from Cospa & come in blue or white. The title of the shirt is "Dry Sonic Tee". But why 'dry'? As opposed to wet? What do the words at the bottom say?
The new art is an outline with modern Sonic running as he holds his hands to his music headphones...which are on the sides of his head and not on his ears at all. The shirt sleeve has the modern logo on one side. Photos discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Ride On! Sonic Modern thick jacket A new jacket for Japan!
This is a motorcycle-type jacket, complete with appropriate motto/slogan "Ride On!" written quite large as a part of the design. The back has 'sideways peace sign jumping' modern Sonic, with the words behind his head. The front left-side chest area has the slogan again, this time only with Sonic's face. Non-logo font is used to place "Sonic the Hedgehog" under his foot & under the head. The jacket has a high collar, zipper front, arm zipper pocket & padded/thick interior so it's warm. It is all polyester. This looks like a fresh & quality piece! So far only seen at AmiAmi . Photos discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
NeoClassic Sonic 2016 Hoodie Black Here's a hoodie with some new neoclassic art for 2016!
This hoodie is by Cospa. It uses a new piece of neoclassic Sonic art, but only in black and gray tones. This one has Sonic leaning quite a bit, resting an arm on an item, while holding up his other hand. The item, in this case, is the classic logo in a leopard-spotted rectangle. There are squiggly shapes & geometrics around for the 'background'. These are quite reminiscent of the original Sonic 1 & 2 game box covers they used in Japan. (Bright colors, geometric shapes, etc instead of arty scenes or 'comic book' type covers that elsewhere got)
The art gives it a retro feel, but the neoclassic keeps it fresh so even if you've collected other jackets/hoodies this one can still stand out. Otherwise, the hoodie itself is pretty plain. Just a flat black with drawstring hood 'all-thru' front pocket, and long sleeves with elastic cuffs. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Gray Sonic Tails Segasonic Early Tee
Here's an actual classic tee.
This one is early 90s, as you can see from the "Segasonic" label. It was likely released around the time of Sonic 2. It has the shaded color stock art for Sonic & Tails standing back to back (ish) with their shadow below them so it looks a little 3d. The design is nice and large, but the shirt is otherwise pretty simple...just a middle gray color with them and the big branding below them. The shaded art is nice, the design is simple without trying to go over the top, and the result is nice & genuinely classic looking. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Dokojo Blue Zip Front Jacket 90s Here is a "Dokojo" jacket.
But what exactly is...Doko Jo? Why would it be cross-branded with Sonic? The jacket is a soft blue cloth with zipper front. The back has DoKoJo spelled out in thick embroidered yellow letters. The front chest area has a round embroidered Sonic patch on one sidde. It has full color art of him...jumping? he's just kind of got his legs and arms going in various directions with no real ground around.
You can tell this is an older item, as there's "Segasonic" spelled out in red almost behind one of his hands. It's a decent enough presentation with the unusual art, but the Sonic element is rather small. Write in for credit if you know what Dokjo is, or why it was cross-branding with Sonic in the early 1990s when this jacket was released. Photos discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Fabric Dress Bright Colors With Sonic Here's an uncommon item...a Sonic Dress!
Dresses with Sonic theme are really rare. Australia Segaworld had one of the few known dresses of the 1990s. Now, this Japanese one appears with some very bright colors & somewhat busy theme. The top part is blue with no sleeves, the bottom has various Sonic poses along with blocks of mis-matched color and a few words with black backgrounds. But what are the words? The folds of the fabric don't let you read them. What's going on with the top of the dress? Some scrunched fabric is in the chest area? Certainly the item itself is rare...but one would have to consider it not selling too well when it was new because what's going on with they 'style' here. Photos discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Pixelated Edge Blue Silhouette Sonic Tee Is this tee the first instance of the use of 'pixelated edge graphic'?
It could be. This tee is supposed to be from right around the release of Sonic Adventure 1, but it's a little confusing because the sihloutte graphic is clearly classic Sonic...but if you notice the small logo, it's modern. It's hard to tell because of the size of the photo, but the Sonic here has a deliberatly pixelated edge look. Notice also there's no tag in the back (fabric tag or printed on) Was the shirt a give-away at a booth? It's a fine design for 1 finger waving Sonic, but the presentation is a little confusing. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Very Plain Vest Small Sonic Face This vest isn't very great.
While it's big on pockets, it's very small on Sonic style. The only Sonic element on the entire thing, is a tiny, embroidered face all the way at the bottom of the last pocket. It has a thick black outline & looks like it's only about an inch high. The rest is just a sort of khaki colored ordinary vest with a bunch of zip, snap, & flap pockets. Sure you could load up with accessories but...
Why even make this a Sonic item at all? The detail is so small that a fan could barely notice it. It may be from the "Sonic Store", a Japan clothing store that only sold Sonic themed items--some of those were very plain as well. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Jam it Kick it Tee This tee is a promo from Famitsu Magazine. The shirt is plain dark/navy blue with a medium size rectangle in the center of the chest. This has a sort of 'watery' looking texture for the background & Sonic is shown with space-age/sci-fi type looking headband? 'glasses'? and 'dancing' (ish?) pose. Most notable, though, are his shoes which have a metallic gray stripe instead of the white, and & jagged sort of white circle added to the sides. This is not a typical stock art at all. There are words written circling around him (early CG) which says "Jam It! Kick it!"
Notice the tag in the collar, it's an American brand Tultex, but this tee was a Japan exclusive due to it being a Famitsu item. Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Packaged Sonic Tees Here are packaged tees...and that makes them a bit of a mystery. It's rare to see shirts still in their plastic packaging from the time of Sonic CD or this is a nice viewing opportunity...but because they're folded you can't really tell what the whole design would look like. The top one is clearly Eggman in his egg-o-matic 'bump-back' configuration from Sonic CD. But the second one...either has a design incompatable with the packaging (the 'window' there should have featured something) or was mis-folded when it was packaged.
Actual tee designs should appear to the right of this description if the tees are ever uncovered loose. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram