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Sonic the Hedgehog Clothing from Japan
The clothing items on these pages started off in Japan. Not to say a whole bunch of it didn't get imported's mostly good stuff! The designs of these items tend to be somewhat more subtile (Less Tacky!) then items found elsewhere.
Shilloutte Classic Sonic Shirts mess display Various Sonic Shillouette shirts, in an odd display which looks like someone's messy floor, complete with old shoes and a wadded up sock. This shillouette design evolved right before the Sonic Adventure look. It seems like a sophisticated spin off of the "Sonic & Knuckles" logo.
Sonic Store Outfits on Display These shirts are from the famous Sonic Store, which can be seen in another section. It has the same shillouette theme as the ones above, only now applied with the Sonic Adventure style. It also uses the gray/brown/orange/blue theme the store was known for. Are only the shirts Sonic related, or are the other items some how Sonic-ish as well?
Segasonic classic shirts, with rare Metal Sonic on one A selection of 5 classic shirts. These look like bootlegs, but are not. They each say Segasonic at the bottom, and "The Hedgehog" or possibly a phrase. The 2nd shirt from the right has a Sonic Vs. Metal Sonic design on it, making it one of the few times Metal Sonic has appeared on apparel. This design can also be seen on an eraser in My Random Sonic Items.
Colored Collars sporty Tees 5 Sega related shirts with colored collars. A spread-out Sega Rally one, a Knuckles shirt and a central shirt with Tails and something else. Can't really tell what the other two are. The colored collars are somewhat uncommon.
Sonic store clothing jumble photo
More odd display of Sonic the Hedgehog clothing and accessories. Why is Big the Cat among this jumble? This looks like it belongs in the Sonic Store as well.
Small logo Sonic Adventure Jacket
A somewhat boring all-black Sonic Adventure outerware Jacket. What was this for? Who got it? Why is the logo so small?
Sonic logo jean jacket & shirt
A Sonic Jacket shown with a Tails Plush and a white-outline Sonic shirt. This is again from the Sonic store. What is the name on the tag? This appears to come with some extra buttons. However, if that's the only decoration on it, this Jean Jacket is hardly Sonic...
Sonic adventure slogan lyric shirt
Sonic Adventure 1 promotional shirt. This one has a partial Song Lyric from the game. "I'll never look back, I've got no regrets / cause time don't wait for me / I choose to go my own way". This looks like it could be a sweatshirt.
Fade cut-out shirt scatter Sonic the Hedgehog names shirt Sonic shillouette blue shirt
More Sonic Adventure 1 shirts. They really spared no expense at plastering the exact same graphic of Sonic all over everything they could lay a hand on. This time with a blurry or orange theme, for some reason. No, the shirt on the right isn't *that* badly photographed, it's supposed to be blurred. (Remember that trend?)
Shirt & purse selection photo Two shirts and a purse, on display in the Sonic Store. It looks like the first one uses actual game graphics in the name/logo.
This is not a shirt of Sonic the Hedgehog
A shirt-like graphic with Sonic the Hedgehog Two more Sonic Adventure 1 shirts. There are varients of these with smaller designs for some reason. Note that neither of these are photos of an actual T-shirt. The graphics were produced by Sega, though. Were these shirts ever really made?
Sonic Adventure 1 symbol shirt
Two more of this same Sonic Adventure graphic. Yes, it's fairly creativly used, but really, what percentage of these shirts on this page are composed of someone using this same design? The bottom one has the song lyric on it again. Segaworld of Japan Sonic black t shirt
Lyric and patch Sonic the Hedgehog stripes shirt
A Segaworld souvenir shirt. This is one from the Segaworld in japan.
Shorts photo big
Shorts other side Sonic A cool pair of shorts (are they swim?) with the graphics from the famous Japanese screen saver. The "Don't waste time" quote is below the picture. The background is really nice, with badniks, and unusual line art that's not just the stock!
The photo is kept large so you can see the outline-graphics that make up the background.
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