Sonic clothing of Japan
More Sonic clothing from Japan. This page will also feature a mix of old and new items.
The amount of clothing produced there should at least be on par with the UK, but photos are scarce so the sections build slowly. With some rather unique designs and no over-reliance on 'busy-ness' the clothes seen here are often quite fashionable and interesting.
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Jumping Twist Sonic Blue-tones tee This shirt was produced in 2009 by Sega and Uniqlo. It's just a simple tee with black elastic for the sleeves and collar. The design is nice, taking the swirl icon from the games and using it as a background for a fresh Sonic art. This one has him jumping in a twist with one finger up. The whole thing is done in blue-tones with screen-tone (actually stars, not dots!) which gives it an interesting look. The tag features Sonic Unleashed(spagonia) as well as some series history, and is large and glossy. Info by BlueSonikku.
Sonics Fighting Action Shirt Gray
This shirt was released (of course) to celebrate the arcade game Sonic the Fighters. It has portraits of almost all of the fighters in the game (There's no Super Sonic or Metal Sonic) To fill in the 9th spot in the shirt, they used the game's logo. The edge says "Sonic's Fighting Action". It looks like they used pictures directly from the game itself, as the characters appear a bit polygonal. This is an interesting and rare shirt featuring rare characters.
Sonic Adventure 1 Four Chars White tee This t-shirt was released to help promote Sonic Adventure 1. It uses the SA1 style art, but cropped down into little square tiles that just show the characters' faces. The effect is rather neat, especially with the oddly stretched out logo below it. Photo discovered by Rae_Logan
3 New Art Sonic T-shirt mock-ups Here are 3 more tshirts from the Japan Sonic Channel Blog. Again, they're just mock-ups and not real shirts, but they do feature some interesting and new art, which will hopefully become more widely available. The top has Sonic crumpled into a square shape for some reason, though he doesn't seem particularly displeased over it. The second has an all new and somewhat dynamic pose from the back, which looks good in its circle. The bottom shirt features a new (rather sly) expression comic-style Sonic which says "Game On" in the speech bubble and has a patterned background. At the bottom, in small print each shirt says Sonic the Hedgehog. Discovered by: Sonikkou-No-Uta
Game On Screentone Dots Sonic Yellow Tee
At least one of the shirts from the above image was produced, as evidenced here with the Game On yellow tee. The whole thing is done in screen tone dots, though you can't see the ones that make up Sonic. Sonic himself is a bit interesting here, looking particularly sly, and having yellow eyes (because only 3 colors were used) Also, what happened to his other eyelid? The tag is revealed to say "Sonic the Hedgehog" as well, helping it to look official.
This is an interesting shirt, it's too bad it wasn't really for sale. The photo at right reveals the tag says "not for sale", and that the shirt comes with some kind of Japanese paper. Maybe it was a prize or an incentive of some kind Discovered by SonicBoy19, photos at right by Sonicrulz14
Japanese Writing Rays Jump Sonic Tee This shirt may be from Japan, but it resembles some of the USA shirts more than it does the usual JP fare. It makes use of the seldom-seen jumping-twist modern Sonic stock art for a look of action. The background is just gray rays for either light-effect or speed-lines. It says Sonic in the old-style font at the top, and then repeats it at the bottom in Japanese. (the sub-head says Sonic * the * hedgehog) all in red so it stands out. This can be found in online shops that sell Japanese things, and occaisonally over ebay in the fall of 2009. Owned and photographed by BlueSonikku
Sonic & Animals White Tee These children's size tees are rather old. They may have been released around the time of Sonic 1, and appear to be plain white, with just the design in the middle of the chest area. The old 'Segasonic' name is used on the (rather industrial and neat/utility style) package. The first one has Sonic & some of the small animals that come out of the badniks, along with the somewhat unusual (and mis-colored mustache) skipping Eggman stock art, the 2nd has him going against an Orbinaut (or Sol) spike ball throwing badnik. (Note that it appears on top of both packages) These are interesting old shirts to see! MIP Sonic vs Orbinaut Badnik Tee
Gamesoul Harajuku Sonic Ladies Tee This is a classic Sonic tee from around 1995. It was found in the Harajuku district, and is prodcued by the company "Gamesoul" who's motto (written on the tag) is "Life is a Game". The shirt was never common, but what adds to it is, this is a women's cut. You never saw a lot of Sonic stuff 'just for girls' but this is a ladies' medium. (though it is rather small--remember, Japan sizes run smaller than most others for some reason) It uses an interesting font to spell out Sonic, with a series of stars in the "I". There is the '1 finger raised' stock Sonic as a line art, partially inside of the "C", though he's rather small. Photographed & owned by: Jed
Embroidered Segasonic Long Sleeve
Look at this great quality shirt. It uses lots of thick embroidery to make the design extra nice. The shirt itself is a long-sleeve, in pale mottled gray. It's meant to look somewhat 'sporty/varsity' , with the font & large letter. The words and large "S" border are all done in nice, thick embroidery. The top says "The Hedgehog" with the old, traditional SegaSonic" in script under his head.
Note the unusual brown & dark brown large rectangle paper tag. (It just has a Sonic head on it, and says Segasonic again) This was bought in Japan, in the 1990s. It is likely to be uncommon. Size shown: Adult Medium. Photo & owned by BiancaNishitani
Cospa Generations Level Sonic Tee Here is a unique and beautiful shirt from Cospa. It has a great all-over design of the Green Hill classic styled level from Sonic Generations. It seems to be a direct 'screen cap' style for the graphic itself, and it even includes Sonic & MotoBug. You can likely order it online from an importer once it's released, but are you willing to pay the price?
It's 6300 yen, for some reason. This makes it the most expensive Sonic shirt ever sold at retail. (yes some vintage ones will go that high but never something starting at 82 dollars. What's the reasoning behind this? Do they think anyone will actually pay it? This site has Nov. 15 2011 release set, and Cospa has the shirt image up right now. You may be able to get it at for 43.00, in summer 2012. Discovered by Taaron , link info by SonicDude558
Cospa Typography Fastest Hedgehog
This shirt makes a bold statement with the typography/font. (Looks like ArielBlack) It's a plain white tee with the words "Sonic The World's Fastest Hedgehog". A small (blue only) graphic of Sonic is positioned so it looks like he has blurred the word, for a fun effect. This shirt is also expensive, at about $39.00, before shipping, if you can find it. Discovered by Taaron
Purple Disk PJs Japan Set Sonic Here are 2 pairs of Japanese Sonic pajama sets. They each have a long sleeve shirt and pants. The top one has a purple-ish background /theme & the bottom has light blue. The close ups show the pattern, which is rather busy with various colored disks. Some have just Sonic, others are striped or have stars or the Sega logo. There are also Sonic logos, USA flags, the 'Precious Time' quote, and "World Wide" And some say "Real American Style" which is odd because they weren't sold in the USA at all, so why bother to write it? Use these close-ups to inspect the busy patterns.
Dark JeansPattern PJs Close Up With the close-ups, it's clear that the 'background color' is actually imitation 'jeans texture' in darkish blueish-purple, and light blue. Still, both pairs are uncommon & quite interesting to see. Photos by SonicTeam Light Blue PJs disk pattern detail photo
15th Anniversary Pixel Sonic Tee Here's a shirt that was made to celebrate the Sonic 15th Anniversary. It's a pretty subtle one, with tiny design near the top on the front & back. The front has 1991-2006 & a pixel art of running Sonic, while the back just has the logo. The rest of the shirt is a plain, light blue. Where could you obtain this tee? Photo by SonicTeam
Pixel Sonic Foot Tap 15th Anniversary Tee
This shirt must have released at the same time as the one seen above/was part of a pair of them released for the 15th Anniversary. This one is pale blue with black elastics for the neck & sleeves. It has pixelated 'foot tappin Sonic' very small on the front, and the 15th logo in white on the back. The dates 1991-2006 are below Sonic (very small/hard to read with white on the pale tee). Where could you obtain this tee? Photo by SonicTeam
Tails Power Quote Tee
Here's an interesting Tails themed tee. It's all white, with the SEGA tag in the back. It features the less-common 'sitting Tails' stock art, and his name spelled out in a big blocky font. It also uses only PART of the "Life of Power" quote, which is sort of interesting. It says "To live a life of power, you must have a faith that what you believe is right, even if others tell you you are wrong" (complete with error "A Faith") It's supposed to be inspirational, but (think about it, it could be used to justify bad behaviour too...if you have faith stealing is the way to power...well then...) Still, it's extra cool to see something like this uncommon old shirt still mint in the package. Photo by: ToxicTheSkunk
Red Segasonic Hoodie Sweat Shirt
This is an old red hoodie sweatshirt. It has (likely) a unique Sonic art with forced-perspective pointing finger. The ring around his face says "SegaSonic The Hedgehog" in outlined letters. It has a double front pocket, but no zipper. This was sold somewhere in Japan, in the early 1990s, and it's not that common. (It's also slightly plain) Photo by SonicTeam