Sonic clothing of Japan
More Sonic clothing from Japan. This page will also feature a mix of old and new items.
The amount of clothing produced there should at least be on par with the UK, but photos are scarce so the sections build slowly. With some rather unique designs and no over-reliance on 'busy-ness' the clothes seen here are often quite fashionable and interesting.
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Cospa All Over CG Sonic design shirt This tee from Cospa has an all-over graphic of jumping CG Sonic. It has various CG lines, swirls and dots for the background. What sort of fabric is this shirt made of? Is it similar to the lycra all-over design shirts from the USA? The design is very unique, looks good, and stands out. This is likely to have been made for TGS in 2013. It is about 6,300 yen, if you order it online. (It's about 61 dollars, but why is it so costly? Cospa is known for expensive things but a 61 dollar tee seems excessive) Photos discovered by Taaron.
Stay Sonic 1991 Tee types for TGS Each of these designs was made by Cospa for Tokyo Game Show in 2013. The left two shirts have classic style laughing Sonic with "1991" at the bottom. A speech bubble is added that says "Stay Sonic". (Was anyone ever exactly sure what the phrase meant? It doesn't turn up often, but it's not really a slogan either)
The right 2 shirts have 'jumping twist' modern Sonic, but in each case he's printed in slightly unusually colored ink, & done all in diagonal stripes. It creates a unique look for both the black & the blue version of the tee. Any shirt seen here is 3,045 yen. Photos discovered by Taaron.
Striped graphic Sonic tees 2013
Eggman Boss Device Sega CD Tee
Now how neat is this? It's an official tee with JUST Eggman on one of his boss devices, no less! Has an Eggman invention ever been featured alone on a tee before? If it has, leave it to Japan to do something like that. A big 'theme' on their early items was featuring each character, not just Sonic, so it makes a lot of sense. This was his walking "punching spring" boss item from Sonic CD. It's a plain white tee otherwise, with just Segasonic at the bottom. The bag you see there has the Sega logo on there w/copyright info. It is the bag the shirt was sold in. The lighter is there to show the size. Photo discovered by MrCalistine.
Embroidered Segasonic Long Sleeve White Shirt
You've seen this design before...on a previous Japan clothes page. However, that one was a mottled gray shirt, while this one is white. Here, you can also see the back. Notice how it has a sewn on patch that's the same design as the brown & black paper tag. The design is the same though: all very thick, good quality embroidery with texture you can feel. It's certainly a quality item & somewhat unusual for Japan/early items since it's a long sleeve. Photo discovered by MrCalistine.
Secret Rings Black Hoodie
Here is a black hoodie / sweat shirt with a Sonic and Secret Rings theme / logo on the back. It's pretty plain, no pictures of Sonic anywhere, just the Sega logo on the front & the game logo on the back in all white.
Supposedly, this was never released to retail/the public. It was supposed to be a prize only for people who worked on the game. There was also a cloth-covered book with the same story behind it (on School Supply 4), but then why is this title in English, but the book in Japanese? If it really is an "employees only" thing, then it is likely to be quite rare.
Sonic X Gray Japan Kids Tee 2008 This gray tee appeared on The Sonic Channel's spotlight on merchandise in 2008. There, they say it's a kids/boys tee for sizes about 13 to 14 years old. It has black cuffs for the short sleeves & a black collar. The shirt itself is mottled gray. It uses a 'water mark' gray look for the Sonic X stylized face as the background. The art is a full color standing thumbs-up Sonic X version of Sonic. The logo appears very small at the bottom. The writing is in Chinese. The Channel commentary states that in the USA, tees have Japanese text, but in Japan, they usually do Chinese or English when they want an item to look exotic. There are more designs in kids shirts than they are adults, for Sonic. Photo & info by Fueled By Chaos
All Stars Racing Black/Gray Tee This gray tee is from Joypolis. It tries to give Sonic All Stars Racing a 'classic' type feel, with all black/white/gray art on a mottled dark gray tee. Sonic is pointing at the lettering, which is done in a retro font/style. Do you have a better photo that shows the enitre shirt? Send it in for credit / this one can easily be replaced.
Metal Sonic Black Tee & Sonic Peace Tee Here are 2 cool tees! Both are black, but one is really special. It is a Metal Sonic SOLO shirt! There have been a few shirts with Metal on them, but usually he's shown vs. Sonic or Super Sonic. This one has just the high quality art of him flying with "Metal Sonic" written below in metallic silver colored letters. This is a rare shirt.
The other tee has Sonic giving a peace sign with his name spelled out in a blocky font under one arm. He appears to have a colored border, too. Both shirts are old, from about the time of Sonic CD. Photo by HikaruSite
Cycle Jersey Bike Shirt Sonic This is a special shirt with a specific purpose. It's a cycle-jersey, or a shirt meant specifically to be worn while bicycleing. It has a short zipper at the collar, red sleeves/top with white stars, and gray under the sleeves that runs all the way down the side. The bottom has an elastic band around it (See how it is scrunching up) so it doesn't ride up while you're riding. The Sonic face is another of those borderless designs (no outline) so you just see his eyes & lower face on the blue background. The back bottom says "Segasonic the hedgehog" This is likely lycra. Photo by HikaruSite
Segasonic Thumbs Up Black Tee Here's a cool tee from likely the early 1990s. It still uses the "segasonic" name. The tee is black, with short sleeves. The art here is somewhat unusual. It's not a common stock art, and it's well drawn. Sonic gives the thumbs up over a small background of a diamond shape with horizontal stripes through it. The nice design, unusual art, and general size of it make this a classier looking tee. Photo & owned by:
Rainbow Tee & Sonic Figure 8 Shirt Here are two tees from around the time of Sonic CD. The left shirt has a running Sonic, but he is a sihlouette, that's filled with a prism/rainbow of colors that fade into each other. The bottom has "Sonic the hedgehog" written in a simple, white font.
The right side tee has an unusual/seldom-seen art of Sonic, who is doing the "Figure 8 Peel Out" move which was really only used in Sonic CD. He's beside the words "Sonic Segasonic the Hedgehog". Both shirts are made by the same company. (note cloth tag in tee neck back) Photo by Hikari Site
Super Prologue 21 Yellow Jacket Here is a yellow 'windbreaker' type jacket for "Super Prologue 21" The front has a swipe of black 'paint' where the title is written, the sleeve has the Sega logo & the back has Sonic's face with an added hand for him holding a microphone. It's titled something in Japanese at the top. (What's it say?) The front appears to be button-up & the sleeves each have 1 snap. This is uncommon, clearly classic & was made for a karaoke machine, which is what "Super Prologue 21" actually is. See the actual machine with the link Super Prologue 21. Photo & owned by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
1947 Jean Jacket Here is a puzzling piece from the past! This is an early jean-jacket with Sonic patches on the front and back. You can tell it's early/early 90s from the "Segasonic" branding. The mysterious thing about it comes with the slogan that is present on the bottom of each patch. It says "Born in 1947 but made for the 1990s"
But why?
1947 was a long time ago, why choose that arbitrary year? What is so signifigant about 1947 that someone would produce a whole jacket announcing it? Then, what about now here in the 2000s? Sonic is made for any time, really...though this jacket clearly wasn't. The buttons appear to have star-bumper patterns on them too. This jacket is uncommon. Do write in if you can solve the puzzle of the mystery-year, though! Photos discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Evolution of the Hedgehog Jean Jacket Here is a jacket that is seemingly related to the one above. It's built the exact same way, with 2 front pockets, button cuff sleeves, button up front & same type of collar. However, this one has an all-embroidered design on the back & uses the big design (brown/black rectangle) from the first jacket as it's small chest/badge design.
The back embroidery has "The evolution of the hedgehog" in blue, yellow & red embroidery & 'siloutte' style. It attempts to go from 'normal hedgehog' to Sonic but kind of flops because the first images are porcupines with long hair-like quills and long bodies.
It then sort of morphs the shape & relies on covering itself up to make a 'progression' to finally get to the full color Sonic stock art at the end. The whole thing is a strange concept, made even stranger by the recurrance of the 1947 slogan on the patch & how related it looks to the other jacket. Photos discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Asics Soccer Jersey Is this a real soccer team jersey? Looks like it might be...but why hasn't it appeared before? This is by the sports clothing company Asics & features Sonic and Sega branding. The running/kicking Sonic in front of the Soccer Football appears here in black & white line art. (It's the same as the graphic on the shirt above) The additional logo there says "Jep United". The back keeps the number 9, but has no Sonic branding. What was this for? Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram