Sonic clothing of Japan
This page will have only NEW (Modern Era) clothing.
The amount of clothing produced there should at least be on par with the UK, but photos are scarce so the sections build slowly. This page has retro-inspired clothes that are released around 2019 - 2020
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No Sweat Sunglasses Sonic Cospa Tee A new tee for 2020 from Cospa Clothing.
This one uses a modified modern stock Sonic forward-facing face. He is modified to have on a large retro-styled pair of sunglasses which have a swirly color pattern on the lenses. They're so big that you mostly can't see his eyes at all. The 'swirly lens' look is retro-style as well.
The slogan here is "No Sweat", which is written in green (slightly unusual) quite large as the entire background. Sonic is a darker blue than usual as well/all the colors seem a bit subdued. The glasses gives it a unique look & the shirt itself seems to be a quite dark gray.
All the clothes in this area are Cospa. They're a Japan only seller, make things in likely only adults sizes, and can be somewhat costly, however the items are always quality. Cospa items in area discovered by Taaron
Party Animals Retro STK Triangle Tee Another retro style Cospa tee.
This one is white, and is going for a more 80s look than the somewhat 90s look of the one above. It has typical 80s style fonts (mixed, with 1 heavy sanserif plus a scrawly style or cursive for contrast) to spell out the slogan here which is "Party Animals".
It has modern Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in color shifted tones and modified to be wearing that pair of sunglasses with the swirly lenses as seen on the tee above. They're on a traingle graphic, along with some GHZ palm trees. (Palms are also a part of the retro 80s look)
All this combines for a sort of interesting and
unusual look. Obviously, nothing Sonic existed in the 80s, so seeing him in that style is unusual. However it also guarentees nobody has a similar tee so it'll stand out in a collection.
Wall Paint Blue Black Sonic Cospa Tee This Cospa tee is called "Wall Paint Shirt"
It's a fairly dark blue tee with only black and white ink for the design. It has mostly-faced-away art for Sonic, where the only white parts are the eye and a few of the highlights. There is black paint 'smear' and 'drip' effect around some of the design edges, especially the hands.
But look there below him!
There's a hidden Tails in the design AND Knuckles. You can spot the outline of pointing finger Tails as well as fist-up Knuckles at the bottom of the design. He is only made of line-work and not filled in so he's harder to notice on purpose. It's fun that they used the design to hide other characters among the Sonic large graphic. A very unique look & some good planning create this design.
Cospa Watercolor Sonic Design An interesting new design!
This one is by Cospa, and is called the "Fashion Pencils Design"...however, the only appropriate pencil would be the watercolor pencil, because that's what this looks like: a sort of layered watercolor painting. It's got a big Sonic face portrait, Eggman at the top, Tails in yellows next, and Knuckles in all red hues at the bottom. Everyone has an active pose & the 'wash' of colors effect is interesting to see. Another unique design! It is in adult sizes and costs 40 dollars.
Fashion Pencil Gray Watercolor Tee
Ride On! Cospa Sonic Jacket Here is a Jacket from Cospa in 2020. It's a zip front with fabric collar and cuffs. It looks like more than a windbreaker type, but it's not a winter coat either. It's a very dark navy blue, with Sonic design on the front and back. There's an extra pocket w/zipper on the front of one of the arms. The design has sideways peace-sign jumping Sonic and the slogan "Ride On!". The front has just his face, and the slogan. The black part in the middle is the close up of the front/chest side design. Despite the design being nearly the same color as the jacket, it is large & looks good. With front and back detail
it's a nicely designed and quite Sonic item. It is costly though, probably at about 70 to 100 dollars because everything Cospa does is generally a little bit pricey. Discovered by Taaron
9090 Clothing Sonic Collaberation
In 2021, the clothing brand 9090 will be doing a collab with Sonic.
This is a sheet of logos & sticker ideas that they have for the co-branding. You can probably expect to see tees with the designs seen here, as well as stickers and probably other merchandise that 9090 already makes.
The item in the middle is a holo-foil sticker.
Interestingly, they choose to mix modern & classic on the upper left sticker which has peace-sign modern Sonic under the classic logo. Classic Sonic appears over the word "Ninety" on a wavy/long sticker.
What's the deal with "Sonic is Missing"?
You can't read the words because their photo is too small. It has the classic face, but with headphones added. (Remember they had him for a while being "DJ Popcultcha" or so--is this to resemble that?) They're also leaning on "No Speed Limit" as a bit of a slogan here. If you go waaay back into the past you'll sometimes find Sonic with the
so called 'engrish' phrase "No Speed Limited", which didn't make sense so it's good that whoever is doing this fixed it. The items made will appear here as they are released.
Cospa Shirts Selection 1 In Fall 2023, Cospa (the clothing & other items maker that seems to only sell in Japan) had a big Sonic release of stuff. But, rather than break it all up onto different categories here at Gear, it's all going onto the clothing page, because that's what the majority of it is. It's better to keep everything from the group release together.
This group has 3 short sleeve tees, 2 long sleeves and a pin-button. All are adult sizes.
The 2 left short sleeve tees are just a variant of each other, the white one being in red/blue color and the dark navy only using white ink. Their theme is a
retro sporty/baseball type look using classic Sonic & his name as the main elements. The long sleeve tees are also a variant of each other, one with black the other with white, and they both have the same gray ink. They're a front and back design with Sonic & Shadow, and then their names spelled out in a large blocky font as the background. The S & S design appears again, but smaller on the front. The last tee is an off-white one with a water color/pastel art of a cheerful neutral chao doing the heart emotion with the word "chao!" that it is exclaiming. The pin button is a round one, with...probably neo-art (it isn't neo-classic but it sure looks like a redraw on SA 1 piece) of Sonic with a graffiti style background. It's a good selection, and the Sonic Shadow shirt is pretty stylish. The chao is a fresh look too.
Cospa 3 Items Advertisment 2023 The next 3 items are a bit more various, there's a classic cloth with Sonic face & stars theme, an acrylic stand up jumping-twist pose modern Sonic & a black tee starring solo Shadow.
Here's another one of those Japanese mystery cloths! Yep, square piece of cloth folks come n' get it for.....something. The design for it is retro and cute with busy stars.
The acrylic stand thingy is something that seems to have become popular with many franchises and collectors during 2023 specifically. It may be some sort of a fad. Basically it's a clear plastic thing with the color part usually either on the back or 'sandwiched'
between the hard/clear acrylic layers. It then fits into a base of some kind and you put it on the shelf that way. It's a fine thing to have, but slightly out of place from a clothing/cloth company. The Shadow shirt is cool, because it's just him & his name/no Sonic branding anywhere. Perfect for Shadow fans. The name is in white at the top but it has 'echoes' in dark red under it that serve as the background for the uncommon art of him getting ready to race away from the viewer. (Though with that font they have chosen the W looks like it could be a z and u together.)
Adventure Slogan Wear Cospa Cospa adds slogans with this 4 item release.
A cheery retro (as retro as to be before the 90s) "Adventure" design is for the long sleeve sweat shirt & also the cloth bag. This has running Sonic, a vague 'hill' line, some sunny rays and the whole "Sonic established 1991" banner thing going on.
The sweat shirt/zip front with hood has thumbs up modern Sonic and the slogan "Sonic's the name, speed's my game" across the bottom. The back has the large art, and the front has the slogan on the chest area.
Sonic Superstars Cospa Merchandise Cospa also helps out with Sonic Superstars by releasing some merchandise for it as well.
There's a canvas tote bag with classic Sonic, Amy, Tails and Knuckles in a ring and the logo written in letterman style font at the top. (The character names are what is written small, above that) The dark brown tee has the same design as the bag.
The windbreaker jacket with a zip front has jumping twist modern Sonic, his name big across the top in a letterman style font and then just a face and his name on the chest area of the front. (Good to see another actual jacket, as they're not that common)