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Sonic Theme Home Decor Of Japan
Japan certainly had a nice range of goods to decorate your home with Sonic Style. These tend to be a bit more 'homey' then other countries, which accessorized more. As usual, there are LOADS of fabrics & varieties to chose from, typical Japan style.
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Sofa Throw Pillows Curtains of Sonic Curtain or Drapes with Sofa Cover & Throw Pillows sets. Look at all this great Sonic cloth! So many styles to chose from, you can surely find one that suits your Sonic Room. They all cost around 5-7000 yen, it seems. All the art is good quality as well, with shaded and detailed uncommon Stock Arts.
Checkered Sonic the Hedgehog Set Blue Skies Sonic the Hedgehog Cloth
This one says "SegaSonic" on it, and look! There's Metal Sonic too! The pattern is rather busy though.
Blue skies ahead, with a cloudy set. This one has plenty of Eggman.
Japan Sonic the Hedgehog Fabric with Squares
Loud & Busy Room Sonic the Hedgehog decor
A pattern with lines, and a rather loud yellow set. This is a nice finisher to the fun set of cloth accessories. It's too bad these fabrics were not released out side of Japan, it's nice decor!
Sonic the Hedgehog Curtain Tie Plush What do you hold your curtains back with? Why, a curtain-tie of course! This is a fun, modified Sonic plush doll. It has a cord between the hands that pulls over a plastic button. Tie back your curtains with a cute plush. It would be great if there was a matching Tails one, but this is the only one shown.
The bedroom is not the only place for curtains, you need a shower curtain too! Here are 2 varieties of plastic Sonic the Hedgehog shower curtains. They have great frosted designs over the semi-clear plastic. Both say "SegaSonic" among the pattern. Sonic, Knuckles and Tails make a great pattern. Plastic Clear Sonic the Hedgehog Shower Curtains
Sonic the Hedgehog Wall Calander 1998
A wall calander to decorate your room. This is a photo from a magazine, so you can't tell whats inside or how it's bound. It has surprisingly sophisticated art on the front. Look at Sonic's spikes, and remember this was before the fully 3D rendering days. This calander is likely to be highly rare, perhaps it is as good inside as it is outside. It is from 1998.
You may not be able to decorate your house with them, but Mugs were very popular in Japan. Technically they're "housewares" that are also a collectible. Most mugs came inside a special decorative box. If you display the mug, it will sit on top of its box on your shelf.
Sonic Side Classic Japanese Mug Box Tails side Mug A bright mug with a full wrap design. This one features classic JP art of Sonic and Tails. What's the quote? The "Don't waste time" one, so popular with early Sonic. Sonic CD Style mug A very stylish mug with Sonic CD art and the classic font.
Stars Segasonic Japan Mug Stripes and Sonic the Hedgehog mug side A fun, bright, primary colored mug. This one has its own version of 'stars and stripes' even though it's from Japan. An almost 'peeking' version of a classic Sonic the Hedgehog stock art on one side, and the "don't waste time" quote on the other. Most of the classic Japan items will have the word "Segasonic" on them.
Early Sonic the hedgehog mug Red Fade Japan Sonic the hedgehog mug
This mug is rather busy, with repeating names, and stock art Sonics running all over. These are the "Rounder style" Sonics from the very early days...except for the laying down one, who is from Sonic CD era. The box is rather cute, with Sonic and Tails sprinkled all over.
These mugs seem to have been a set of 5, as shown here. (no 6th mug has ever been seen)
The MIB mug above is seen loose to the far right. It has the "Don't waste your time" quote that many of the others do. The hot colored line one is interesting, with rectangles showing Sonic twice (once in pink, again in white)
Tails once (pink) and Eggman in yellow. This set could have been buy-able at Segaworld in the 1990s. Above 4 photos discovered by Berzerker
Silver uncommon Sonic the hedgehog ceramic mug Don't waste time silver cup quote Silver chrome Sonic valuable mug photo Silvertone Mug MIB
Here is a valuable mug. As you can see the desin is probably a chrome-effect of some kind, or a very stylish silver fade. This mug is quite well done, with a feature visible from every angle. Sonic overlaps the text (still legible, though) and it has a nice big redition of the quote on the side. This mug is uncommon, as well as being well done. Many people like the design, so it is a real gem if you can add it to your collection! MIB photo discovered by Berzerker.
Robotnik Eggman Sonic 2 Mug A pair of mugs to celebrate the Sonic 2 release. One has Eggman, the other Tails. They have the same Sonic logo, though. Notice that Eggman is labeled "Robotnik".... Sonic 2 hedgehog portrait game mug photo Sonic the hedgehog 2 Tails portrait cup
Sega Next Level Slogan Mug Next Level Black Sonic Hedgehog Mug Most of the mugs you'll see are white, making this one especially interesting. The Sonic line art is very stylish with a more 'modern' look, especially for the age. "The Next Level" slogan was mostly used in the Genisis days, and was more popular in America than it was in Japan. (although this mug was sold in Japan)
Sonic Adventure 1 Beach Towel Photo Get dry from your Sonic shower behind the Sonic shower curtain with these cool towels. The first is a Sonic Adventure 1 towel, and is for the beach. The file name of this is misleading...when was it really done, and where was it found? Sonic X Hedgehog TV Show Hand Towels
Sonic X Promotional Beach Towel Photo
A nice big body-size Sonic X towel for the beach or the bathroom. (fits with the hand towels you see) These were released at the start of Sonic X, when it started to take off.
A set of 3 Sonic X hand towels in different cool colors to match your bathroom decor. Supposedly these were available on the internet somewhere during the times of Sonic X.
SA1 8 Glasses Set A Set of 8 glasses from Sonic Adventure, when it first came out for the Dreamcast. E 102 Gamma, Knuckles, Eggman, Big, something, a Chao, Sonic and Super Sonic. But what's that last 'something' ?
These were originally thought to be from Australia...were they released in 2 countries? Just Japan? Write in if you have any proof/details about this cool set.
SA Glasses Box Backs UFO
The above set of glasses came in individual boxes. These are the boxes, & they explain how there were 8 glasses to complete the set. The backs have ads for "The Sega Fax Club", the website (colored W's there) & that little clamp looking object in the upper left is a crane game / UFO catcher robot, implying that these may have been crane-prize items... which doesn't make a whole lot of sense with glassware. (Part of the 'game' is dropping the item...into the right place. Photo by JenHedgehog
More Decor to come! The remodeling isn't done!
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