Japan Home Decor Title Card
There are so many great Home Decor items from Japan. It is so unfortunate that they are so rare. With many fans having a "Sonic Room" a lot of these items would really help give it a totally Sonic look. This page will contain both 1990s classic items, and SA style modern items too. New old things keep being discovered!
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DJ Popcultcha Acrylic Decor Stand Here is an "Acrylic Stand".
And...it's pretty much just what it says it is. Flat, colored pieces of thin acrylic hard plastic cut to a shape & set on a base. You would use this to decorate on top of a cabinet or shelf, as it is one-sided.
In 2020, Sega decided to do a mini slogan/branding thing for Sonic (they have in the past) with positioning him as "DJ Popcultcha", and showing him with vibrant colors or doing the record turn-tables. This stand is here to promote that with it's fun vinyl record shaped base. The art has Sonic being a DJ at the turntables in a very "SA1" like style (almost the 'big dumb grin'/bent teeth/curved eye/pupil & odd bending pose) with yellow headphones not quite on his ears. He's labeled with an offset 'banner' at the bottom. The effect of the acrylic is actually pretty interesting, because
it looks a little like a graphic from a website or a .jpg or something 'made real' like something pulled from the screen & set in a room. The SegaShop (Japan Only) posted about it, so it is likely some kind of exclusive. Discovered by:
1994 Big Wall Calendar Sonic Here is a big wall calendar from 1994.
It was a Japan exclusive item, and had 2 months per large size page, so there's only technically 6 pages to the whole thing. The front cover here uses nice matte silver ink & has cool looking Sonic & Tails in front of the date. As you can see, the "Segasonic" branding was still in effect for this year.
1994 Calendar All 6 Pages Here are all the pages of the calendar. It uses the famous "Sonic Screen Saver" art that was all done by 1 artist who has this particular style. There's way more art than this, they just chose a select few pieces for the calendar, then applied them to various colored backgrounds to make the pages.
The art always has cute scenes with Sonic & Tails doing a fun activity, and then lots of little detail in the backgrounds for you to spot. (A little alien on the meteor, Eggman hiding in the woods, etc) The images are always super colorful, fun and friendly. They are ideal for a calendar but...what are all those numbers down the edge?
Those are the dates--so how are you supposed to really use it? Where are you supposed to write for the dates that are too close to the art? Also there's no dividers between the numbers to help you keep within the dates.
The tiny text in the bottom corner is the 'live a life of power' quote, and it's the same on all the pages. Why bottles in the photo? Because the calendar rolls up/probably also came in a roll. Photos discovered by Hedgy
Advent Calendars Chocolate Sonic A different kind of calendar!
These are chocolate Advent Calendars. Counting down the days till Christmas with Sonic is even more fun when you add chocolate candy to the process. These are for 2 different years & each features a snow scene with Sonic. The first has him on his snowboard doing a trick, and the second has him dressed in a mini Santa outfit in front of a tree with balloons.
The little doors are numbered, one to open for each day to see which chocolate you'll get. The doors can be shut again so you can see the whole scene. What's that black rectangle in the corner? It is a "FairTrade" seal, to ensure that no slaves were used to gather the chocolate. (Yes that is an actual consideration to have to take in the 2010s era when these were made) These were likely a Japan only item.
Sonic Pink Square Accent Pillow Here's a real 90s item...
This is a square accent pillow for use on a bed or sofa. It's quite a solid pink color, with full color finger waving Sonic in the middle. The Segasonic the Hedgehog older logo appears in black across the bottom. There's a blue Sega font logo at the top & a copyright near his heel. You can see the cloth tag is intact, with more copyright/logo on there.
This combo of pink/blue/white was fairly common in 90s decor so it's not too surprising to see, but it is probably one of the few mostly pink Sonic things around. From the other pages here, you can see that Japan had plenty
of 'bed sets' and room decor things going around at the time. A pillow will fit right into that. Notice all the copyrights and logos on it, that's a very good sign that it isn't fake. Photo by
Divider Plate Sonic Classic Face Old fashion charm?
It's a Sonic face shape plate with ridges to divide your food. Keep foods from touching others like it's the 1980s with this classic style divider plate. This is a plastic, shaped, classic Sonic plate. It has a section for the eyes/mouth area, the spikes area, and then a small section for the away-facing ear. (maybe a bit of sauce or a small item there?) The classic face is printed on the surface, and the interior lines make up the dividers.
This is a fun and nostalgic gimmick type plate that's popular with kids...but with Sonic here anybody can use it. This is a fall 2021 item, and you can likely import it via Japan Hobby websites if you are in the USA or EU. Discovered by Taaron