Japan Home Decor Title Card
There are so many great Home Decor items from Japan. It is so unfortunate that they are so rare. With many fans having a "Sonic Room" a lot of these items would really help give it a totally Sonic look. Many of the things you see here are vintage, likely from the 1990s and were available only in Japan.
Hopefully this page will include some new things too, (eventually) if they turn out any Sonic X or new video-game based items.
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Sonic Curtain Tassel Grabber Plush Now here's a rarity! This is the Sonic Curtain Tassel Grabber. You'll have seen it clinging to the Sonic Fabric Curtains on the previous page of Japan Sonic Home Decor. This is a small plush, with strap between the hands. You use him to hold the curtains open by gathering up the cloth, and then strapping the little doll on. He is mini & cute, and seems well made. What's even less common, is that this one is still MIP. Curtain holders are obscure already, having a Sonic one is a real blast to any collection!
Beach Towel Sonic Prizes Modern MIB These are big beach towels, with great 20th Anniversary theme. They were described as "Prizes" but, prizes to what? A contest? Something like a boxed towel wouldn't be win-able in an arcade...would it? You can see that they come folded nicely in a cardboard box with matching art. Both use the new 2011 modern art, and make good use of the logo. Do you know the details behind these cool towels? Photo by SonicTeam
These are coin banks / money banks, but they have a special feature! See those holes? They make noise! Specifically, they'll make the 'ring collect' sound for every coin you drop in through the slot in the top. Each bank is a fully 3D bust of either Sonic, Tails or Knuckles. The card (last photo) illustrates how to use it, and that it makes sounds. Each base is labeled with the character's name. Knuckles looks sort of wierd though...look at his mouth & sort of odd eyes. Photos by SonicTeam
Sonic Tails Knuckles Noise Banks
Ceramic Sonic Plate Ceramic Sonic Figure Detail Ceramic Sonic plate in original box
This is a china / ceramic plate with attached Sonic figure decoration! He's made of glazed ceramic too, and is permenently attached to the plate. So he's not a big break-risk they
have him laying down, with a sort of elbow-leaning pose. He's fully 3D looking, and the sculpt & paint seem nicely classic. Clearly quality went into this, as the glaze is nice (unlike the feves you see sometimes) Could this plate be part of some type of set that also included the ceramic salt shaker seen on HomeDecor here? Were there other items? Certainly a plate would stand out in any Sonic collection! This is actually saucer sized/a mini plate. Discovered by Berzerker, size info by Aurora
MIP Sofa Covers & Curtains Remember the Sonic themed sofa covers & curtains seen on Household Goods 1? Well here's an incredibly uncommon shot of 4 of them, while they were MIP. As you can see, the packaging is a simple band of card, so as to better show off the pattern on the actual fabric. These are super interesting to see...and to wonder where they were sold. Photos by SonicTeam
Amy Eggman Tails Knuckles Mini Clocks Remember the Sonic mini clocks over on Japan Household Goods Page 2? Well don't these look similar? It seems like there were actually 2 sets of these odd tiny clocks released. A keen eye will observe the
Sonic mini clock with instructions differences! First off, the packaging is different. The first set is in oval ended rectangle boxes. These have holes in the sides and the 'face' sticks up above the packaging. Then, "Amy" is mis-spelled on both as "Ammy"...however Tails isn't shown waving here, and Eggman on this set gets a 'most of body' shot, while the other just had his head. Knuckles is the same with small fists, & Sonic is still 'finger waving' though. Those small rectangles in the middles are the 'clock' part...it's no bigger than a digital watch. (So they wouldn't be of much use as a wall-clock) The Sonic one is shown here with its instruction paper. Very interesting to see there were either 2 sets done, or some of them varied. Are there any more? Photos by SonicTeam.
Sonic Adventure 1 Tails Glass MIB Remember that set of glasses on the 1st page of Housewares? This is probably a glass from that set. (set photo is too small/blurry) This is the Tails glass, & has the SA 1 art for him, plus the logo in orange. You can see the SA1 Sonic face on top, logo on the front & info all in Japanese on the back. That black bar there says "Sega Fax Club" with info on how to join. (what is a fax club anyway?) If this is a glass from the set, it's likely all of them were packaged like this. These are uncommon. Photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Joypolis SA1 Tall Ceramic Mug Here's a mug straight from Joypolis! It was bought there in 2000, so the Sonic Adventure 1 theme makes sense. One side has that odd pose 'circle Sonic', specific to SA1, in a diamond shape. The other side is checkered in navy blue, with cut-outs & line art of standing & circle pose Sonic in each checker. The bottom has either a title or a signature of some kind. The orange square has "GS AE" (contains letters that can spell SEGA when re-ordered, a Japanese stamp reading top to bottom, right to left) & there's clearly a word or 3 seen there in the close up. It's actually "Sonic the Hedgehog" but written in Hiragana rather than Katakana. (Katakana is common, Hiragana less so, for his name in logos & etc.) This mug also has a few differences, there's like a rim or a ridge under it so the very edge doesn't sit on the table. It's also taller/thinner & smaller than a standard mug. Photo & owned by: Pureboy, with info by Banana & Pureboy
Sonic 20th Anniversary Towel This is called "Sonic 20th Anniversary Towel" but, is it big or small? Also, what kind of a towel is it, the fabric looks pretty thin here. It's nice looking, in all blue, dark blue and white. The left side has modern Sonic, while the right has classic. There are also lots of cute little 'micro Sonics' scattered over the logo and around the larger graphics. Where did this come from? Is it a prize?
Lost World Promotional Mugs & Art Here are two different mugs that are promotional items for Sonic Lost World. It is thought that one of them is for the DS version, the other for the Wii U, which implies that they may be some sort of a pre-order bonus item somewhere, or something similar. The top mug features the little simple stick figure/big head Sonic art, with him in a mass of tiny, different poses. It's rather cute & spells out "Sonic the Hedgehog" around the bottom of the mug. A big yellow ring is the only color here. The other mug has the logo you see in the art (The art is just the 'flattened' version of the design so you can see the whole thing at once) but in a blue square/background. The blue dots each have a different little stick figure Sonic in them, in white. It uses the poses of him from the previous mug in the dots. These look like fun bonus items, though they have nothing to do with Lost World.
3 Mugs Sonic Shadow 2015 Thin Bottom Here are 3 mugs released at the start of 2015. They have a slightly thinner base & squared handle. These are ceramic. The blue mug has Sonic running viewed from the side in a circle with his name on it. This is new art for 2015. The black mug has Shadow leaning forward running/hovering in a red ring with his name on it (also new art) The middle white mug has new art for happy classic Sonic on a striped background and...a ghost? What is that white thing?
2015 Calendar Sonic Characters Here's a cool calendar for 2015!
Each page has a big, different art of a Sonic character. The backgrounds are differently colored to match the character. See that little sort of dots/gray area on the white stripe at the bottom? That's where the dates/days of the month are. What is the point of this type of calendar? You could barely mark any date, since they're so small. You could never write an event on it. This may encourage mint-collectibility but it certainly doesn't encourage usefulness. Hopefully someone gets this and sends in all the art because 12 pages aren't visible here.
4 Calendars 90s Sonic Here are 4 older calendars, likely from the mid 1990s.
These all use the art from the "Sonic Screen Saver", which all has the air-brushed look, and fun, colorful scenes. If you look closely, you can see the numbers for each month on the bottom of the scene. Are these 4 full-year calendars to hang on your wall? It is difficult to tell how big they are from the photo.
Sonic 1990s Flat Wall Clocks 2 Here are 2 wall clocks from the 1990s. The square one is mostly white, using classic line art for the 'face' & has blue hands. It's rather uncommon to see an uncovered/unenclosed clock face. The round one has a black plastic border, finger-waving classic Sonic art & black hands. Neither clock is very large, nor common. The back has a space for the AA batteries. Photo by HikariSite (Photo is at original size, it's very small)
Blue Plastic Cup & Clear Tumbler Glass These are 2 seldom-seen cups. The left is a clear regular round drinking glass. You can see it has the classic logo, forward facing Sonic face, some checkers, and probably running Sonic there. (It's kind of confusing since it's a glass/clear & small)
The right item is a plastic low mug-cup. Japan is generally known for their large selection of ceramic items, so this plastic one is interesting to see.
(Is it their only one?) It resembles the plastic mug that usually acts as a thermos top. (But probably isn't) It has running Sonic there by the handle, and probably some kind of Green Hill type art, and maybe a badnik. However, because the photo is so small, it's hard to tell. Photo by HikariSite (Photo is at original size, it's very small)