Japan Home Decor Title Card
There are so many great Home Decor items from Japan. It is so unfortunate that they are so rare. With many fans having a "Sonic Room" a lot of these items would really help give it a totally Sonic look. This page will contain both 1990s classic items, and SA style modern items too. New old things keep being discovered!
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25th Anniversary Bonus Ceramic Mug Here is a fun mug to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Sonic.
It's a white ceramic mug with only blue ink. The front has a sihlouette Sonic face with the "25th" logo in the side of the face. The back has the new for 2016 graphic of "little cute sitting Sonic" where he's almost SD/Chibi style. It too has 25th markings, but around the edge of the circle, and with some stars. The mug represents both the cute & cool aspects of Sonic & uses some nice design work along the way. Should be quite sought-after!
This is thought to be included as a pre-order item for (oddly) Sonic Boom Fire Ice in Japan. It is likely to be used for something else as well, since it isn't boomstyle.
This is a hand towel, usually used in guest bathrooms.
It's clearly based on Sonic Adventure 1, as it uses the odd-walking stock Sonic from that time, as well as the logo and specific swirl background. The towel itself is made of soft cloth and measures 12 x 14 inches. (see texture in corner inset, it's white on the back & terry cloth looking.
Sonic Adventure 1 Style Hand Towel
It was available at AnimeMate.com in the early 2000s. The color scheme is a bit strange, with non-matching blue, yellowish green, off-white and mustard/brown being used. It's nearly guarenteed to not go with any bathroom decor you might have. It should be noted also that the copyright is written right at the top, and the sides have 'ribbons' of a tougher thick material. Right side image provided by AnimeMate, left side discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Love Live Rin Wall Scroll Here is a Love Live Rin Wall Scroll.
The Love Live Rin & Sonic cross-promotion appeared perhaps 6 months or so before the scroll. (Products seen elsewhere on Gear, including retail display standees & etc) However, any big fans of the crossover promotion can now get the scroll with the main image (used on almost all materials) of her hugging a Sonic plush and smiling with her face mounted mic. It has various circles, a kitty face, music notes & dots for the background. The words in the corner are "Love Live!" Rin & Sonic Sega" . A good scroll if you are a Rin fan too. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Finger Wave Sonic Classic Diecut Magnet
This 'finger waving' classic Sonic is a flat magnet for your fridge, file cabinet or other decorate-able metal area. It's diecut shaped mostly like the outline of Sonic & the 'Sega' copyright. It's a fairly large magnet, at least 2 inches long. Simple, Sonic, nice! discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
3 Plastic Drink Cups Sonic 1 Here are 3 plastic drink cups. They're all the same size, probably were released all at once/as a set. One is white with running Sonic & a crystal, the next is yellowish with a Green Hill scene with running Eggman (Sonic's likely on the other side) and the last is greenish/blue pale color with running Sonic & some Green Hill scenery including rings and palm trees. In each scene there are also round shapes for decor in the background. Not the 'segasonic' branding, these were likely around for Sonic 1. Photo by Hikari Site
Sonic & Tails Flat Big Magnet This flat item is a fairly large magnet.
It's one of those flexible-ish flat magnets (inset shows the black back) It's cute, & looks like the Sonic 2 title screen, to a degree. It has both Sonic & well-drawn Tails coming out of the winged star-ring with the usual banner. However, due to the era, the banner still uses the Segasonic branding. You can see the copyright directly under it. The magnet is diecut & full color, it looks like a quality item. It's too bad it's uncommon. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic Black Wooden Rolling Pull Out Cabinet What's this!
It's a Sonic the hedgehog cabinet! This is a black, rolling cabinet likely made of pressboard coated with black finish. It has 4 little wheels & 2 holes in the back, likely for cords. The bottom has a door that opens downward. This door has a gold-tone Sonic title-screen graphic on it. The 2 other shelves above it are on pull-out rollers (see middle photo.)
Note the shiny brass looking bit at the top edge. The far right photo shows you a close up of this metal embossed item, it's a Sega logo that's been nailed on by the furniture manufactuerer.
This cabinet is a bit of a mystery. What is it for? Is it the only one like it/especially made JUST for Sega or used by SonicTeam? It's clearly for electronics of some kind. When it was discovered at auction, someone certainly beleived in it because it sold for about 3,000 USD. If it is one of a kind, this is a great photo set so see a really cool old Sonic furniture piece! Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic themed Spoon in Package
Wow! A Sonic Spoon!
Who would suspect a spoon? A Sonic eating utensil isn't a common idea at all, yet here is an individually packaged spoon with a Sonic theme. To be precice, the handle seems to have an enamel or ceramic 'button' on the end with finger-waving Sonic on a blue background. This object is attached to a normal silver-tone (likely stainless steel) small spoon.
What's even better about it, is that it's still in the original package...and the package is cool. It's a hang-bag with transparent front & cardboard peg-top card. The top has Sonic & Eggman on it, but the back has more art to see. There is Sonic at the top, but labled with their names are Buzz Bomber, Roller & Burrobot (Or a grounder? hard to tell)
If a spoon was made, were there other utensils too? This is a cool & very uncommon item to see. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sonic & Tails Star Magnet Here is a cute fridge magnet. It's a flat flexible magnet with Sonic & Tails and a star theme. Sonic is standing, leaning on the star, while Tails is sitting on one of the arms and waving. It's very cute art for Tails! The Sega logo is in the top arm of the star as part of the design, but the rest is blank. It could be that it's made of "wipe off marker-able" material so you could put a note in the star then wipe it up later. (otherwise the star being blank in the center is suspiciously plain) This manget is pretty large, it is at the least, 3 inches across but probably bigger. Where could this magnet have been bought? discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Sonic Clock or Watch Round Time Is this a wall clock, table clock or a watch?
(Time...can't tell!) It looks like some kind of a clock because it has no band, no edge buttons (or any apparent way to control/set it), and comes in the clearly square box. However, the simple print on the box lid you can see there...describes it as a 'watch'. Hence the mystery.
Either way, it's a pretty nice classic item, with finger waving Sonic, stars around the edge where the numbers would be & "Segasonic" & "The hedgehog" written around him with a few splats of color. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Square Sonic 1 Lunch Cloth Finally, a piece of cloth with a stated purpose.
This is the "Sonic 1 Lunch Cloth". What it is, is likely to be a small table-cloth for 1 so you can set out your dishes/food on a clean surface at school or work. It has a nice Sonic 1 theme going, with large finger waving Sonic at the bottom & an interesting look at Green Hill...as if it had a lot of depth / was viewed from partly above. The edge has Dr Eggman (why is "Dr" in English?) & several badnick robots, each labeled with their name. (Note that the English names aren't the same) You can see Ball Hog, Roller, Crab-Meat, Caterkiller, Buzz Bomber, Burrobot &...it looks like poor Chop Chop the fish got behind the bar-code.
This is a really interesting item, for the unusual look at Green Hill art! discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
Cylender Clear Tube Bank Sonic
This clear tube with metal end-caps is a coin bank.
It is rather difficult to tell what's going on with it, because it's simply black ink on a clear background. This is from the line of merchandise that only had Sonic's eyes & nose on a solid color background. Here, they've added a simple crown above his head. The other side seems to have the winged ring with banner & likely the logo. The pen there illustrates how big it is. It's possible that this was an arcade prize type item, but little else is known about it. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Vintage Sonic & Tails Big Towel Classic towel!
This is a big bath or beach sized towel with Sonic & Tails in the art from the Game Gear game. It just has a gray swirl for a background & red border. The classic logo is at the top & copyright in the bottom right corner. It may be slightly faded in this photo. Notice the measuring tape beside it, proving the size. This towel is uncommon. discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Black Sewing Kit Segasonic
Here is yet another sewing kit to add to the list with Sonic. (The other 3 also appear here on Housewares) This one is all glossy black with fully shaded 1 finger in front Sonic art. It has the Segasonic logo, and a sparkling gold ring. The interior is white, with spaces for your scissors, threads, fabric, pins & etc. Why such an abundance of kits? Was mending extremely popular in the 1990s? Photo discovered by: @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram