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There are so many great Home Decor items from Japan. It is so unfortunate that they are so rare. With many fans having a "Sonic Room" a lot of these items would really help give it a totally Sonic look. Many of the things you see here are vintage, likely from the 1990s and were available only in Japan.
Hopefully this page will include some new things too, (eventually) if they turn out any Sonic X or new video-game based items.
SegaSonic & Tails Blue Bed Sheet Japan Bed Sheet Detail Photo Here's a cloth poster from Japan. It's a lot less 'busy' than the ones from other countries, but still looks nice. A classic Sonic & Tails stock art decorates a green triangle...and that's about it.
As you can see, they're still using the old Segasonic name, which gives you an idea of when it is from. It's literally just a big sheet of cloth, so you can hang it on a wall, or put it on your bed. To spice things up a little, you can see they added some little stock arts to the corners, one of which is in the close-up shot above. Photos by Segafreak.
Sonic Sleeping Bag of Japan Time for a Sonic sleepover? Bring out this sleeping bag. Unless it's cold. Then you'll be sorry. As you can tell, this sleeping bag isn't your usualy 'stuffy' bag with warm filling, it is actually very thin (hence all the wrinkling) It has 'toe tappin' Sonic on it, with a Sonic 1 type background and the original logo. However the white "shine spots" in Sonic's eye are missing, making him look a little drab or unusual. You can see how it zips up at the bottom. This item is quite uncommon. Photo by Segafreak.
Sonic Wii Catalog Japan Fold Out
This isn't directly a home decor item. It is actually the 2007-2008 catalog for Wii games and things. However, if you unfold it, you can put it on your wall like a poster! So here it is. It has a nice big art from Sonic Riders 2 (or 1) with Air board riding Sonic and Tails, as well as their Babylon Rogues rivals.
Photo by Rhia.
Nintendo Sonic Calander January WildFire Here's a Nintendo official calander.
This appears to be a nice big calander, with quality metal spiral binding. It likely has other Nintendo game people on the other pages for the months. January happens to be a good close up of Sonic. The bottom part of the calander is behind an unrelated object. You'll probably recognize the image from the early peeks at "Sonic Wild Fire" which later became Sonic and the Secret Rings on the Wii. (hence the reflected fire in Sonic's close-up eyes) Since he is so near, it is almost an abstraction, so this is interesting to look at.
Photo by Rhia.
Starry Blue Sonic & Tails Cushions
Do you remember the Sonic Sofa Covers from Home Decor Page 1?
These rare, exclusive and wonderful cushions match those covers! With these pillows, you can create a truly Sonic Sofa! If you haven't heard of these before, it isn't much a wonder because they are very rare. As you see here, the pattern is exactly the same as that of the covering cloths for both sets. (This stands to reason that there is a 3rd cushion set to match the final covering)
Checker Squares Sonic Cushions Sofa
Each pillow is a bit different in style. The one in back is like a standard pillow: puffy and square. The second one is textured with covered 'buttons' sewn into it, and the third (front) is the same, but smaller, with only 4 buttons sewn in. These pillows are in the collection of tyro@genion.de
Modernistic Flat Sonic Table Lamp Here's another most unusual item.
This is a table lamp. It is small and modernistic in design. It is slightly curved, and the white tile-looking part obviously glows when you turn it on. The edge seems to be bordered with chrome to complete the modern look of the lamp. The base is just plain and blue, with a typical style switch-on-cord.
It is so wonderful that they made such an unusual lamp for your home! Though, it is too bad it's as rare as it is. Photo by Alessandro
Pink & Blue Classic Sonic Towels Here are two towels for your home. One is blue, and it has the standard (Japan) Sonic stock arts scattered all over it. The other is rather electrically hot-pink in color (!) and has an all-new design. Sonic is relaxing on a tiny island. However he is disturbing (by attempting to touch) a small and cute bug which is clinging to a fruit on the palm-like tree. (It is not a coconut because it is textured more like a pine-apple (which do not grow on trees like this)) The bug is surprised and emits surprise lines.
As you see here, both towels are in the original package. Photo by Alessandro
Digital Amy Rose UFO Catcher Clock
This photo makes these clocks look super tiny! It is an official Sega photo from when the clocks were released. Angry Eggman, shy looking Amy rose and happy Sonic & Tails. Is Tails' name written in pink?
What are these curious items? Digital clocks! Though, the 'clock' part is very small, it is only in that tiny window in the center...so they resemble light-switch plate covers. Here you can see the interestingly shaped box they came in, as well as that "Amy Rose's" clock has her name spelled wrong! Yes, they apparently DID slip up on official goods: "Ammy" is written on her clock. These were supposedly obtainable from UFO catcher machines.
The design and edges are also slightly raised, if you look closely at each clock. It looks like a thick paint was used. Obviously if there are Amy and Knuckles clocks, there are also Sonic & Tails clocks. Photos will appear here when they are submitted. Each clock is about 3 inches high. Amy clock photo by Rhia, and Knuckles clock photo & info by Smindas
Sonic Cloth Decoration Like the one above, this is a Sonic cloth. It's basically just a 1-ply sheet of fabric with a design on it. You can tack it up for a poster, or drape it over something. They've applied stock-arts in the top corners, but these look like he is reaching or grabbing something. (perhaps you could put the tacks there to hold it up?) The design is fairly modernist, with its circle and vertical 'segasonic' word. What are the small white lines? It is the "Life without regrets" quote which can be read on many other things of this era. This measures 69 by 89 cm. Photo discovered and info by Calistine
Checker & Cloud theme Sonic throw pillow Here's a wonderful throw-pillow for your sofa or bed! This has the graffiti style checker & geometric theme that other modern 2008/2009 Japanese merchandise has also used. It makes a good modernist look for the pillow, though one side is slightly busy. This may either be 2 sides of 1 pillow or 2 separate pillows each with a different design. Either way, it's very a stylish addition to your home decor or collection! Photo discovered by: Sonikkou-No-Uta
Checkered Modern Graffiti Pillow
Vintage Sonic & Tails Head Throw Pillows Here's a fun pair of classic throw pillows. Made in the 1990s, these are shaped like Sonic & Tails' head. They're MUCH better than the playbyplay USA version, and are actually rather cute. These shaped cushions are made of non-fuzzy fabric, and they even added freestanding detail like Sonic's front ear, and Tails' bangs and fur at the edge of his face. These pillows are uncommon! Photographed and owned by Alessandro
Here's another mug from the 'boxed mug set'. There were quite a few Sonic mugs released, but they were all in these collectible boxes. Most people who aquired a mug, also kept the box. This particular mug is rather stylish in black and white. The only color is the hot-colors chosen for the simple line art of Sonic, Tails and Eggman, one in each pannel on the outside. The box is geometrically designed, much like the early game-box art from Japan. Photo by Scavenger4food Line Art Mug in Box
Sonic Character Line Art Mug
Sonic & Tails title mug
1993 Paper Calander Here's a cool calander from 1993. It is all paper with no real hard cover or backing. As you can see here, it uses the art set from the old JP Sonic Screensaver. The interior pages feature large full color shots of the art, the days all lined up in a row (weekends in red) a close up from the image in an inset and the SegaSonic logo. The cover has the 'life without regrets' phrase/saying and clips of some of the close ups. Photo by Scavenger4food
The design on this white ceramic mug is meant to look like the title screen from Sonic 2, only with SegaSonic written on the ribbon. The box it came in is just simple & green unlike some other mug boxes. Photo by Scavenger4food
Sonic Ceramic Figural Salt Shaker Side View photo
Sonic Salt Shaker Ceramic Figure This interesting item is a figural Sonic salt shaker. It is made of glazed & fired ceramic. The 2 holes at the top dispense the salt (Pepper shakers usually have 3 holes, not 2) and there is likely a plug at the bottom for re-filling.
It's a great idea to have a little figural shaker like this! Mini classic Sonic is perfect for such an application. This shaker is quite uncommon! Owned & photographed by John. Right side photo discovered by Calistine
Christmas Tree Skirt with Sonic theme What's this interesting round thing? It's a Christmas tree skirt. A piece of fabric you use to cover the tree stand/base of the tree. It's made in 2 layers, a bottom blue layer and white top which is decorated with various classic stock arts. The dollar bill there shows you the size. This is definetely from Japan, but is it official? Certainly it looks like something a fan could make with iron-on-art...but it's also super uncommon (despite being claimed as a classic, it didn't turn up till 2010) so it's extremely difficult to prove. Christmas Sonic ornaments WERE officially produced so it's not a stretch to think they could have had a real tree skirt too. Very interesting to see! Photo discovered by Kirchu