Japan Home Decor Title Card
There are so many great Home Decor items from Japan. It is so unfortunate that they are so rare. With many fans having a "Sonic Room" a lot of these items would really help give it a totally Sonic look. This page will contain both 1990s classic items, and SA style modern items too. New old things keep being discovered!
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1998 Calender
Here's a closer look at the 1998 wall calendar for Sonic.
It's called "Sega Calendar 1998", but really, it seems to just have Sonic in there. Each page appears to have 2 months worth of dates on it. The art has a 'cg-like' style to it, all with no background on bright white paper. The look is bright & airy, with an occaisional 'splashed in' detail, like a tropical leaf, a swirl of sand, row of rings or even water/sunset. The top-down view one looks like Sonic running on snow with a hazy winter shadow to the side. The very clean and arty design makes this a fashionable calendar...even if it's out of date, it's still nice art to decorate with. Photos by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Tall Square Tin Sonic Box Here is a tall, square, 'tin type' Sonic themed box. It's probably not actual tin, but rather a sort of satiny finish aluminum of some kind. The lid has the classic Sonic face embossed into it. The Sega copyright is underneath. The box is basically square, but rather tall instead of the usual low/flatter type.
But, what is the box for? Was there something originally inside, or is this just a Sonic themed container for your home or desk accessory use? discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Two Sided Big Sonic Towel Is this a towel, or is it a sleeping bag?
It's difficult to tell, and the photo is very old. This is from the 90s, as you can tell by the 'segasonic' there on the front. It uses an unusual art of him too, look how he's leaning, pointing, and has one arm crossed over onto the pointing arm. That's super unusual...was this art even used on anything else at all? The black half/side of the item has "Sonic the Hedgehog" written in an odd way, where the word is broken up onto 3 lines, & then set in columns. It's a pretty big piece, as you can see by the texture of the carpet/bed sheet it's been spread on. Write in if you know what this is.
A Re-Purposed Rug!
In this, a carpet becomes a rug! This cool decor item is a real piece of history that you can own. A Segaworld in Japan once had this pattern you see here as the carpet. A wall-to-wall covering that, in arcades & casinos, is traditionally quite a busy design to keep you looking at the games instead of the floor. However, such items don't last forever, even if they're industrially designed....
like this one was. When that happens, they're usually stripped out by a company/rolled up and taken away to the recycler or the dump, then replaced with something else. However, a better way to recycle is seen right here! Take the good portions of the carpet, cut & trim them, and create way cool rugs! With the amount of square-footage that the original had, you could get very many 'room type' little rugs out of it just like this. So, it was wise to not throw it away.
This particular pattern has some 'casino night zone' type patterns of dots, Sega logos, and the same Sonic classic stock art repeated all over in a way that makes it contrasty (Sonic is bright with whites, yellow dots are around, and a dark background with random red blobs) The re-finisher has added fringe & sewn the borders to prevent fraying.
This one is no longer in Japan, and was bought outside of Japan as well. It is likely there are quite a few of these, but still far less than if it had been commercially produced. So, a rare item.
It's a piece of history! Owning something from a place that no longer exists (ex. a closed Segaworld) or of something that was somewhere famous, but got replaced (ex. classic Sonic) is extra special. Photo & owned by Josh Catalano