Japan Home Decor Title Card
There are so many great Home Decor items from Japan. It is so unfortunate that they are so rare. With many fans having a "Sonic Room" a lot of these items would really help give it a totally Sonic look. This page will contain both 1990s classic items, and SA style modern items too. New old things keep being discovered!
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1998 Calender
Here's a closer look at the 1998 wall calendar for Sonic.
It's called "Sega Calendar 1998", but really, it seems to just have Sonic in there. Each page appears to have 2 months worth of dates on it. The art has a 'cg-like' style to it, all with no background on bright white paper. The look is bright & airy, with an occaisional 'splashed in' detail, like a tropical leaf, a swirl of sand, row of rings or even water/sunset. The top-down view one looks like Sonic running on snow with a hazy winter shadow to the side. The very clean and arty design makes this a fashionable calendar...even if it's out of date, it's still nice art to decorate with. Photos by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram