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Miscellaneous Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Items
Here is a collection of items that just don't fit in anywhere else. Sometimes, the items are so random that you can't even tell what they are! This does not mean they are not interesting to look at, though. Impress everyone with your knowledge of the obscure.

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Christmas Sonic Ornaments XMas Cheer A collection of Christmas Tree ornaments, with a little Sonic and Amy Rose figures in the middle of the selection. It looks like a plush sort of candy cane, wreath & stocking, with a "stocking like" hard material Sonic shoe, some things with bows that may have little figures on top & something random sort of toward the top of the tree. Because the photo is small and old it is hard to tell what everything is, or how it is Sonic related. A nice addition to the tree for the holidays.
Sonic Adventure 2 Beach Towel Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Beach Towel. This has a great and vibrant design, complete with Rouge, Chaos and Eggman too. It's rather too bad that the photo is so small, the towel probably has good detail.
JP CD Sonic Case A Sonic tin of some kind. It has a picture of a CD on it, so it is likely to be a CD case. The Sonic art is definately Japanese style. Where was this sold, is it made of plastic or metal?
Sonic the Fighters Disk
Here is a Sonic lighter. Why?
There are at least 2 lighters with Sonic from Japan. This one is rather plain, with a little attached metal bit with stock art Sonic. The rest is just printing stamped onto the white plastic. Most people right away think 'smoking' when they see a lighter, but smoking is not cool...so why make Sonic lighters? I guess there are other things you might need to set fire to, (camping!) but it still seems like an odd choice of merchandise to associate Sonic with. Part of the problem might be that smoking is popular over there, even though you shouldn't do it and it's very lame. Sonic should be helping people quit!

Even though it's a bit odd, it's still collectible.

Sonic white plastic plain lighter
Here is a rather large disk! But, just what is it? It's Sonic the Fighters themed, and apparently shiny (note reflection at top/edge). It's next to a coin bank (bottom right) so you can guess the size. Is it a plate? An advertising piece? It was being auctioned off in a lot & unlabeled. Write in if you know what it might be.
Sonic Advance 2 Prize Medal Front Ribbon Medal Sonic Advance 2 Game Competition Prize Sonic Medal on Ribbon Sonic Advance 2 Medal Back
A medal on a ribbon. This was a prize in the Sonic Advance 2 Gaming competition. This medal appears silver, is there also gold and bronze?
Photos by Alessandro
Sonic R Plastic Store Bag This bag was made to celebrate the release of SonicR. You could likely get it if you pre-ordered or bought the game at electronics stores in Japan. Japan had more fancy style bags than the US. This one has Sonic R on the front, but Grandia art on the back. The art they chose is quite nice, even getting Metal Sonic in on the background. The bag is another of the tough plastic style ones. Photographed and owned by Scavanger4Food.
Wobbler Tags Sonic Black Knight What's a wobbler?
Who knows, but this is supposed to be a photo of 3 of them. They look like some kind of paper or cardboard tag with a strap? Maybe you hang it from something and it flops around? This is a give-away item, probably a booth item from a convention. It is to advertise Sonic & Black Knight. You can see the release date on there & the game's title in that specific metallic textured font they used. Photo by SegaEU
Puzzle Selection of Boxes SegaSonic Postcard 1998 Tails Knuckles Here is a postcard that's supposed to be from 1998. It has Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, but it still uses the "Segasonic" name, which is a little unusual for the time. It may have been one of the last few items to have 'segasonic' printed on it.
This is supposed to be a selection of puzzles. (but there's no real proof) It's 4 boxes (The others may be games or DVDs) that look sort of thick & all have some nice classic Sonic art on the tops. (Is some of it unique? It's hard to tell because the old picture here is rather small) Write in if you can prove these are puzzles for credit.
It uses the background from the 'screen saver', but places in stock art for each of the characters. The back has a logo, says "Sega" & has a tiny Sonic line art in 1 corner. Credit: Hikari Site
3 Rectangle Items Here are 3 rectangular items.
And this is why the page is named 'random Sonic items'...they sure are items but they're random enough that...who knows what they are? Little note books? A manual? A mini guide? How big are they? The middle one looks like it could be a pamphlet of some kind. Each one says "Sonic the Hedgehog" somewhere on the front.
Do you recognize anything here? Write in if you know what any of these are. Credit: Hikari Site
Sonic Goods Round Items Package
Here are some....items!
Yes it's a shelf & some hang cards of things. But what are these? They're all under the label of "Sonic Goods", likely at the Tokyo Joypolis somewhere. There are round items in bubble cards to the right, Sonic face rectangle items in the middle, flat (maybe pens?) in a basket & a square with a yellow background on the left.
Write in if you know what any of these things may be.
25th Anniversary Coin Here's a special commemorative coin!
It's for the 25th Anniversary of Sonic in 2016! This coin should appear (somehow) at Joypolis. Notice the number on the bottom of the back of the coin: "0003" If the coins are being numbered like this, it means there will only be up to 9999 coins made (hence, really limited edition) So it's not like they'll just be something you can buy over the counter. The coin itself looks very nice, rimmed with dates, the Anniversary, & stars.
It has classic Sonic waving a finger on the front (with good deep relief) & the 25th logo on the back. The coin itself is not bright/shiny, but rather a pewter tone. How could this be aquired?
25th Anniversary Coin Collectors Tin Box A fitting container for the fantastic 25th Anniversary coin!
This special square shaped collectors tin / box appeared on the anniversary date itself. So anyone who gets a coin, would get this box too. It has a painted blue exterior, with the logo in silver. The inside is shiny for the lid & padded foam for the coin. There's a notch so the coin can easily be lifted from the foam to flip it over. The foam keeps the coin safe & can let you prop it up for display (coin doesn't roll away) This is an added layer of luxury for the commemorative coin.
25th Anniversary Boxed Figure Sonic Here's a closer look at the 25th Anniversary Boxed Sonic Display figure. It's finger-waving classic Sonic on a black round base with the 25th logo in silver printed on it. The box is square, with single front/top window & 25th branding all over.
The back has the product info (All in Japanese) while the sides have colorful scatterings of chaos emeralds, rings & star bumpers along with Sonic in the winged ring. It's a pretty cool collectible that would display well mint in the box as well. It is rumored to have been a UFO catcher only item. If it is, it's likely to end up uncommon..
Suction-Cup Sonic Amy Tails Figures Here is a better look at all 3 of the "Suction Cup Sonic" figures. These small plastic figures are hollow & each has a clear suction cup attached under the feet. The figures are done in a mini sort of 'sd'-ish style. Sonic fares the worst with this desigh ans he looks super fat & his socks look like pants that have fallen down on him. Amy looks quite nice, as she's wearing clothes that hide the squished shape. Tails' has almost the same issues as Sonic, but his eyes are slightly mis-printed. These are uncommon. What are they for? Why would you need to stick a figure to something? discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram.
See Saw Sonic Figure Metal Here's something rare and also unusual.
It's classic, from some point in the 1990s, but even so much as a hint that it existed didn't turn up until this photo in 2020. The type of item is called a "See Saw Figure", but it's Sonic and....himself...on the play ground classic. Was this before Tails was added? The whole thing is supposedly made of metal (Even the figures?) and is well balanced so they can actually tip / teeter-totter in playground terms back and forth as they should. It is basically a desk-top balance toy with a Sonic theme. It doesn't make a lot of sense to have 2 of him (I mean at least put Eggman? Or maybe he only makes his end go down....hmm) and as you can see the photo isn't the greatest of it.
The crop is too close, you can't tell exactly what's going on, or see if their sculpts are same/different. Do note the unpainted shoe buckle also. You can write in for credit if you know more about this desk toy balancer.
Rock n' Sonic Promo Japan This isn't actual merchandise (yet) but it is a promo sheet for the "Rock n' Sonic"... promotional campaign? Japan is trying another angle for Sonic, it seems with the "Rock n'" theme going on here. They've got new stock art for modern Sonic where he's holding an electric guitar highly-perspective-ed with the top toward the viewer as he seems to be on his toes. The logo is set up with a 'guns n roses' style spelling and the "S" for Sonic is a lightening bolt from the AC/DC type logo and a very similar font to ACDC. (So, they're mixing things to create a look of familiarity with their new for 2022 promo)
But what are the items? It looks like the first is a mini-standee of some kind, there's a pin (center), a faux-concert ticket (with the barcode end there), a black tee with the graphic in grayscale, a guitar pick and a round button. All of it features the same new modern art. None of it seems too costly, but it is exclusive to Japan. More info may be pending. (Like why'd they do this)
390 Thank You Mart Items What is the 390 Thank You Mart? Some kind of store? Whatever it is, it has this set of Sonic items available in spring 2022.
There's a canvas tote with classic Sonic face that comes with a little clear pouch. The clear (coin purse?) snaps shut with plastic snaps and has a karabiner clip to attach it to the tote handle. There are 3 different phone cases, each with a different pose for fully shaded classic Sonic. Their rubber edges are colored, while the backs appear clear.
There are stickers for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Shadow (all modern, and in uncommon poses) as well as keychains for those same characters. Next is a clear sides mini bag with zip edge. It has classic Sonic on a Green Hill scene & the logo. Last are 2 pairs of socks. Sad/shrug Sonic on purple, and classic running profile on blue. These are ankle-socks, and are likely adults sizes. More info will be added to the entry if it is sent.