Japan Sonic Random
Miscellaneous Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog Items
Here is a collection of items that just don't fit in anywhere else. Sometimes, the items are so random that you can't even tell what they are! This does not mean they are not interesting to look at, though. Impress everyone with your knowledge of the obscure.

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Big Blue All-Cloth Sonic Tails Bag A great big bag!
This is an all-cloth bag from the 1990s, which is a little uncommon because such re-useable "eco bags" were not really a fad/trend at the time. It's all light blue, with tough handles in the top center. It has the main image of Sonic & Tails with a simple green triangle background. The Segasonic logo is at the bottom, and there are 2 more poses for Sonic at the top in each upper corner of the bag.
The item that's on it there is a plastic lighter, so it kind of gives you an idea of the size. A re-use-able bag is always handy, and this one's got great classic style. It is too bad that it's uncommon. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Soccer Sonic Figure Pointy Item Here is a confusingly-labeled Soccer Football Sonic themed item.
It is a long semi-transparent red plastic stick with pointy end. The top has a small Sonic figure (fully 3D) where he's holding a soccer football between his hand and one foot while sitting? on a blue spring or stack of blue disks. The other hand looks like it's reaching down, but holding nothing/resting on nothing.
The item description called this "EarPick". But why?
Look how sharp it is! No one would EVER want this thing near their ears. "Don't put sharp things in your ear" is advice as old & obvious as "Don't eat gravel stones off the ground". Plus, the soccer theme has nothing to do with ears, hygene or anything, so what is this item REALLY? Write in if you know for credit. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Strange Art Sonic 2 Disk Just what is this Sonic 2 themed disk?
It's on top of a plastic, but it doesn't really look like a pin-button. Is it a sticker? A plastic? But, whatever it is, it has some sort of odd art. It's Sonic & Tails running, and they're fully shaded...but look at Sonic. His face is sort of...flattened? One ear is pointed directly sideways, and his spikes seem to be shaded as if they're all in just 1 row. (Which, it was well known by Sonic 2 that this was never the case, but the 'half-pipe' special stage proved it) Tails' shoes are oddly big, but he's otherwise fairly normal looking.
Here is an engraved Zippo Lighter.
Is it official, or was the engraving done after it was made plain? (As in, was it an ordinary lighter that was customized) It's difficult to know, because a flat metal surface like that is super easy to engrave. It has Segasonic logo at the top on the flip up lid, and 'laying-waiting/finger tapping' Sonic from the Sonic CD sprite as the graphic. Under him, is the "life of power" quote, along with the Sega logo. The bottom edge is branded for Zippo. Because lighters like this are mostly for cigarettes, it's uncommon. However, there ARE Sonic ash-trays too, even though smoking is bad and Sonic would never endorse it. It's a confusing item. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Big Blue Paper Bag Sonic & Eggman This is a big, blue paper bag with twisted paper-cord handles.
It's one of those semi-re-use-able bags made of thick paper. It's all blue with white writing & outline-type art design. The front has Segasonic with the "life of power" quote with laying/finger tapping Sonic art. The back has 'fists up' Eggman (who is labeled) and it looks like probably Tails is at the bottom there, maybe shown running past him? It's too bad the fold of the bottom of the bag conceals this part of the art. Which store had this bag? Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Blue Rectangle SA1 No Regrets Here is a nice, blue rectangle. But what is it? It could be a mini poster, a post card, or something else. Whatever it is, it's from Sonic Adventure 1, and has that odd hand-under-leg 'circle Sonic' for the main art. The tiny text over the logo is the "life of no regrets" little quote/poem that generally appeared on earlier items. Do you know what this is? Write in for credit. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Shareholder Correspondence Letter 1997 What's this card? It's a "Sega Stocks Share-Holder Correspondence" letter! How unusual to see, & certainly 'random'. If you owned an amount of Sega Stocks in 1997, this likely would come in the mail. Notice how Sonic is all over it, despite Sega making other properties. It has a cool STK graphic on the front (with the moon?) & 2 Sonic arts inside. All the text is in Japanese (of course) Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
10th Anniversary Bag & Misc goods Big variety of random Sonic products Japan
The very definition of miscelaneous things...in piles!
Sonic themed flat objects Here is quite a variety of Sonic items, some seen before, and others not. It seems to be centered around 10th Anniversary stuff. What can you spy here? The inflatable Chao arm hugger, inflatable Sonic face arm-strap, the 10th Anniversary tee, & a blue bag with elastic cord mesh on the exteriror. The bag has the 10th Logo tag, but no obvious Sonic branding/images. The 6 things in packages are the figureal SA1 "name base" keychains. There are 2 of the same metal pencil case with Sonic & Chao, a package of Puyos (non Sonic) strap farthest to the right is also non-Sonic. The two blue items in the lower left photo are post cards, there's also a canvas drawstring top bag, shelf wobbler (white STK flat piece) & that rounded edge piece of cloth that nobody still knows what it is.
Items that DONT appear elsewhere on Gear (Yet) are the two cubes above, small red package, blue oval rectangle keychain, Heroes logo square, mini blue pack, disk shaped item, black sihloutte rectangle & from the lower left the flat long rectangle. It's quite a collection of interesting things...even if it's not known what all of them are.
Star Standing Amy Eggman Mini Figures What are these mini figures? They are Amy Rose & Eggman in 'chibi' style. Each one is shown standing on a thick star shape. Notice that they also have a cord or drawstring of some kind on the back. These are mint in the package here, which just has a standing Sonic on the back.
There's no label or anything on the package to give you a clue of what these are. What needs both a base AND a string? Write in if you know for credit. Photo discovered by @JapanAnimePosters on Instagram
Sega Sonic Snowboard 1990s Wow a snowboard!
Was this the very first Sonic snowboard to be made? It could be, because it uses the "Segasonic" branding that was not continued all the way through the classic era. Sonic is well known to snowboard in his games, so he's a good fit for this extreme sports equipment item.
The bottom of the board has the fully shaded 'spinning Sonic/rolling Sonic' art at the front. A rather odd / shiny /shadowed blue font is used to spell out Segasonic , trailing behind him. The underside has a yellow to red fade with a bit of an air-brush look.
The top of the board is red/fade yellow with black accents & a patern of fine red lines. The front here has an early 'spin/face' silouhette / logo thing in a speed circle. The same odd font spells out Segasonic again, and beneath that is the Sega logo /copyright.
This board doesn't have the boot mounts attached, they go into those holes there. This was always a very costly item. Snowboards are ordinarily quite expensive because they have to be large, thick & use quality materials. A real, branded authentic board is of course, worth even more money.
So this item checks off sevreal 'expense indicators' which are vintage, costly at the start, uncommon to begin with, & large. This is a very cool sight to see!
Sega Online Paper Bags 2019 Sega Online has a Japan only 'random item draw' thing that you can enter if you live there in 2019. By sending in 500 yen, you would recieve in the mail an item from among a prize pack selection. It included pins, keychains, these two bags, and post cards.
These are thick quality paper or matte plastic bags with fabric or ribbon handles that are made to be used again and again. The art for the left bag seems to be a repeating fleur-de-lis shape for the background, with characters from the "Watercolor style texture summer set" around a pink patch with "Sonic the Hedgehog" written in it. The right bag has a scattering of all the character art from the set.
The art can be seen as a larger size on Gear at Sonic Cards Japan. All of the items use the same art from the set, just splitting it up differently. These two bags have the lowest probability of all of the items that you could get from the grab style buying. So, they will likely end up being uncommon.
Joypolis Prize Inflatable Bat Sonic Branded
Ah, the comedy 'giant baseball bat' amusement prize.
And now...there's one with Sonic on it. Sometimes there are squeeky hammers and other times bats, but they're big, inexpensive, and easy to put branding on so they're the perfect pick for fairs and arcades. In this case it's Tokyo Joypolis that had this as a prize. It's all blue, but has a nice amount of  Sonic elements like star bumper in a band, stripes with stars, & a nice modern Sonic art w/logo & winged ring in the middle. The amount of branding makes this seem more quality and a nice thing to collect. It is likely an exclusive item.
Sonic Forces Disks 6 Characters Here are 6 disks.
But what are they? That's why they're on 'random items'. It is for sure that they are from Japan, official merch for the game...and that's it. There are 6 in the set, each with the same background, Forces logo and a different character. You can collect Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Shadow, Knuckles, Tails, and Infinite. They're all CG characters. The Tails is a bit unusual because he looks agitated or concerned which is a seldom seen expression for him. Knuckles appears more thoughtful than aggressive which is also an interesting choice. Do you know what these are? You can write in for credit.
Promotional Mini Sonic Standee Always wanted a Sonic Standee, but no room in your home for a gigantic cardboard cut-out?
This silly "Mini Standee", has your problem all solved! This is clearly a promotional item give-away thing of some kind and it is cute and clever, as well as collectible! Made from thick card, it's exactly as it says, a miniature standee for you to build yourself. The cut out Sonic pops out and the tab fits into the round base. The little arrow sign telling you who it is fits into the smaller slot. They'll then both stand on your desk, shelf or surface. CG Sonic is in a welcoming pose, just as he would be in a store display. This is a fun item, but what was it for?
Purizumu Sonic License Plate Frame A Sonic license plate frame? Why not!
The Japanese company Purizumu creates this cute classic style frame for your car. It has peace sign Sonic and fist out Tails in the bottom 2 corners, rings for the top corners, and a slogan at the top. The bottom has an arch of rings, and the sides have white stars.
It's a nice frame to help customize your car, but what does the slogan say? You can write in for credit if you know. This is a 2022 item, sold only in Japan.
Sonic Frontiers Bonus Stand Cardboard Sonic Frontiers Pre Order Bonuses Pre ordering Sonic Frontiers for any of the 3 pictured game systems will get you a very nice looking bonus pack seen here with an art book and a Koco object.
At left is a...buildable standee type diorama? It's not known if this is also a pre order bonus or something else to be obtained separately. With this, you add the hard card figure tabs into the slots on the green ground card to set up the scene with Tails, Knuckles, Sonic, Amy, a row of rings and the 3 Kocos gray stone like creatures. There are also 3 of the tower-like 'devices' shown in the trailers to place for the background.
The art book is of an unknown length. Is the Koco object possibly a keychain? It has a rope instead of a leaf for the top. Info will be added as it is discovered. These are press photos.