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These magazines can be from anywhere in the world.
Since Sonic's games are so popular, magazines everywhere love to add him to the cover and do stories when the games come out. Collecing magazines with Sonic on the cover is great to do, as it chronicals the release of the different games, and will show in the future what was going on at that time. Plus, it's always nice to stockpile cool Sonic art! With this page you can see modern and not-so-modern magazine scans from everywhere. Toy ads, toy reviews & unusual content but not game articles. (there are too many articles/reviews/etc that are normal, to be able to make a page for)
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Totally Sonic Visions Item Gallery Article When should an article appear on SonicGear? When it's about Sonic stuff! (otherwise, there would be way too many to post) This is a 1 page article from an issue of Sega Visions called "Totally Sonic", where they highlight a few things they found at the time. Each item has a photo & description...and each one is on SonicGear. "Get a Grip" is the fingerless (except for the thumb) Sonic themed gaming gloves, you can also see the Sonic shape-ball, the old (1990s) party supply selection, and a dispenser box for the original set of Sonic trading cards. Perhaps they couldn't locate the clothing of the time (there were several pieces) so they placed in the lesser-seen "Directors Chair Sonic" stock art. Look at his small, strange shoes. It was great to see magazines of the time devoting space to merchandise, since none of it was would the fans know? Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Sega Visions Sonic 3 Cover Sega Visions uses the box art for Sonic 3 as their cover for this issue. It was so highly anticipated, that all they needed was the box art & simple 1 line name. It makes for a colorful & collectible cover. Sega Visions, on the whole, was also pretty fond of doing Sonic full feature covers. You can find several of their issues with just him or co-starring Sonic & other Sega characters around this section. This issue is in the SonicGear personal collection. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Sega Visions Magazine Sonic 2 Sneak This issue of Sega Visions from 1992 uses some seldom-seen art for the cover. Deeply shadowed Sonic & Tails face away, while Robotnick (with black eyes, no less!) looms as a giant head. While it's dramatic, it wasn't used on a lot of merchandise. There's a variant with a Robotnick hand clutching the number as well. It promises a Sneak Peek at Sonic 2, plus a Yuji Naka interview. A great issue to collect. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Cherry Coke Sonic Demo Shuttle Ad Here's an unusual cross promoting ad. Cherry coke did a promo tour type thing in a van one summer. (which year? did anyone actually see the van?) It was modified to have an open-able side where there were video game stations so you could try out Sonic games. It also had cherry Coke dispensers/cans & etc so you'd try the drink at the same time. Naturally Coke & Sega would make up such an ad, to alert fans that this was a mobile event coming soon. (The fine print likely had dates/locations) It says "Get Cherryfied" and "Warning: The Cherry Coke / Sega Sonic Shuttle Blasts off this Summer". Discovered by Piplupfan77
EGM Issue 83 Sonic Cover Here is issue 83 of EGM, it came out in June 1996, and as you can see, features the 3D Blast version of Sonic (though the cover boasts Crash & Mario, they selected Sonic) It had features on NiGHTS and also Sonic CD. Magazine owned & scan by SonicMario87 Segavisions Magazine Game Gear Sonic Here's an early issue of Sega Visions. They chose Sonic for GameGear as their cover, complete with wooden bridge extending out of the level. (So, a bit of customized art there) Ad discovered by Piplupfan77
Macys Parade 2011 Balloon Ad Here is an ad for the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade 2011. Look how great it is that they feature Sonic! This ad was placed because it was the first appearance of the new Sonic balloon float. As you remember, there was a classic balloon, but they retired it, and Sonic didn't appear in the parade for several years. 2011 debut the new one, which did look fantastic & on model. (this ad has a stylized art of it) You can see the real thing if you look here on Gear, in Fan Events. The balloon was actually the first theme-balloon in the whole parade! It appeared right behind the traditional "Macys Puffy Star Shapes" balloons which lead the parade every single year. (Santa Claus is always the final item in the parade) Ad discovered by: CosmicBoshi
Tie up your brother Sonic & Knuckles Ad
This ad is rather unusual, in that it implies tormenting a little brother. It states "Your little brother will regret that he exchanged your old Sonic games for a long time" and shows someone tied up, in a dark room. Of course, this is meant to draw attention to the lock on feature that S&K had...but wouldn't showing Knuckles actually playing around in some other level (ie distinctly in Sonic 3 playable areas) be more effective? Ad discovered by Piplupfan77 Game Gear Spinball Ad This ad is a little that they just sort of tried to wrap Sonic art onto pinballs then show them coming out of a GameGear. At least this ad has screen-shots so you can see what the gameplay might be like. Ad discovered by Piplupfan77
Game Players Sonic CD Issue Here's an issue of Game Players that featured a Sonic & Megaman cover. The Sonic stock art has simply been altered a little to make him do the hand shake. Megaman looks odd/terrible because it's such early art of him. Inside you would find info on Sonic CD, Sonic Spinball & a Ren & Stimpy poster. Why they chose to show MM & Sonic 'teaming up' here just because both were 16 bit, is unclear. Sega & Nintendo were still pretty 'rival' in this era. Cover scan discovered by: SonicMario87
Macy's 2011 Thanksgiving Day Sonic Ad
Usually ordinary ads don't qualify for the Magazine Scans pages...but this one makes an exception.
This is an ad for the 85th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which had the debut of the new style (modern) Sonic parade float balloon. Usually Macy's has nothing at all to do with Sonic, and they had tons more 'modern' characters, but they chose him (likely due to popularity, it can be hoped) to star in their ads online & off. (So its a little unusual) You can see their other classic balloons like the very old 'cop' & traditional clowns & stars here as well. Ad discovered by SonicAndMarioLover
Japan Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Magazine This is an issue of the Japanese magazine # , and it has a Sonic Adventure 2 Battle themed cover. The background is red & blue for Sonic & Shadow, while something is wrtten at an odd angle over the art of both of them, likely the title. Photo discovered by:
EB Games Sonic Heroes Co-Ad Coupon Here's a slightly unusual co-ad. This ad combines EB Games (the store) with Sonic Heroes. The store chose to advertise Heroes with this full page ad (an interesting choice that a whole store of games chooses just this 1 to buy space for) and then gives you a coupon. It says you can get Heroes for only 9.99 when you trade in an entire game system in exchange for it. It has some nice CG Knuckles art, some screen shots & a description. Scan by Piplupfan77
This is a 2 page spread for Sonic Adventure 2. These are seldom seen as they're prohibitivly expensive. It's put to eye-catching use though, with Sonic on his white page labeled "Good Hedgehog" & Shadow on his black page labeled "Evil Sinister Malcontent Hedgehog" The row of screenshots at the bottom are a good way to let people know what the graphics will be like/what kind of stages there will be. Scan by Piplupfan77
Good Hedgehog Bad Hedgehog 2-Page Spread
Game Pro Sonic Adventure 1 Cover This issue of Game Pro featured Sonic in a bit of a montage type cover, along with Soul Calibur, Ready2Rumble Boxing & some guy on a flaming skateboard. It's not exactly the best shot of Sonic (what's he doing?) but they did feature him front & center, along with "The Dreamcast" and the DC spiral in the background. Scan by Piplupfan77 Sonic Underground TV Article This article announces Sonic Underground, with a mysteriously black & white picture of the characters. The whole show was inexplicable at the point of Dreamcast, & the article writer does note the lack of Sega stuff & the addition of it being a musical, with dismay. Scan by Piplupfan77
Sonic Unleashed Werehog Scratch Ad The art direction for this ad is actually pretty great. Having the sihlouette of the werehog scratching into the stark white page, then filling it up with screen shots makes it look rather classy. The logo & regular Sonic are well placed, & the tagline is "The Difference is Night & Day". Scan by Piplupfan77
Sega Visions 1993 Stuff Page This is page 84 from Sega Visions Magazine in July 1993. They had a full page article "Totally Sonic" which featured various Sonic merchandise. You can see 2 different ESTES kites (not on the site!) the "Game Gloves" in their package, trading
cards (in the box dispenser) & the board game & 4 different puzzles. The magazine has little descriptions, but doesn't really say what to do to get them aside from "Where games are sold".
3 Australian Magazine Covers Here are 3 magazine covers from Australia. First is their Nintendo Magazine, featuring Sonic Unleashed as the cover story, next is Games Master with the "Tails" cover for Sonic Sega All Stars Racing (This had 11 different 'collectible' covers, with different racers) & then Games Master again, when they highlighted Shadow the Hedgehog, the game. The Tails cover really stands out, as it is so uncluttered. Photo & owned by: TJTheGreat
Light Speed Dash DC SA1 Ad This Sonic Adventure 1 Dreamcast ad is a full page that's interesting in both theme & design. It uses mostly black for the page, with a column of small screen shots down the side. What happens in them? Sonic walks across the street, but is hit by a van (!) and loses his rings. The text says "Sonic has a new Light Speed Dash / Too bad your lame-ass reflexes are the same" Isn't that rather sweary for an ad? Plus, it seems a tad discouraging, telling players "Well if you try this game, you're going to mess it up and not have fun". Clearly, it's meant as a challenge (illustrating someone having Sonic mess up) but it's a bit odd. The smaller text says "Yuji Naka's adventure through over 40 levels with 6 playable characters as they snowboard, play pinball & even talk. Moving in 360 never felt this good." The whole "talking" thing was new at the SA1 point in history, which is why they call it out. But why did they pick to say "Yuji Naka"? It's not him running around in the levels...sure he helped make the game, but the sentance is oddly worded. This ad is uncommon. Ad scanned & owned by RaeLogan