Sonic Magazine Scans Page 6
These magazines can be from anywhere in the world.
Since Sonic's games are so popular, magazines everywhere love to add him to the cover and do stories when the games come out. Collecing magazines with Sonic on the cover is great to do, as it chronicals the release of the different games, and will show in the future what was going on at that time. Plus, it's always nice to stockpile cool Sonic art! With this page you can see modern and not-so-modern magazine scans from everywhere. Toy ads, toy reviews & unusual content but not game articles. (there are too many articles/reviews/etc that are normal, to be able to make a page for)
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Nintendo Power Hog Heaven Cover Pretty much most of the magazines at the time headlined/covered the Shadow the Hedgehog game before it came out. The concept was really fresh, and the art released for it was very different/dark/ interesting to see. With guns, motorcycles & aliens its understandable why magazines could draw readers by solo'ing Shadow on their covers. Sadly, the mechanics of the game weren't the best so the same magazines later dumped on it. This issue of Nintendo Power has Shadow on his GUN motorcycle with the headline of "Hog Heaven!" and Sega Rolls out 3 Sonic Sensations. The cover does look good, & is eye-catching. Scan by DustinLeeAutry
A-Team Like Heroes Ad Tough Team This is a curious ad for Heroes in that it's a little like the old show "The A-Team" complete with odd nicknames for the characters. Also Tails looks annoyed, which hardly ever is seen. Tails is "theChopper" Sonic is "The Guv'nor" & Knuckles is "The Enforcer". The A-team theme is even reinforced again with the headline of "a tough team for a tough job" and "still wanted the world over" in the text. Why they chose to emulate the A-Team is a mystery. It's eye-catching, but doesn't show much of the game & explains with a small paragraph. Scan by Piplupfan77
Comics Buyers Guide Crossover Command 2013 This is Comics Buyer's Guide magazine the "Crossovers Command 2013" issue. It's a magazine that's always covering the latest in comic book news / related events. (cons, values, etc) The Sonic Megaman crossover from Archie makes the cover feature for this issue as one of their big 3 in 2013. (other covers are tiny) It's good to see the Sonic/Megaman comic/s in such high regard that they'd make the list of a publisher dedicated to news on all fronts. Photo by SonicToast
Sega Visions Sonic Mall Page 1993 Sega Visions really did a service for the fans while the magazine was operational, with their "Sonic Mall" catalog page. In the 1990s, Sonic merchandise was getting made, but was barely/if ever advertised. How were you supposed to know about it? You could order any of the things seen here with the paper at the bottom by sending them a check. All of these items can be seen on other pages of SonicGear. It includes Sonic 2 Game Book, Caltoy Doll, S2 Poster, silvertone RC Racer, LCD game, LCD Watch, Tomy Pinball , 3 Tattoos, Vertical Name Shirt & Sonic boys underwear. Scan by SonicBoy19
Sonic Magazine Cover Collection Here's a whole collection of Sonic magazine covers! Some of these you can already see on the magazine pages here, but others are new. Most of these titles are UK (Retro Gamer was also sold in the USA) Look at the Mega Drive magazine in the bottom corner with customized Sonic 3 artwork of Sonic Vs Robotnik. The only other issue lacking any 'clutter' or subheads similarly, is the Dreamcast magazine right next to it. Titles included are Sega Saturn Magazine, Mega, Dreamcast Official Magazine, Games Master, DC-UK, Retro Gamer & Cool. Photo & owned by UltimateFreiza
Totally Sonic 1993 Page 128 Oct/Nov Here's Sega Visions' "Totally Sonic" section. You'll see a different issue on another page that has quite the similar layout, but with different merchanside. This section was recurring with the magazine. The left page has Sonic 'director' art again. (ignore Sega themed clapper) The hat can be seen on Accessories & all 3 shirts are on Vintage clothing. The right page has one of the Sonic paperbacks (on Books) a selection of the early Archie Comics the somewhat uncommon Sonic 2 poster, the Sonic/Tails "themed" figure 8 race car track & the bottom item is an interactive electronic story book w/rub away marker. It has batteries, lights up & does games. It was also released in Europe in other languages. Visions 1993 Oct/Nov 129 Page
That book should be available soon for viewing on the Books page as well. Scans by SonicBoy19
Mega Bot Toy Island Ad Page 2005
Here's whats likely to be a trade publication ad from Toy Island. Trade publications aren't meant for general public they're not that common. They have ads aimed just at retailers, suppliers & etc. It says "Guess who's running into you this fall" and "All new action figure line! It's about time!". It also has the 4Kids, VIZ & Sonic X logo with 2005 date for release. This is of course, the Mega Bot line, as you can see the mega bot back there, all assembled. (Mega Bot is on the Toy Island pages of SonicGear) However, you'll notice the figures have some differences from the release. Look at Shadow's wierd expression (final toy didn't have it). The Sonic looks ok (looking up) from this very low angled shot...too bad that's the only angle the figure looked good at. Knuckles looks similar to his MB release & the bot is appears totally unchanged. This is an interesting ad to spot the differences in. Discovered by: Berzerker
Sega Visions Dec/Jan 1991 Ad Page
Another page out of the Sonic loyal Sega Visions magazine appears. This is a page that showcases various merchandise you could buy (where?) at the time. This is the Dec/Jan issue of 1991 (so Sonic 1 only) Standing Sonic on a black wallet was probably the first ever Sonic wallet. He's standing around again as embroiderey on the black cap & white water bottle. There are also mobiles with Sonic 1 & a Game Gear as danglers. The diamond shape says Sonic is the fastest game around. What's the other mobile & other shirt? Toe-Jam & Earl. You can also see a Sonic 1 title screen banner digital watch (12.99) next to a metal enamel lapel pin. (watch is that super cheap-o type with tiny number window & plain design. The "huge poster" is that first Sonic art for the US. The shorts seem to be Sega branded only, & the hand print tee advertises Game Gear. (I guess if you...really just....liked the system? You could buy it. Seems an odd choice) As you can see, the first few Sonic things in the USA were a tad plain.
Disney Adventures Magazine Sonic Cover This is an issue of Disney Adventures magazine from November 2006. It has Sonic on the cover (main feature CARS) & some Sonic content inside too, which you can see at right. The page with Lightening McQueen on it tells you that they'll talk about Sonic's newest game, with Silver & Shadow in it. The Technomania Times tells you a little about Sonic 06, and the full page has screen shots from it & the text has a little of the plot. The "Games!" page section there has Sonic &Shadow from the PSP game Sonic Rivals and has a mini blurb about how you can race your friends. It's interesting to see so much Sonic coverage in a dedicated Disney magazine here. Scan & owned by DarkSonicGold12 Disney Adventures Sonic Coverage
Indoor Play UK Magazine
Here's something pretty unusual. It's the cover of a magazine most people likely don't know exists. It's likely a "Trade", a publication only for a certain, really narrow niche. In this case, it's the "Indoor Play Sector" of only the UK area. This would include things like amusement parks, arcades, and anywhere with indoor games. Sonic makes the cover here...or more specifically, the Sonic All Stars themed ride (or a variation of it) Sonic sits behind the 2 seats for the kids on top of his All Stars car. This is the August/Sept. issue of the magazine. The article inside can be read at Indoor Play. Though, it is rather dull. It mentions Sega wanting to get into the "redemption" scene, which is like games that dispense tickets/tokens. They plan to remain a part of the indoor play room scene with arcade games, but want to expand with more kiddy-type stuff as well. Photo discovered by ShadowFoxx757
Moo Town Snacks 3D Blast Ad Here is a full page ad with a collaberation promotion of Moo Town Snacks & Sonic 3D Blast. This likely appeared in game magazines or comic books at the time of the game's release. Mootown snacks are cracker packs of various types meant for Moo Town Sonic Items Give-away
lunch boxes or snacking. They featured items like cracker or pretzel sticks & "cheese flavored product". This had nothing at all to do with actual dairy, was non-refrigerated and merely cheese flavored. That's where the whole cow connection comes from, though their cow mascot was male/a bull. On the packages you could collect "point panels" (cut off part of the package) called "Cow Chips" & mail in / redeem them for merchandise or enter contests with them. This ad explains all that and shows you...
the cross-promotional goods you could get. You needed A LOT of points to do anything. Like a family eating the snacks every week, to get points before the promo expired. You can see yellow headphones with Sonic logo, a previously released watch on a card, Archie Sonic Comics, a MooTown hat (nothing to do with Sonic) and a really unique tee. The tee featured Sonic & the Mootown mascot in "3D" with glasses so you could look at your shirt. The tee itself is rare, though not that desireable as it is strange.
Sega Visions Issue 14 page 97 Sonic Merch
This is Issue 14 of Sega Visions, on page 97 they had another Sonic merchandise showcase page that was mostly to just inform you of stuff that existed at the time. With "Found at major retailers" in some of the descriptions, they're rather vague. That may be the first Sonic costume, it's ok...all polyester, and a tad fat. It was made by Collegeville Imagineering. The lunchbox is the blue Aladdin one from School Supplies. The "Sonic 2" thing is actually a big beach towel that never turned up, as far as anyone knows. It was supposed to be made by Hilasi. The shoe is a semi-high-top sneaker with "Sega" on the velcro part & a Sonic face on the side. The sandal is the kiddie-style make with elastic heel strap (type that goes bad fast) checkered sole & Sonic on the strap. Both are by Footech, but only fit on 2 to 8 year olds. The walkie talkie is that wierd purple-ish-gray that DSI liked to use on Sonic electronics. (See it there on the tape player too) The plush is Dakin.
Silver Catalog Mistake Description Magazines can make mistakes too. This is a catalog that appears to feature multiple franchises of plush toys. They show Silver here
EGM August 2003 Sonic Heroes Issue This is the August 2003 issue of EGM. It highlights Sonic Heroes on the cover, with just a close up of CG running forward Sonic & a somewhat abstract color/blur background. The little sub-heads there detail their coverage of the game, and help to show how excited they are to be featuring it. Other highlights include Sony's next systems & Halo 2.
but have everything about him wrong. The logo is classic, the subhead is "Silver Sonic, Bionic Sonic". They refer to him as the end sub boss of Sonic 2, which didn't really have a name in the game, & it was never "bionic" because it was 100% robotic. They say he was the "evil boss of Scrambled Egg Zone", but they put a "super cute" tag up there. (13 in. plush, $14.99) Though Silver looks nothing AT ALL like this thing, they still published it. Scan by The UltimateHedgehog.