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These magazines can be from anywhere in the world.
Since Sonic's games are so popular, magazines everywhere love to add him to the cover and do stories when the games come out. Collecing magazines with Sonic on the cover is great to do, as it chronicals the release of the different games, and will show in the future what was going on at that time. Plus, it's always nice to stockpile cool Sonic art! With this page you can see modern and not-so-modern magazine scans from everywhere. Toy ads, toy reviews & unusual content but not game articles. (there are too many articles/reviews/etc that are normal, to be able to make a page for)
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EGM Sonic Adventure 1 Cover EGM headlined Sonic when they heard of Sonic Adventure 1. The cover is the Dreamcast spiral logo in hot green with that sort of circular wierd walking SA1 stock art. The other features of the magazine are written along in the white part of the spiral. This was issue 112. Scan discovered by PiplupFan77
Expert Gamer Sonic Adventure 2 Cover Shadow Here's something nice and unusual to see: Shadow solo headlining a cover. Here, Expert Gamer chooses Shadow to announce their coverage of Sonic Adventure 2. The subhead is "Sonic faces a dark, new adversary!" You can also note the 10th Anniversary Sonic ring logo in the upper corner. They have taken advantage of the stock art pose (oddly enough) to make him "holding" the screen shot of Resident Evil Code Veronica, which happened to be in the same issue. Scan discovered by PiplupFan77
Game Informer Sonic & Knuckles Cover Game Informer chose the Sonic & Knuckles logo (always an excellent piece of graphic design) for their coverage of "The First Backward Compatable Cart" This feature was a great deal, and very exciting so anyone would want to pick up this issue. Placing it pretty much alone on the all-black cover also made this one stand out from the usually cluttered cover-crowd of the other magazines. (Though Donkey Kong and EWJ work their way into the edges. Scan discovered by PiplupFan77
Game Players Sonic & Knuckles Cover Game Players Sonic 3 Announcement Cover
Game Players did their own Sonic & Knuckles cover, and used the seldom-seen "Vandal Knuckles" art. He is spray painting with a can of NON TOXIC, so whatever you put in the background, you can have him spraying over. It's odd that this pose/official art for him doesn't appear that much. Game Players chose their own sub-head "Sega * Nintendo" where he's painted out 'Nintendo'. This is a fun play on the rivalry that Sega & Nintendo had at this time.
At right, you can see their Sonic 3 cover, which wonders "3 x the speed, 3 x the action.... 3 x the game?" and invites you to find out in their special preview section. Scan discovered by PiplupFan77
Game Pro Sonic Adventure 2 Cover
Game Pro made their Sonic Adventure 2 cover out of a SA2 backdrop, and clever use of some Sonic & Shadow art. Their chase scene draws you in, and the logo announces the game. Scan discovered by PiplupFan77 K-Mart Holiday Book Sonic Cover K Mart will sometimes do a holiday book with their sales & merch. This time, they chose to headline Sonic, from Unleashed. (see Holoska snowmen in the background) The book also contains 'cheats & secrets' as well as various entertainment goods that are on sale. Scan discovered by PiplupFan77
Nintendo Official Magazine Unleashed Nintendo Official Magazine had the world exclusive for Sonic Unleashed. They chose one of the earliest released art which has regular Sonic, but the werehog lurking in the background. "It's Sonic, but not as you know him" states the sub head, and that you can get the details inside.
Play Magazine used the same art, but gave it more of a background/wider crop so it becomes a scene. Their cover says basically the same thing. Play magazine tends to use more graphic design and devote more pages / content to the things they cover. It is a somewhat unusual magazine. Scans discovered by PiplupFan77
Play magazine Unleashed cover
Sonic OVA Movie Ad Page This is a full page ad for the Sonic OVA movie. ADV Films brought it to the USA (with notoriously bad dub that the fans didn't like) The blurb says basically the same thing as the box itself, (it promises romance too? why?) and you can note the age of the ad as they front the VHS tape box and DVD is only an afterthought in the red dot. The left corner has logos for all the stores that will carry it (Tower Records, SunCoastVideo, Sam Goodey etc) The price and street date are listed as well (1999) and then the vendor-buy cut-off date. (Could this have been a trade publication's ad? Usually the public doesn't get vendor-buy cutoffs announced to them) Scan discovered by PiplupFan77
Playstation 2 Official UK Magazine Issue 100 Shadow the Hedgehog Magazine Ad Here's an ad for the Shadow the Hedgehog game. They took out a full page in AMagazine. The slogan here is "Who do you fight when you don't know what you're fighting for?" Explosion & screencap graphics create interest. Scan by FelixFox1991
This is the 100th issue for Playstation 2 UK official magazine. For this landmark cover, they chose Sonic...who is reading their magazine which has a cover that shows Sonic reading their magazine. It's like layers of reality...or something. A fun visual gimmick to use here, and great to see that they chose him for this special issue. Look at the note on the cover. "Congratulations on your 100th issue from Sonic Team" Scan discovered by PiplupFan77
Tomart Magazine ReSaurus Article Feature Tomart is a magazine for figures, action figures & model collectors. When ReSaurus announced their Sonic Adventure figure line they devoted two whole pages to it. The first talks about their small line, and how the figures will come with bases, rings & ring holders, and the second showcases the "Giant Talkin' Sonic" who is a "Rotocast". They didn't catch that the 'talkin' part was in the base, not the figure, though. Also, they reveal he was limited to 20,000 units. Scan discovered by PiplupFan77 Tomart ReSaurus Big Sonic Page
Games Master 20th Anniversary Sonic Issue Games Master Sonic Slip Case Games Master Magazine Sonic Back
The 20th Anniversary issue of Games Master Magazine (in the UK) was a real big deal...for Sonic! It came with great free prizes (seen around on the UK pages of the site, like pins, stickers & etc) it also came inside a special slip-case (both sides seen at center, above) It features artwork from generations and around that is sonic artwork from 1991 to present. On the back of the slipcase there is info on what is inside the magazine and also there is a notice of a competition to win a holiday to the sonic themed room at alton towers resort.
The front of the magazine features some alternate generations artwork and the back features some 20th anniversary art with the tagline "Still unstoppable after 20 years". the 20th anniversary logo is in the top left. The magazine will likely be available at retail in WHsmith stores in the UK for July/Aug 2011, but can also be bought online from so anyone outside the uk can get hold of this magazine too. (quantities likely limited, buy in 2011 if you want this at all) Photos & info by Sonicspeeder1
Sonic Game Gear Rebate 2-page spread This is a 2-page spread ad. It's sort of unusual because such a spread is usually very costly to do. It uses a lot of white space, to make it stand out from the usual klutter found in most gaming magazines of the era. It uses simple, nicely shaded stock Sonic & a GameGear with his title screen. The hook here is that you could get a $20 rebate if you bought a GG bundled with  Sonic 1, for a limted time. The screens are all from games of the era, and it claims that only Sonic could bring gamers such super savings. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Misleading Article Title Celebrity Magazine Misleading article title time! Yes, it does say "Sonic - More Popular Than Sex" (smudge is a print error on the item) but what it means is...that Sonic 2 out-sold Madonna's (contraversial at the time) SexBook in Britain. It goes on to mention STC, Sonic clothing, one of the cartoons, & music. It says that several celebrities at the time are getting into video games such as Ice Cube (rapper), Michael Jackson, Andre Agassi (tennis), Jean Paul Gautlier (fashion, oddly enough) & House of Pain (Which, HOP did mention Sega in their 1 hit "Jump Around") Because this was the era where people were confused that video games weren't just a tiny fad to last a year or so as kiddy toys and then vanish. The picture here is the cover of a different magazine "I-D" which didn't normally cover games. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Renderware Trade Publication Heroes Normally, Gear doesn't run just any ad which had Sonic in it (or there'd be waaaay too many to post) but this one is a little unusual. The general public would most likely never see it. This is a "Congratulatory Ad" which is usually only seen in trade publications / industry / insider publications which only go out to companies or workers. The ad uses Heroes graphics (look at giant ghostly Tails amongst the squares) & says "Congratulations to Sonicteam on another great game powered by renderware" and then gives the renderware website at the bottom. This had has several benefits. First, it advertises a Sonic game FOR Sonicteam, then, it advertises Renderware while simultaneously making Renderware look really generous /polite /happy over what they have done / been used to create. So, everyone here benefits when such an ad is placed. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Sega CD Wrong Name Amy Ad Either a spread or a pull-out, this ad looks fairly nice. White space, lots of screen shots, & relevent copy give viewers a good idea of what to expect. But then you get to the screen cap talks up the time travel & special stages, then intros Metal Sonic...but alas, they miss Amy's name. Not Rosy the Rascal nor Amy's "Rescue Princess Sally". Why mix things around here? Weren't they passed the "Lets change EVERYTHING that comes out of Japan" phase? Who knows, but the odd name (Amy isn't even on any of the screens) makes this an unusual ad to see. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Sega Club Australia Magazine Sonic 2 Cover This is an issue of Sega ZONE a magazine you could only get when you were in the Sega Club of Australia. The terminator may headline the cover, but Sonic 2 steals the show at the bottom. (Also look at mini Batman punching aside the 'lips' portion of the big terminator odd) Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77 Sega Magazine Japan STK Trio This is a cover to Japan's Sega Magazine. You can't read it, so who knows which Sonic game is headlining here, but the classic art is wonderful, for Sonic Tails & Knuckles, with unusual & well-shaded poses for all. This is really a nice cover to collect. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77
Lifesavers S&K rebate ad Here is an unusual full page, with 3 sponsors. MTV Liquid Television (which aired ads for S&K) Sega (of course) & Lifesavers, which offers a $10 rebate to anyone who buys Sonic & Knuckles while collecting enough candy wrappers. The text explains the rules, where to see the ads, and how the game locks onto others. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77 Off-model Knuckles S&K brick wall ad
Here's a S&K ad that uses a wierdly off-model Knuckles. Look at his strange vertical eyes, long body, & sideways shoe. That, & they've given him red belts on his gloves that he never had. It does do well with advertising how the game locks onto others. Scan discovered by: Piplupfan77