Mutant Gear Sonic Title: The Revenge
Even more junk you don't want!
Mutant Gear now infests a 3rd page with supid looking dolls and other trashy items made in Sonic's name. Help stamp out this bad junk by refusing to buy it! However, when you don't have it, you can come here to make fun of it! (and why is it usually plushes that go so wrong??)
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Mini Mushy FunForAll Knuckles Plush This Knuckles doll by Fun 4 All is on the mutant border-line. It's not completely whacked, wouldn't look right on the regular plushes page. Let's look at why....
First attack the tiny disproportionate fists. Knuckles has BIG fists, that's part of why he's called that. Then, the massive yet un-detailed shoes on short stybby legs. His arms aren't any longer. Plus, his head is rather unevenly stuffed/wrinkly and the "zombie type" sticker eyes don't help it any. This is a 7 inch doll made in 2003 (which is oddly late for an SA1 item, but you can view his tag here). Photo discovered by Trogdorbad.
TERROR TAILS horrible plush Small kids should be hidden under the bed so that they may not be frightened by this disgusting doll!
If ever there was a doll likely to take up evil spirits this Tails plush would be it. Toy Network is once again the culprit. His head is awful, with it bigger on top, and then the smaller strangely colored ears...but it is the terrible micro-eyes looking in different directions that make it have a horrible quality. The hands are just flat, but the huuuuge mouth is entirely distracting. How could people sleep while this thing is in their home? Photo discovered by Trogdorbad.
Segaworld Sydney Large Tails Plush Is this some crummy knock-off?'s official! This is Segaworld Sydney's large size Tails plush. It's not on Australia Items FAILS to look like TAILS. It's like some ugly teddy bear or freakish combo. Look at the tiny ears! See the wrong oval nose! Look at the cleft lip! And his bangs/forelock thing is WHITE? They weren't even paying any attiention here. Plus, with all-plastic eyes, they're far too small. They got the bands on his gloves in, then neglected them on his shoes. Curiously they chose "fur style" fabric for his tails, which is seldom seen, but nothing can save this "Vaguely Tails-Like Object" from the mutant bin! Photographed and owned by: Rhia.
17 inch Amy Rose Ugly Sideways Eye Plush Fleh!
Usually, if a plush is overly-small, it can't hold the detail of a larger plush. Sometimes, small plushes are mutant due to this fact. Well how about ToyNetwork? NO. This Amy is 17 inches high and still manages to mutate! Who actually thinks her eyes are SUPPOSED to go like that? SOMEone has to, or she wouldn't keep ending up this way!
But, if you look at the rest of her, she's not THAT bad. Yes, the black line isn't supposed to go all the way down on her eyes, yes her mouth is not quite right, and no...her dress isn't supposed to be low-cut like that. But, her boots, most of the dress, spikes/bangs, and headband are all not terrible. It is really the eyes that ruin this one. But at least more of an effort seems to have gone into her. Photo discovered by: Nicolette
Dumb Hat Knuckles This is clearly a themed plush for some 'day' so why isn't it on the Calander of Crud? Because what day could he be celebrating? O, wait...DUMB DAY! Where you celebrate by making sure everything is as dumb as possible! This terrible Knuckles certainly fits right in. Over-alls? Stripes? Some random hat? The wonky-eyes and flat fists only add to the terribleness of this stupid doll. Who would buy this? It's just awful!
This also looks like it could be a variant on the 'vaguely pirate theme' Knuckles on Page 2 of Mutant Gear. But, this hat is different and he does not have the pennant sewn to one hand. Who knows whats going on with either one. The file name on this image is also precious--so it hasn't been changed from the way it was found!
Mini Spikes Mutated Sonic Odd Doll Here's a strange and large doll. It's 2 feet whoever would get it would have to part with a pretty penny...but for what? This thing's a mutation! Is it a bootleg or is it real? There's no way to tell because someone was trying to get rid of it on Ebay. Is it a mixture of Sonic & Knuckles at once? Just look at the divided eyes and little shrivelly spikes. You can see FOUR of them across the top of his head...that can't be right! Then, you can also detect it has BLUE arms! That error hasn't come up since the days of Segaworld Sydney...yet it has green eyes. *This is certainly a Knuckles base. It has his tail & body shape. The spikes are just inverted here, with switched hands, feet, eye plastics & added ears. Who knows how it happened, but more than 1 was made for sure. Despite all these questions one thing is for sure: It's a mutant plush!
Discovered by berzerker, extra facts by LarryInc64
Kooky Squashed Head Knuckles Plush It's likely that everyone's old least-favorite ToyNetwork is behind this stupid looking Knuckles. He's mutating in a new way that the whole right half of his head is squashed or small or something. His head over-all, is also too small and the body is lumpy. The plush also looks a tad crazy with the positioning of the eyes and the rather bogus stick-on mouth. However, it should be noted that they improved his fists somewhat in this latest (but still failed) effort at a Knuckles doll. Discovered by Berzerker.
Mystry Mutant Amy & Tails Japan Finally. Some mutants NOT caused by ToyNetwork...again!
Here are 2 plushes from Japan. As you know, Japan is known more for their quality of Sonic items than most of the other countries that produce them. However, that's certainly not the case here!
Amy's spike/s are very wrong, with it sticking straight up and also she is totally missing her 'bangs' in front. Her ears are folded and tiny. Her shoes are also mis-colored, and lacking the laces that her old sneakers had. But look at Tails's tails! They look more like an arm they're so super shriveled and small, quite unlike ordinary Japan products.
Do you know anything more about these strange dolls? Photo by:
Wiggly Bark Suspicious Plush Pale Green Bean Doll Suspiciousness abounds! Are these things mutants or are they fakes? They're obviously from a Sonic the Fighters set but they don't look like the original set, despite having 'Sega' tags like the Amy. Bean is too pale and his beak is huge nonsense. Bark is just wiggly and odd while Amy is still a cone-head of some sort. This whole set is just strange. Discovered by annalise Suspicious Cone Head Amy Rose
Toy Network New Cloth Sonic
Toy Network, in 2009/late 2008 began to use a new format for their dolls. One change was painted on eyes (to avoid those horrible plastic ones they could never sew on streight) and the other was to use a new fabric. This new cloth has tiny 'hairs' on it (Like a towel) some of which stand at different angles creating the sort of 'crinkly shiny' effect you see in the picture.
However, none of this seems to improve the quality of their plushes! The eyes are still wrong, the head is still mushy with flop ears, the shoes are round, his nose is too big and it's under-stuffed. They don't need new materials, they need a new PATTERN and better ways to make it! Photo discovered by Rae_Logan
Old Style Mutant Mini doll
This small doll suffers from a big case of the dumb!
This plush is either a classic or meant to look that way, but either way it's nasty and full of flaws. Most notable are the crooked bonkey eyes looking ugly by being sewn in sideways. Then, you can see shrivelled little ears and a huge face-bottom that's also flat at the top making the eyes look too small. He's also missing the shoe stripes and has shabby socks. The arms are very twig-like with little bumpy stubby hands that don't look good at all. His nose is also right in the middle for some reason. Clearly it's not that big of a plush but that's no excuse to sew such a bad job. Photo discovered by Berzerker.
This Knuckles has gone wrong as well..they've put his eyes SO FAR to the sides of his head that he looks like some kind of horrible mutant fish.
No Mouth Knuckles Prize Doll Quick! What's wrong with this plush?
Any observer can quickly spot that Knuckles is missing his mouth! However, if you look over the rest, he comes across as more of an 'error doll' than a real mutant. The fists are large and stuffy, the proportions seem ok, even if his spikes are a little short. His main problem is of course the mouth, and the usual problems they have with not being able to keep the eyes on streight. But really, at this size (2.5 ft!) he's not all that horrible for a ToyNetwork effort. This was won as a carnival prize. Photographed & owned by Claw
How hard can it be to simply sew an eye onto the right place? Apparently ToyNetwork finds it nearly impossible. Photo discovered by Berzerker
CAW Mutant Virtual Wrestler
Wrinkle Mummy Understuffed Knuckles This Knuckles plush is no good either. It's so badly under-stuffed that it looks like a dehydrated mummy, or some kind of stupid prune! Look at the flat fists and withering legs. See the shrivelled shoes and nasty tiny spikes with no stuffing at all. Even his EYES are wrinkling because he's more like an empty bag than a plush. Maybe they're "trying to save money" by not stuffing stuffed animals! (kind of defeats the purpose though) Plush discovered by Annalise A virtual mutant item? Yes! This is a CAW (Create A Wrestler) that was supposedly designed to make Sonic look bad (& lose at wrestling, presumably)
The character generator of WWE was used to make this, but discovered by ToplessRobot.
Terrible Super Sonic Gold Plush Yes, this plush does appear on USA Plushes with the Kelly Toy plush set, but it's just SO BAD it's mutant gear. Some of them are better than others, but this photo here is of a real awful version. This thing is supposed to be Super Sonic but it is super lame instead. With tiny hands, wilted ears, small shoes, wrinkly face, big-nose, and shrivelling tiny spikes it barely looks like anything. Beware of these plushes because clearly some of them are awful. Yes, it's a little better than ToyNetwork could do as at least the eyes are red and sewn on streight, but that's about all it has going for it. Photo discovered by Trogdorbad.
Tallest Mutant Sonic Doll Kellytoy Plush Tag This tall doll is surely a mutant! Kelly toy wondered how to make their usual Sonic into a big size 34 inches. They apparently thought the answer was "super noodle legs!" All they did was take a regular doll & make the legs ultra long and lame looking. The arms & hands are also dis-proportionatly long on this large Sonic. Look at his small round head's just all so unfitting! You might be able to pull this out of a crane machine/UFO catcher (So beware!) The tag seen here is what will be attached. Photo by Emily-Hedgehog
Military Mutation Sonic doll Send in the troops! To squash this stupid doll! Toy Network made this military mutant Sonic by throwing on some nonsense cammo 'outfit' which looks more like a badly done baby jumper or belt smock combo. The terrible head that is very un-Sonic like is just more of their standard. Why does this even need to exist? There's no logic here. Photo discovered by Berzerker. Squashy Odd Tall Knuckles Plush One is too tall, the other's too small! Tall Knuckles here is likely a larger size Kelly toy that they never bothered to re-structure, so it ended up noodly. But more than that, the head is clearly squashy/something wrong there too. The Shadow is practically missing his spikes (such a huge part of him!) and
is way too stumpy and short. Neither doll is much good. Knuckles disc. by Berzerker, Shadow disc. by x24Sonic
Short Shadow Plush
Mis-match sewing mutant Sonic Another barfy Sonic, but with some odd mutations. First, the belly-dot fabric doesn't even match (1 side is higher!) then, he only has 3 fingers, tiny hands, fat legs, shriveled ears, stupid eyes Aaaaand the shoe buckles are clearly mangled. There's nothing good about this terrible small doll! Photo discovered by Berzerker
Cutie Pie Dumb Dress Amy Random crazy Amy alert! This lame Amy doll has had her dress changed to red with a shiny border that says "Cutie Pie" on it, but it's more like Failure Pie because...really who needs Amy in the wrong dress? This can't be for a why does it exist? She has badly done bangs, wrong size eyes and seems to only have 3 fingers? Strange & wrong! Discovered by Fuzzball Raccoon.
Oh no, what's this? A mutant COMMERCIAL! Try not to laugh or be frightened away by the horrible CG character models as McDonalds tries to advertise the Sonic Mini LCD bonus game set. Yes this is the NAKED ROUGE THE BAT AD. Everyone's terribly off model in some way, from 'medusa Knuckles' to nose-less Tails...but they forgot Rouges' clothing, & she looks like an ugly mouse. And WHAT is wrong with Cream?? It shows no actual LCD game-play, but showing the real thing might have been better than the terrifying graphics they used. Ad is from/for/by Pakistan. What language is it in? Discovered by CrashbandicootPro7, info by Manaphy21