Mutant Gear Sonic Title: The Revenge
Still more lame nonsense you don't want!
Mutant Gear now irritates a 4th page with supid looking dolls and other horrible items made in Sonic's name. Help stamp out this bad junk by refusing to buy it! Remember: when mutant makers don't get money, they won't make more mutants. However, when you don't have it, you can come here to make fun of it! (and why is it STILL plushes that go so wrong??)
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Lazy UK Shadow Plush
Sonic Project UK is responsible for this lazy/sleepy mutant Shadow. He's not miserably mutated, it's just that his expression is off. With the red border for his eyes applied a bit too low, it makes him look merely dissatisfied or sleepy. Not all of their plushes looked like this, either--which means it's an actual 'mutant doll' in that it's not their usual fare. Still, if it doesn't look right in the photo, don't buy it! Discovered by Trogdorbad.
Mutant Silver Hedgehog plush
Kelly Toy wrecks it again! This is a smaller sized Silver plush...but as you can see, he's gone really wrong! Not only is he the wrong color (shiny silver) but his head looks like it's melting down! Look at his nasty, wilting drooping spikes, you can barely see his eye under their failing position. They didn't bother to make him have boots, they just kind of converted the boots to shoes so they wouldn't have to work very hard. He isn't overly long & noodly like some of their larger sizes, but the wilting spikes and goofy face don't help him out at all. The wrong-color fabric is his main draw-back & most obvious flaw. Photo discovered by SonicFan09
Mutant Tiny Shadow
Minimize the size, maximize the mutation! Just look at this awful horrible Shadow! The clowns at Toy Network have really poured on the dumb to make this disgusting doll. What ISNT wrong with this? "the basic color scheme" is about all that can be said. This is their smallest 7 inch plush, and reducing the size didn't reduce the ugly. From the horrible, mis-placed eyes to the super wide red head-stripe, fail-ears, gnome like tiny body and strange stumpy appendages this is one doll everyone should avoid. Discovered by Trogdorbad.
Terribly ugly Toy Network Sonic You recognize the tag, now recognize the terrible! Here goes another Toy Network Sonic, this one in 'medium' size (about 13 inches) Every inch is unlucky too, as his hands are way too small, eyes are on sideways (how do they keep doing this?) his ears are so withered they're all they flopped down, too. How anyone thought this looked anything like Sonic is unknown. How do they get away with it? Discovered by Trogdorbad. Super tall doll Super tall and super...wierd? What's up with this very tall Kelly Toy Sonic? The hands are decent enough, but his spikes seem small and strange. He also seems disproportionatly tall. This is an odd Sonic plush, to be sure. Discovered by Trogdorbad.
Frightful Jazwares Shadow Sorry Jazwares...your Shadow just belongs here. (or at least some of them do) With shrivelled feet and tiny fists he's not on any A-list, but it's the "evil eye" and oddball expression that really kicks this plush onto this page. Jazwares may be fantastic at figures, but their plushes really do need some help. Discovered by Trogdorbad.
Short arms Amy Rose This odd Amy has super short arms! She's likely to be ToyNetwork's fault, looking at the plastic eyes and vertical mouth. Her odd proportions make this a doll you definetely don't want. Discovered by Trogdorbad.
No-mouth mutant Shadow doll Toy Network is at it again with stupid mutant dolls. This shadow has several things wrong with him. First, his eyes are on top of his eyebrows because they couldn't sew it on right. Second, he has no mouth at all, & the threads fell out of his hand, making it into a mitten. Then, look at his arms: one is thin and under-stuffed-noodly, while the other is normal. All-in-all just a terrible doll. Even after all these years they won't put in the effort. Unfortunately owned by Sapphi
Jazwares 20th Anniversary Trasher Sonic Jazwares...why do you do this to your dolls? Here comes 20th Anniversary Plush small size Sonic (modern)'s another mutation! Look at all the BAD details: ear inner color sewn on screwey, fists all mutant and squished, malformed shoes & socks, round belly dot on modern styled plush, tiny hands, awful eyes, ugly snarly's just terrible! Do everyone a favor and vote with your dollar! Leave this nasty thing on the shelves. JW has proven they can do better than this, so hold out and don't buy it. Photo by SonicFan09
Stripes of Stupid! Stripes of stupid! Here's another random "clothing doll" dumped on the world by Toy Network. Is this supposed to be boxers? Swim trunks? Who knows but Sonic looks dumb in red & white stripe nonsense shorts. WHO do they think wants these rubbish dolls? He's NOT well made & the shorts aren't hiding any flaws or adding anything positive. Discovered by Spyrothedragon
Nerd Bad Clothes Sonic Doll What exactly is going on here? A nerd doll? Sonic dressed up as one of his old voice actors "Stephen Q. Urkle"? Who knows! "Terrible Clothing Day" is not a holiday of any sort, so this isn't another one for the Calendar of Crud. Of course, stupid ugly outfits+nasty dolls = Toy Network. Maybe they finally ran out of holidays to irritate people over & have resorted to random outfits! Discovered by FelixFox1991
Mutant Advertisement Costume Here's something not usually seen, a mutant AD! This terrible photo appears here for Costume Express, but it was first made by Toys R Us who also has this official Sonic costume. It's not the costume that's mutant's whatever is going on with this ad! What are those wierd white ovals painted onto the kids' face? How are they supposed to resemble anything Sonic-like at all? It just looks terrible, scary & ugly. Discovered by: Taaron
Fat Knuckles Doll
Tails 2 Mouth Mutation Rarely does anything mutate because lazy companies added something EXTRA to it...(usually it's a lack of features) but here Toy Network manages to 'surprise' giving this Tails plush 2 mouths. He's the 2 tail fox....not the 2 mouth fox. Certainly it would be simple to fix (remove the threads on 1 side) but the result is sort of odd/freaky looking. It likely doesn't help that the plastic colored parts for the eyes aren't level with eachother (1 is higher) Someone attempted to sell this for $15 on ebay, likely to no real result. Photo discovered by Sapphire the Black Panther
Well, this Knuckles is just too fat to be considered for a normal page of plushes. Look how wide the body is! It's wider than his head! Then, his fists are small and his eyes aren't even looking in the same direction. It's like some sumo-odd version of Knuckles. Who is responsible for making this fat doll? Photo discovered by SapphireTheCat
Terrible Torch Holdin' Knuckles
Oh no, what does mutant Knuckles have? Is that a shabby torch? A failed flower? A mutant magic wand? Who knows, but it looks tiny & dumb! It's likely a torch, trying to capitalize on the whole "olympics" thing, but without success. It seems funny if the 'flame' is actually that fluffy fuzz. Of course the doll is no good either, with odd tall eyes, listing plastic colored parts (to make him look crazy) & suspicious grin. Photo & owned by TJTheGreat
Small Mutant Row A whole line up of rotten dolls! This is the 'plain' ToyNetwork "small size" line up of Sonic characters. None are good, but Shadow's the worst with his eyes out over his eyebrows & super wide nonsense stripe. Every badness of Toy Network is on display here.
lIt's too bad they never actually ooked at those character portraits on the tags while they were designing the dolls...because they clearly don't care about the end result looking nothing like the actual character. This line up lets you compare all the flaws they built into these small size dolls all at once. Photos discovered by MrSonicFan (Of Youtube)
Sound Effects Terrible Tails Another company...another terrible Tails? It seems to be the case with this toad like monstrosity. This is "Sound Effects Plush Tails", and he goes with the Sonic that's seen on USA Plushes 9. Inexpensive, at only 8.99, especially because it makes noise...but you can clearly see that they cut corners on the quality! They didn't miss's just that the details kind of stink. Super short stumpy arms, tiny ears, wide face bottom, wall-eyed (each eye looks to a separate side) & with a flat head it's not very Tails-like. Also, look at those pencil-like shrivelled little tails! It's like they were trying to make a "chibi Tails doll" but they kind of failed along the way. He probably shares Sonic's sound effect set, which can be heard on the Sonic entry. It's really too bad, because the concept is really cute, and the price is super. Photo by Gennifer.
Sweater Vest Sonic Stupid! Uh oh, what have they done now? Its SWEATER VEST SONIC! Yes that's a sleevless orange button up sweater vest he's wearing for NO REASON WHAT-SO-EVER. Could they have picked a tacky-er pattern or color? Don't ask! They'll try! Having had enough with ruining every holiday known to Earth, Toy Network resorts to random tacky clothes for their trashy plushes. Just look at his wrinkly wiggle spikes, awful face, wilted ears and mushy consistency.Sweater vests are lame to begin with. Why? I dont even. /internet. This is likely to be "Pirate Sonic" from page 2 of Mutant Gear, just without his hat. It makes even less sense now. Discovered by CoolLuke1337 Blue Eye Mutant Amy Doll
This Amy isn't 100% terrible, but it defenetely has a mutation: BLUE eyes! Could someone as lazy as Toy Network mix up the eye plastic color & then sew them on anyway? Of course. The eyelashes & headband are a bit thick/heavy-handed, & she's a bit wiggly /wrinkly, but she's not awful like their other non-efforts. It's just too bad about the eye mixup. Seen here with classic style plush & mini furby for scale. Photo & owned by Crystal SonicFan
Australia Fails Tails #2 Here is the Segaworld Australia 'small size' Tails plush doll, and it's just as bad as their big one! If not a tad worse due to the small size. Once again, it doesn't even look like Tails AT ALL. How did this even get made or approved? Where are his EARS? The 'bangs' are white again, the proportions are odd, with wide/big-body & mittens instead of gloves. The split upper lip & giant lower face help mess him up further. It's like someone had a super vague & wrong idea of Tails & somehow managed to complete a doll based on it. It should be noted though, that this is a rare plush, exclusive to that particular Segaworld, so even if he doesn't really look like Tails, he's still rather exclusive to have in a collection. Photo & Owned by Or@ngeHedgehog2012