Mutant Gear Sonic Title: The Revenge
The 6th page of lame nonsense no one wants!
Mutant Gear now irritates everyone with a 6th page of supid looking dolls and other horrible items made in Sonic's name. Bad design, poor products, and terrible likenesses abound. Help stamp out this bad junk by refusing to buy it! Remember: when mutant makers don't get money, they won't make more mutants. However, when you don't have it, you can come here to make fun of it!
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Poorly PVC Mutant Figures Poorly PVCs?
Yes, this is a closer look at the "UK Sonic PVC Figures Set" that was released in the 1990s, likely right after Sonic 2 or so. In those photos, it doesn't look TOO bad but...clearly...some of the sets are super sub-par. All photos by TheShinzNite
Cross Arm PVC Bad Sonic So let's get into it with this blah Sonic figure first!
He's supposed to be crossing his arms (like the Stock art) but this pose is more him doing the "X" symbol with his arms. And the least of his worries. The poor paint job on the eyes is just atrocious with 1 big & 1 small black dot, the badly painted/pointy center there only adds to the awful look, along with the 'spill' where the white goes out of the eye area very clearly on both tops.
Next, look at his wrong spikes in 3 thin strips. Remember: this is AFTER Sonic 2 where the game literally shows you this is NOT how his spikes go. What is their excuse here?
Wonkey Eyes Terrible Figure If anything...this one's worse.
This crummy figure has once more the super ugly unevenly-sized eyes AND they painted the blue part all the way down to the lower face, separating the eyes and just piling on the problems. This one is finger-waving Sonic, so the pose is a bit better but the spikes actually seem worse here, with them going all the way down to his socks.
Minifig PVC Metal Sonic Metal Sonic the mini-fig PVC fares a little better...
But not by much. At least they used metallic-tone silver paint on him. Sorta. Notice how 1 ear interior has entirely skipped getting painted. The lines on the shoes are super sloppy, and he has a giant lower-face for some reason. The hands (predictably) are fused/posed with the upper leg to avoid having to fiddle with them in molding. Yep...that's still the 'sega' copyright on the back of the head there...though they'd likely not want to be associated with something of this bad quality.
Minifig PVC UK Robotnick Oddly, this Robotnick figure follows a trend:
When a company is making mutants, usually their Robotnick/Eggman & Big the Cat items turn out ok, while every other character suffers. That's the case here, he's actually not horrible. It's based off the "Dumb/Puzzling" Robotnick AoStH stock art, and follows it well, complete with suit details, glove cuff dots & proper proportions. (Unlike everything else in the set)
Of course: This one is a confusing (or not?) pick, because there was a period where merchandise/whatever was obsessed with Robotnick being a stupid fat guy...for some reason...because that's the clear route to go when someone is described as "super genius who nearly conquers the world"??
MiniFig PVC Tails Mild Mutant A mild mutant figure is here with the Tails from the set.
This one, like poor Robotnick above, isn't too terrible. There's some bad paint work around the eye edge, but it's not horrible. The hand is spilling onto his tails...but it doesn't quite ruin the look. No, the photo color isn't mistaken, this is "Brown Tails" a color that was always wrong, but several merchandisers/comics/even the SatAM show...were convinced was right because "what fox is orange?" while never asking "what hedgehog is blue?" aaaand then only changing Tails' color to 'normal'.
These are likely to be handpainted at some factory somewhere.
It's pretty much the only explanation as to how they could be this bad. But, it is company choice to use something like that, or to go ahead and make figures (knowing they would be bad/make kids sad) they knew they couldn't deliver quality on, due to the hand painting. How Sega approved these is unknown. All Photos in section/for set owned by TheShinzNite
Toy Network Bad Rouge Bat Did you know Toy Network made a Rouge the Bat plush?
Neither did most people, and it should have stayed that way! But, here comes Mutant Gear to ruin Rouge-fans' day with this disasterous doll. Toy Network was always known for their middling quality cheap plushes, but this one takes the cake (then wrecks it) by being just awful. The decal eyes are a dumb move, and also wrong, because the pupil is off center in the colored part. Then, the 'hair ends' at the back of her head are more like strange bananas. What's that micro dot on her lower face? A terrible, too-small mouth. Her body is so small, and it's mostly...made of shoulders? You can see they grasp her details like colored ear interiors, that her boots have high heels & she has pants/heart-shaped top--but they just kind of do a poor job on them as well as her proportions. It's not much a wonder this doll is uncommon, probably nobody (stores) would order it because it looks so lame. Photo discovered by Pichu97
San Ei Mutant Small Sonic
San-Ei has made some ok dolls before.
But this isn't one of them! Their smallest size doll obviously leaves some to be desired in quality control, despite being from Japan. Their other sizes can be seen elsewhere on Gear, and aren't so bad as this. With wonky eye, missing ear borders, sort of flattened/ squashed type head, and big but kind of poorly done mouth...he just doesn't look good at all. Look at how the 'eyebrow' type ridge thing just kind of stops on the left side. It's better to steer clear of their smaller plush like this one. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Tails Suspicious Tags Toy Win this as a prize? Hopefully not!
This unfortunate doll is by "Hunter Leisure" of Australia. It's exclusive to there, and was produced as a carnival type prize plush around 2013 or so. They came in 3 sizes (likely all bad!) small, medium & large.
There's the super flat terrible tails (they're not even stuffed), super thin/flat hands (look at the right one there) very crooked eye & giant lower face/flap things. Sure all the details are present...they're just mostly done wrong and bad looking. Because the eye is sewn/embroidered, there's no fixing it, either. Hopefully everything they produced for Sonic isn't as bad as this terrible Tails, or no one will want to win the prizes in the arcade. Photos by Australia Sonic Collection , all info provided by Sir Laptop
Jazwares Bad Tails & Amy Plush Jazwares small line plushes make the mutant list again...
Sadly. JW put some effort into their dolls, but poor patterning means it didn't always pay off. Look at Amy's eyes, they're SO tall and SO close together! That's not what Amy looks like. Sure, it has her details, but "super tall oval head" just ruins it. The Tails isn't much better. Their attempt at detailing him doesn't go right with pushed in cheeks, side-flapping nose, wrongly set chest fur edges and sort of uneven eyes. They knew what they needed in a plush, they just couldn't execute it well every time. (Some of these, of course, aren't as bad looking & you can find them on the regular plush page) Photos discovered by Pichu97
Nanco Mutant Bad Pile Plushes Oh no, Nanco!
You may have heard of "Nanco" before but in the form of "Nanco-Nancy". They're a carnival prize type maker with plastic and plush stuff for arcades and prizes. Annnnd they're clearly not into quality. All 4 of these rotten plushes are polluting Australia. Mutants usually crop up in the USA (but originate in China) so seeing an Australia item is badly interesting.
No matter how rotten they look, they are official & Nanco's fault. The first Shadow here suffers not only from uneven eyes, but an unevenly flopped/poorly made upper eye flap which makes him look even worse. He also has pancake hands, withered ears & kind of squashed spikes. Shadow #2 is smaller, and somehow slightly better. The feet are way too small, and the shoes are innacurate, however the face, while a bit mushy & with too-wide a red stripe at least has somewhat better ears. Tails is really suffering here...look at that snooty face, wrongly shaped eye color/center, super thin rubbish hands, misproportioned shoes/colors, missing glove/shoe belts & stupid looking smile. This one is big and just 'ugh'. Sonic is another small (note the proportion of the paper tag) but you'd think he was a bootleg with his terrible shoes (did they just have an idea of his shoe? no picture of what it really was?) cheapest hands possible & sort of off face.
Winning one of these as a prize would be a disaster! Australia needs to beware. Photos by Australia Sonic Collection
Mutant Japan Squash Sonic Keychain Plush
Because Japan & Sega are in Japan...mutant stuff is seldom seen there.
However, it clearly isn't immune to mutation, as illustrated by this squashed Sonic plush. He's quite small, and has a keychain type lead on his head. But look at the face! It's so tall, squashed and poor, but then....they couldn't even align the fabric for his face bottom, it's got to be off by 1 cm or more. It's supposed to be an early item, because it suffers those 'felt flaps' inacurate spikes. He has the right amount of fingers, ok sized shoes/hands, but then is super fat/bit body & short legs. The eye black plastic dots are also not properly shaped & seem kind of sewn at an odd angle. The inset shows the cloth tag with company name, Sega copyright & year. (Mostly in Japanese) This thing is pretty rotten, so hopefully all of Japan was able to avoid it. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Mega Mistake GE Knuckles Plush
Uh oh.
What happens when somebody makes a mega-mistake? A mega mutant! No one is immune to mistakes, and that includes the generally-good company GE, makers of some of the best rare character plushes around. However, this poor Knuckles is certainly an error. What happened to his eye! It's been sewn in wrong. (The eye is printed on the white fabric, which then has to be sewn into the head, do it wrong and Derpy Pony will visit) As you can see he already had his paper & cloth tags, but once his eye went so wrong they didn't bother to finish off his details like his shoes. Did someone smuggle this error out of the factory then sneak a pic? (Usually errors don't get to leave...for obvious reasons) Photo discovered by Pichu97
This Amy is just odd! She is from Segaprize Europe
She seems really quality with nicely sculpted hands with good fingers, nice shoe/boots, gold bracelets & good fabric. There's also tags all over, 2 paper tags and 1 cloth tag on her back. But then....her head is just SO FAT! And look at her's like a big square or a flattened rectangle...thing. Her spikes have pressed her ears down/forward, but her bangs are nicely stuffed. The eyes are embroidered...and her over-all head shape/face is good but those big messed up spikes and wierd body just throw the whole thing off.
It is a real plush that just went really wrong in a bunch of ways. How did Sega pass the quality control for this messy doll in Segaprize Europe? It has all the 'factors' of Amy but they're mostly so messed up it looks like it could be fake. The whole thing just seems like a mix of really good effort and really odd flaws at the same time. Photo discovered by Pichu97
Eye Cream I Scream Doll Kids might scream for icecream...but here's Eye...Cream!
That might have you screaming about bad quality if you ever got a hold of this terrible thing. This is a Kellytoy Cream the Rabbit in both instances, and both of them are suffering from mis-sewn eye errors. The left doll has the 'sheet' with the eyes printed on it sewn too far to one side. The other likely has it folded/twisted in the middle, putting the eyes too close together so she's cross-eyed. Notice the left doll didn't get a mouth & the eyelash is also wrong since they didn't bother to finish her after that huge error. The long noodly nature of the doll (vs the tiny short character its supposed to represent) is standard for KellyToy who extends the dolls legs to claim 'bigger dolls'. These sure are mutant examples! Discovered by Pichu97
Fun4Garbage Tails Doll
Fun 4 All? More like Fun 4 None!
This bad looking plush is offical, it's made by the company 'Fun4All', but it'll be fun for exactly no one who gets this stupid looking garbage Tails. The embroidered eyes are poorly done, the mouth looks like it's on crooked, he has barely any arms or legs, & what's wrong with the bottom of his face? Notice how they got the details that fakes miss (chest fur edges, gray bands for gloves/socks, ear borders, etc) but they're all so badly done that the doll just looks terrible. How are his shoes larger than his entire body? This is just the victim of a really bad pattern and someone approving it who shouldn't have, over at Sega licensing. Photo discovered by Pichu97
No Bangs Mutaint Tails Fails ToyNetwork Toy Network strikes again with another fail-Tails...
This one goes right into the mutant bin because it is missing the bangs. They're so low quality that someone just probably forgot them and let him out anyway. There's no damage/threads or anything to indicate they were ever there. The the odd dark ear interiors (they always have had this, it never looked very good), uneven quality of the eyes & very tall head...he just looks extra strange.
The glove cuffs aren't very well done either, sure they have a band but they're not really a cuff. This is a large size doll (note size of cloth tag there on the side where you can clearly read "Toy Network") so it was probably not cheap to buy although it was clearly a cheap effort.
Photo discovered by Memeki