Mutant Gear Sonic Title: The Revenge
The 7th page of annoying junk that no one wants!
Mutant Gear now irritates even more people with a 7th page of supid looking dolls and other lame items made in Sonic's name. Bad design, rotten quality, poor products, and terrible likenesses will abound. Help stamp out this bad junk by refusing to buy it! Remember: when mutant makers don't get money, they won't make more mutants. However, when you don't have it, you can come here to make fun of it!
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Bad Old News Power Plush Companies that make ordinary dolls are capable of making muntats, too--as News Power proves here.
This is an old, small size Sonic plush from the Chinese company (it's made in China, FOR China) "News Power. They have several sizes of ordinary Sonic plushes, but for some reason, one of their older ones is a mutant. Bad quality starts at the top, with innacurate, floppy felt single row of spikes. Then, the eyes are sewn on upside-down so it looks scary/bad. The glove cuffs are off the gloves, showing the arm color in between.
The hands are mutant too, look how big and fin-like the 'palm'?? area is on the pinky-side of the hand. They're shaped like little footballs or something. The loose socks have the same problem as the cuffs. The body/belly dot is also pretty wide, making him look fat because of the short legs. It's just not a very good doll, but the company did prove later on that it could do better. Photo by Pichu97/Charlie
Crotch Poster Ugly Movie Trash A mutant movie?
You bet. The super stupor "Sonic Movie" that's supposed to arrive in 2019, and features a bad #notmysonic redesign gets a mutant poster to start things off.
Where does it look like the camera is?
It looks like it's in someone's crotch, taking a picture from between naked legs on top of the bridge.
This is one of those instances where "what they were going for" and "what they got" are 2 quite different things. This is the famous Golden Gate bridge, of course, with that blue 'speed trail' or whatever from the 'sonic' in the poster. It's supposed to put the viewer into his perspective with the shot, looking back as he relaxes atop a pillar, seeing his own trail of where he's been.* However, it doesn't look that way at first glance.
They wanted 'a go-pro' or forehead camera look, but with the troll-like creature's proportions, the head would have to be level with the knee or below it (which it wouldn't, the head is big) to get the shot. So, at worst it's a crotch-cam, and at best it's just an awkward looking junk.
*It's a stink trail. That big line is all stench lines, all up in a big, blue row.

Did you get angry at the gross looking red shoes here?
Don't bother, because yes they're Nike because brand-shoe-horning, but that's also a good thing because it means there's NOTHING SONIC about the blue troll in this move. No iconic shoe, no single eye, just bad design everywhere. All the movie stuff WONT be in Mutnat Gear (although its true) because it doesn't fit the real definition of 'mutant gear', which is an official product that's just really badly made and doesn't look on-model at all, or is littered with mistakes.
The movie's #notmysonic on-model to itself, and so would any merchandise be. This poster is an exception because it is badly done with the crotch-cam. So if there was an item of the blue troll that tried to look like it *and failed*, it'd be here. But otherwise nasty movie merch will probably be corralled onto it's own stupid page if anything has the unfortunate-ness of happening to keep it from contaminating the rest of the website.

Error Colors Wii Controller A Mutant Controller?
Well...why not, says quality control. Certainly, electronics errors can happen...but they are less common than errors in plush, art, or figures because electronics generally have another layer of quality control. (meaning they have to actually DO something aside from exist & look ok) In this case, it's the buttons, you can clearly see that there's
TWO of button 'a', and the second one (at the bottom) is rotated 90 degrees. The letter buttons probably all had different backs so they'd fit into the different 'slots' on the circuit card inside, and when this one wouldn't go (Because of course it was wrong, it was the second one of 'a') they turned it sideways and called it a day.
This was, sadly, bought "new in the box" which you can see there is the European one (spells colours) so the error / mutant was only seen once it's too late and the box was opened. Which is really too bad, because this controller isn't that common any more because Sonic Colors was for the original Wii which has been gone for a while now. Because the traditional Wiimote wasn't the best for a game like Colors, of course Sega would want to step in with something Sonic to make the game easier and more fun to play.
The controller still works, and the button will still press, but it just doesn't look as nice.Fortunately, mutations like this in costly items aren't as common. Photo & owned by Hedgy
Terrible Tails Teddy Plush Australia Yeah ok this thing is just terrible at any size.
Here comes the dumb with this Terrible Tails from Australia's Sega World Sydney. They made him in 3 or 4 sizes and they're all just as bad as the next. This one happens to be the largest size. (Small is pictured elsewhere on mutant gear) Any time someone sees one of these, it can easily be wondered if whoever made it had ever seen a picture of Tails. About the only thing that's NOT wrong with it is that at the least he's not brown.
The list includes 1. Big Body 2. Folded ears with no border 3. white bangs 4. very wrong stupid plastic eyes 5. eyebrows 6. wrong shape nose 7. center nose line that splits the upper lip 8. huge lower face 9. stupid wrong smile 10. mitten hands without fingers 11. rounded shoe tips 12. wrong zig-zag top to the belly dot 13. poor choice hairy fur at bottom of face.
Of course, poorly proportions and cheaply done uplifting glove-cuffs join the fray but 13 things on 1 very off-model plush doll? They could hardly pack in more mistakes if they tried. What's even MORE mystifying is that they had to go out of their way to ADD ERRORS to the doll to make it WORSE. Eyebrows? Center split lip?
If you're making something cheap (like a bootlegger) you cut details like making mitten why nix the fingers but then waste time on eyebrows and split lips? This isn't even like how SWS was trying to change Sonic to the blue-arm version or deny Eggman exists = only AOSTH Robotnick, either, their art/whatever else of Tails always seemed to be era-typical stuff or SAT AM style stuff, so the doll becomes even more of a mystery as to why it is how it is. Photo & owned by
Wrong Tag Werehog Plush
A different kind of mutant product this time...
(Well, depending on if you consider the Werehog as a whole to be mutant no-matter what.....) This is a case of mis-matched item. It's the Werehog plush, but it has a Shadow tag on there. Jazwares ended up doing this with a bit of frequency where there'd be a Sonic item but the tag or package would be for a different Sonic item. Most of the time this type of thing goes unnoticed/kids just clip the tag or open the thing and play with it normally. It isn't a big deal, but it is something to take a note of when you see it, as it is here. Photo discovered by Lily LovesAnimals
Upidedown Eye TN Sonic
Toy Network didn't only make the holiday mutants but their normal things could go wrong with a fair bit of frequency too. This one is a Sonic, but the plastic eye color chips are sewn in upside-down. (The white shine dot should be at the top) That's just the frosting on the poorly done cake though, he's still got the fat head top, wilted ears, buckle migrating across the shoe & slightly mismatched belly dot. Plus, it looks like the arms are growing out of the bottom of the head.
All this stuff is caused by the company not really wanting to have an effort with anything. Careless sewing, bad pattern making that always yeilds kinda-rubbish results, etc are what add up to their line being perpetually on mutant gear. The tag for this particular doll also seems to be different. It is black & white, but still labeled for 'made in china'. Some of these have the color logo (but also it could be a victim of fading because these dolls are older now) Photo & owned by
STS Big Head Backpack Mutant Sonic It's a backpack.....aaand it's a mutant.
This Big Head Backpack by "STS" is being sold in Thailand, and probably elsewhere too. (The ad for it is in Thai) This is another of those ill-concieved "Character IS a backpack" things that never end up well. Very few characters are actively shaped like a backpack so it always ends up looking stupid and mutant. In this case, it's poor modern forward-facing Sonic but you've got the stupid tiny flappy spikes growing out of the sides, flop forward ears, and the huge square head plus wacky tiny body going on. They also couldn't mind his glove cuffs and they're shown lifted away from the gloves/looks bad. (Tacking stitch was probably used only on the inner part in 1 area/this allows it to be lifted out of place) You can see the modern paper tag there on the side, along with the store's tag. It's not that the item is shoddy, it's that the IDEA for it is just bad and will always look mutant. Discovered by Pichu97/Charlie
Accessory Innovations Knuckles Bad Backpack More backpack badness, this time from Accessory Innovations. This company has produced Sonic stuff before, and usually they're pretty good at it...but not so with Knuckles! This poor 'backpack is a plush doll' appeared at Target in 2021 (Along-side a Shadow one which was actually ok, so you can see it over on USA School Supplies) for 30 dollars.
This just...doesn't look good. The shoes are super tiny, but then the tail is so super long? Look how huge it is in the right photo.
Then, for Knuckles who's fists are a big feature...they made them extra tiny and flat/withered looking. No effort. He has a bit of big body going on, probably because it's round/toor round. The head spikes are also short and sticking out wrong/that's not how that goes. Probably the eyes are a bit big, which contributes to his expression not looking great. They just don't have much in the way of good 'Knuckles' elements so it looks cross and silly and is a mutant item.
3 Micro Hot Wheels Mutant Cars's a first. Mutant cars.
These little-known cars are by Hotwheels and they are some type of 'micro racers', which, were probably inspired by the very popular at the time Micro Machines. They have a launcher, which you see there in the background in bright orange with Sonic picture, checkers & logo. The square hitch on the front of each car let you chain them together to race them all at once (Probably the whole line had the feature/they were all interchangeable) On the surface, this is all an ok idea.
However....holy cow these designs are TERRIBLE! Like, what is even going on here? Who approved these nasty things? Sure they're tiny but like...maybe look at a character picture first. Knuckles looks like someone melted one toy on top of another. He's like a nasty red candle melted over some gray blob thing that happened to have wheels.
Sonic actually confounds the process because he's molded such that it suggests he is somehow 'driving a car', but because the sculpt is so bad it doesn't work. He's also the only one set up to even try to look 'driving' so that actually adds confusion. The spikes are just a mess/his head is like a whacko-star, the steering wheel is embedded in the body somehow and who even knows what his legs are doing. The feet having to form 'the front of the car' is also super strange.
Ok. So. Robotnick. They clearly chose AoStH who is already pretty strange/mutant looking to begin with and then turned the dial up to 11. He's just a giant head with arms growing out of it! And the head isn't even good, since when did he have giant buck teeth like a crazed beaver? Why the panting dog-tongue? What are the arms doing? Why is just the head the size of like...the whole body/head of the other 2 characters? Nobody knows now and they probably didn't then because these look like they were spammed out after 10 minutes of very low effort. No wonder they're little known, who was going to buy these rubbish looking things? Verdict: These are whack. Photo & Owned by Minokuma26
Mis Print Shrug Sonic No Eyes Mistake Figure A mutant mistake?
Sometimes mutant things are caused by some kind of an error, and not bad design. This "Shrug Sonic" figure is a case of an error slipping past Jakks Pacific on their 5 inch action figure line. As you can see, the left-side figure has NO EYES. The right side figure is normal/proper. With one eyelid half lowered, he has ordinary eyes painted on, and is doing the 'shrug' expression from the newer 2020 stock art (and pin).
With figures, sometimes paint errors happen, but this seems to be a paint-miss, where that application (likely the last thing to get stamped to him) didn't happen at all, resulting in the sort of creepy all-white-eye mistake figure you see here.
* Throughout the history of Sonic figures & the companies that did them, errors have happened. It's usually just a 1-off or so, and some people like to try and get the strange figure, while others avoid them. It is just a natural part of releasing toys, so long as it is quite a rare happening. Jakks Pacific, thus far, has a very good record of paint apps being normal & quality.
Accessory Innovations Dumb Backpack
Oh no, the dumb-pack is back!
See the return of "Sonic the tombstone" with this stupid mutant backpack by Accessory Innovations. (They've made some mis-steps before, but they're not immune to making mutants) You'll have seen several other (at lest 2) backpacks like this one here on Mutant Gear before...but you can tell them apart by different stupid details. This one has really large ears, poorly formed hands with stick-out thumbs, and look at those platform shoes! The soles are too thick so they look wrong.
He's not! He never was! Trying to turn him into a school bag is's so stupid?? Why? Nobody is going to pay 44 dollars to carry around something that looks like a grave-stone disaster. The stupid shrivelled limbs, the arched / hunch-back look, the super wide square bottom (SonicBob SpongePants Square) all of it adds up to awful. It isn't cute, it isn't 'charming' it doesn't look 'chibi', it's just deformed because Sonic is not shaped like a bag and the concept will never work. Ugh.
Power Idolz Strange Phone Charger
Bad design decisions ahoy!
Just what's going on here? This is the "Power Idolz Phone Charger Stand", and it could...stand to make better sense. Wired charger? How about Wierd Charger? It sure is strange...and mutant. This bonkers item is ONLY classic Sonic's legs, shoes, arms and hands. They have completely deleted his body and head so that you can put a phone setting it on the really fat and square hips base.
I guess it's meant to look like Sonic's body IS the phone?
Or that the phone has somehow grown Sonic's limbs? The whole thing, no-matter what you do with it is going to be a mutant monstrosity. They've placed a game cartridge box in it (instead of a phone...their intended product...) just so that you can sort of tell what this jumble is supposed to be. This does show the size of the item but defeats its purpose. Which is too bad, because the sculpting for what parts of Sonic ARE here is good. The light up ring on the base is also nice, but this thing is just bonkers. Why not have him holding the phone, like that wiimote holder/controller-buddies things? That at least, you can see the whole character with. This is strange.