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When something or someone is popular enough, people sometimes use it in satire or parody.
Sonic is certainly popular, so sometimes companies or media do a parody of him. This page collects together even more items that are Sonic parodies. What exactly counts as a parody item? Something made by a company (not a fan) that's not officially Sonic, but makes fun of the franchise in some way that's pretty direct or obvious. Vague references in comics or shows don't count. Bootleg items that are trying to pass off as official Sonic stuff don't count. For some good examples (or some good laughs)...see what's here!
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Invader Zim Knuckles Parody Invader Zim was a show that used strange/scary/ugly design frequently for wacky effect & style. Zim was an alien invader on Earth secretly going about his life at school with humans. A sharp eye in this scene can spot a poster on the wall that is clearly some odd/scary parody of Knuckles. It has the 'dreadlock' pooking spikes, he's red, the same 'face structure' and even though there's a belly dot instead of the crescent mark, it's probably too close a call to be anything other than
a parody of him with tons of spiky teeth & looking menacing for no real reason. It fits in with the show's style. It was seen in Season 1 Episode "Bestest Friend" Screen cap by: Joe
Chris Webby Player One Tee Parody Here's a parody tee by a rapper "Chris Webby".
Just like with the odd Sonic-faced Totoro creature before on a tee, here comes another musical person mixing & matching video game characters upon merchandise. Here you can see a cartoon version of Chris sleeping on his floor under a blanket after playing lots of video games as evidenced by controlers around him. However, also sleeping you can spot Princess Peach, Rouge the Bat, Ms. Packman and a human nurse? ninja? character. Notice they left off a Genesis controller & that Rouge is a much more modern character than all the rest. Discovered by BlueEyed Joe
Family Guy Parody Game Box If you've got a sharp eye, you can spot a parody in this scene from Family Guy. This episode is "The New Adventure of Old Tom" & Peter is in a game store playing a game on demo...but if you look in the background there's an obviously "Sonic Parody" character on the video game box directly to the left of his head. It's in Sonic's running pose but has an all beige face, white gloves & dull blue spiky hair. (There's also Brave/Merida there, and probably the Call of Duty guy too) Discovered & screen cap by Rae Logan
Game Over Tattoos Stick On Parody
The "Game Over" parody is instead of stickers though, it's stick-on tattoos. They're back with more 'undead' or 'zombie type' parodies of famous video game characters. We have a yoshi skeleton, zombie nose-less Knuckles with crossbones sign, dead Ash Ketchum haunted by a ghost Meowth, maybe...Crash bandicoot? It's hard to tell with bullet holes. There's voodoo Bowser with some skulls or bones, and...a baseball kid?
None of these things are trying to convince anyone they're authentic, so it falls into the category of making fun of it / a caricature of it. Stickers or tattoos like these are often found in coin machines in malls or arcades where you're hoping to get the strip you want, out of the selection inside the machine. Look for another sheet like this among these parody pages.
Chaos Gauntlet Avengers Parody Tee Here's a parody from The Anime Expo 2018, "The Chaos Gauntlet Tee".
This is, of course, a parody of The Avengers' movie "Infinity War" with Eggman in place of Thanos & his Infinity Gauntlet. The 'sparkle rays' of the stones are used to divide up the background portraits of various Sonic characters who are shown acting as Avengers members/other Marvel characters. You can spot Big, Knack, Rouge doing magic, Sonic Knuckles & Tails.
As a parody it works pretty well, but re-shaping the infinity stones into traditional Chaos emeralds shapes and colors might have tied it together a little better into Sonic-context. Still, for a convention merchandise it is a fun and solid parody that fits in with the time of release & is instantly recognizable. Photo & owned by Marcel Ramji
Dead Meme YouTooz Vinyl Figure Uganda Knuckles Meme Toy Parody Uh oh, here comes a meme!
If you hadn't been on the internet or in VR for a while, this annoying yet recognizable character is, of course, "Uganda Knuckles". It's a badly drawn version of Knuckles, that got turned into a meme (somehow) by it always yelling or asking "Do you know de wey?" (There is no answer to the question, there is no 'way' to anything--it would just pop up and ask that)
Do you know....
De Wey?
Why is it from Uganda?
Uganda is a country in Africa. But, as usual lots of memes can't really trace back all that well. A going theory though, was that a kid from Uganda tried to draw Knuckles, but because he was only 8, he didn't do such a good job and we got this instead when he posted it up online. (Kind of like that 'gotta go fast' scribbly Sonic crayon drawing) Then "De Wey" was supposed to be it trying to go back to Uganda.
Whether or not any of that is true doesn't contribute to this thing being real. Because the meme got so popular (someone made it as a 3D model you could have as an avatar in early vr chat areas to annoy people with) the parody vinyl company "You Tooz" made this toy of it. It is sold only online at their website, in 2019, and is no doubt, some kind of a limted run because it's a bit of an indy-toy of an internet fad.'s...I guess...interesting to see in 3D, if a little wackier than it was on paper. It is interesting that something like this can get made, due to internet culture. Photos discovered by: Princess PandaLover
Amphibia Parody Hedgehog The Disney channel let out a new cartoon show in 2019 called "Amphibia". And, early on, you can see they're already adding jokes and parodies. The left screen shot shows giant monster hedgehogs about to attack the protagonist while camping.
Aaand of course, one of them has to be blue (the rest are brown, so it is certainly deliberate) Then, the right screen cap shows a store counter that has what is very obviously a Dreamcast, controller, VMU and a Sonic game partially hidden behind it. (The other game looks to be possibly CrazyTaxi) Screen caps & info by Pichu97/Charlie
Gamer Smilies Parody Sticker Set Here are some parody stickers inside a coin machine.
Coin machines are still around, usually with candy or are gatcha type, but there are also still sticker dispensing ones. These stickers are often a source of parody, but these are a little bit of a 'style knockoff' at the same time. They're labeled as "Gamer Smilies", but it's really just an excuse to make easily recognizable characters in a 'style' that they hope means 'isn't a bootleg'.
Here you can see Sonic, that star from Mario Galaxy, Mario & Luigi (of course), Princess Peach & a green pig from Angry Birds. (Notice their caps, it says "VS" instead of the M and the L".
However, if they style of the faces looks a little familiar, it should, because it's loosely based on the skateboard company/accessory mascot character "Flameboy" or it's other mascot the water drop "Wet Willy". Photo by Taaron
Craig of the Creek Reference Raccoon Cartoon Network added a new show in 2020 called "Craig of the Creek", where kids go on various adventures in the fantasy yard. It's mostly a comedy type show, and so a parody wouldn't be out of place....and it took only a short while for this one to pop up in an episode.
This shows clearly some sort of 'reference raccoon', which has Sonic's mono-eye, a green variation on his shoes, the gloves, and the finger-waving. He is obviously going vs an Eggman parody type guy, but this one is more vague, he's sort of "Brittish Soldier" type dressed with a big nose and mustache but those are white & not orange.
So, the parody isn't super direct, but it's clearly there and clearly made to be "Sonic like characters" to complete a joke in the show. Discovered by GinyuDBZFan
Chao Bladee Rapper Tee Sssooort of a parody?
This is a tee shirt for fans of "Bladee" the rapper. Among the various items in the design, you can spot what is obviously a chao sitting there. The face has been changed/scribbled on though, but they left the hands/feet/body alone which lets any Sonic fan spot it.
But, what's the word at the top? What does it say on that 'friendship heart half' ? What are they trying to parody by having the chao there/makin fun of it or referencing it? The shirt raises more questions as to why they would use a chao as a base for anything. Photo discovered by Pichu97/Charlie