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When something or someone is popular enough, people sometimes use it in satire or parody.
Sonic is certainly popular, so sometimes companies or media do a parody of him. This page collects together even more items that are Sonic parodies. What exactly counts as a parody item? Something made by a company (not a fan) that's not officially Sonic, but makes fun of the franchise in some way that's pretty direct or obvious. Vague references in comics or shows don't count. Bootleg items that are trying to pass off as official Sonic stuff don't count. For some good examples (or some good laughs)...see what's here!
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Invader Zim Knuckles Parody Invader Zim was a show that used strange/scary/ugly design frequently for wacky effect & style. Zim was an alien invader on Earth secretly going about his life at school with humans. A sharp eye in this scene can spot a poster on the wall that is clearly some odd/scary parody of Knuckles. It has the 'dreadlock' pooking spikes, he's red, the same 'face structure' and even though there's a belly dot instead of the crescent mark, it's probably too close a call to be anything other than
a parody of him with tons of spiky teeth & looking menacing for no real reason. It fits in with the show's style. It was seen in Season 1 Episode "Bestest Friend" Screen cap by: Joe
Chris Webby Player One Tee Parody Here's a parody tee by a rapper "Chris Webby".
Just like with the odd Sonic-faced Totoro creature before on a tee, here comes another musical person mixing & matching video game characters upon merchandise. Here you can see a cartoon version of Chris sleeping on his floor under a blanket after playing lots of video games as evidenced by controlers around him. However, also sleeping you can spot Princess Peach, Rouge the Bat, Ms. Packman and a human nurse? ninja? character. Notice they left off a Genesis controller & that Rouge is a much more modern character than all the rest. Discovered by BlueEyed Joe