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The great Sonic the Hedgehog items are overflowing from the UK! This is another page of miscelaneous Sonic goods for you to collect. It is currently a mixture of old and new things, and is not divided up into any sections. (but could be in the future if there are enough things from any one theme!
Plushes and Soap Someone's small UK collection. You can see a wind-up Tails, the Where's Sonic book, two plushes, one of which seems irritated, and a mystery meal game with eggman inside. The item to one side with the red base is a soap containter. You can see it on Page 1, and the other items are scattered about the UK pages, but this is a good size comparison and plush showcase.
Sonic Wallet Aha! A wallet!
This Hedgehog with Attitude wallet is rather unusual in that it is the only Sonic wallet known so far, and you almost never see it. A simple affair with logo and stock art with velcro closure. This is sure to be a great addition to your collection due to how interesting it is just to see a Classic Sonic Wallet.
Photo credit: Rhia of the UK
Yellow Segaworld London Wallet Blue version Segaworld Sonic wallet
A second wallet appears! These are from a Segaworld in London, and in 2 colors. Sure it's just a bright yellow (or blue) & black synthetic canvas-texture wallet...but it's ANOTHER Sonic wallet. The classic running stock-art looks great against the bright yellow or medium blue and Segaworld logo. Yellow photo courtesy of Rhia of the UK, blue one photographed & owned by Cerium
Sonic Knuckles Robotnik FuzzBalls Here are some fuzzballs. Didn't know you needed 'em.

In some countries in the 80's there were things called "Weeples"-- they were basically a pom-pom (in various colors) with large human-like 'sticker feet', rattle-eyes and antenna. They had a silky ribbon with an upbeat/funny/relevant phrase on it. You could peel the feet and stick them to various surfaces.

Obviously, these are a Segaworld London takeoff of them, but with...stranger results. To recognize the characters, they needed to rely too heavily on paper cut-outs glued to the fuzzy pompoms. These nearly got into mutant gear...but not quite.

Whoopee cushion, keychain, Sonic Comic Free Stuff
You need more odds n' ends!
Here is a small grouping of free give-away items from Fleetway's British Sonic the Comic. Presumably, the comics were bagged, and the bags contained one of these items. Here, you can see a whoopie cushion (!), a wall walkin suction cup toy, a keychain with silver electroplate, an unknown cut out blue plastic figure, and some mysterious notched disks with 'frosted' Sonic faces. Remember these faces/keychains were around BEFORE Sonic Team released their official 'shillouette profile' of Sonic. (he looks 'meaner' here but its still a pretty good likeness) You never thought there would be an official Sonic whoopee cushion, did you! Photo courtesy of Rhia of the UK
Plastic souvenier jigsaw puzzle London A plastic jigsaw puzzle. This rather artful puzzle is made of thick plastic and has the stock-art running Sonic as its' design. The way the art is cut though, gives it a nice unique look. This one is even still in the bag!
The top corner says 'segaworld london'

Photo courtesy of Rhia of the UK

3D Action game back Sonic board
3D Action Game Cardboard Another curious game. This is a sort of put-together pop-up game made of cardstock paper. You place Sonic cut-outs into plastic stands and hop them over the board, avoiding badnik pictures and landing on ring spaces to win.
Notice the Marble Garden zone border, and 'badge included' label.
The game is labeled "Waddingtons" at the top...that's presumably what made it.
Rectangle Sonic Sticker Set Collection Here's an ok sticker set, made primarily of the familiar stock arts. These were a give-away in Sonic The Comic by Fleetway. All the stickers are rectangle, with a blue-purple border. There are a total of 9 designs to collect.
PVC Sonic 1 Badnik Robot Collection A really cool PVC Figure Collection!
These small figures are most of the badniks from Sonic 1 on the Genisis, including an accurate (and angry)  Eggman. Chop Chop fish, Crabmeat, Katerkiller, Moto Bug, Roller, Ball Hog and more! But what's that in the background? A Metal Sonic figure. He's the only one who doesn't how did he get on a Sonic 1 set? This set is rare and expensive, but looks great to own!
Metal Sonic PVC Figure Closeup Of course, you need a closeup of the Metal Sonic figure! It's a fairly good likeness, with no glaring problems...except the ears, which are both non-matching and inaccurate. Why is one green and the other red? It's very nonsensical and curious. Notice that they used actual gold-tone paint on the accents for a great touch. You never see it on Ebay, so it must be quite rare, as with all Metal Sonic things
Roller & Crabmeat Badnik PVCs
Here are Roller & Crabmeat PVCs. You can see their paint is pretty OK, though it has some rough-ish areas. Photo discovered by Rae_Logan
This box-back shows all the figures you could collect from the sets. Interestingly, the Set is called S&K but the badniks are mostly Sonic 1 fare, such as Ball Hog & Caterkiller. The back is written in several European languages. This was distributed by Copyright promotion
Sonic Tails Robotnik 1991 Tomy Figures These figures are PVCs as well, and were sold in both the UK and the USA. These were made by Tomy in 1991. 2 Sonics in different poses are not very well crafted on the set. Eggman has been turned into Robotnik by this point, and the Tails is clearly based off of a not-so-hot stock art.
It's still quite a cool thing to see all of these sought-after PVCs in one place, even though their Tails & Sonics weren't the best sculpt. Photo disc. by:
UK PVC Sonic Figures Sets Boxes Cards Someone has accumulated lots of these Sonic mini PVC figures here from some same, and some different sets. You've got the '4-packs' with badnicks, the 3-pack with 3 different Sonics, some of the "Figures & Cards" collectibles there too. It's a good look at the types of packaging and badnik selection of the time.
Sega Box Here is a nice cardboard box.
It held the little metal Sonic figure (cast metal, from Segaworld) along with 3 other small figures . The box has a nice white line-art Sonic theme with bold Sega logo. It is not known where it is from. This, and the following 4 photos from: Rhia.
FleetWay Sonic 1 DS Sticker Decal
Jetix Sonic X Free Game Toy Here's a free game given away by Jetix, a comic in the UK. These games were fairly common (not Sonic, of course) in the 1980s. It is basically a plastic mini-version of Pachinko without the bells and whistles (literally!) You use a spring-loaded lever to try and flip tiny metal balls into the numbered cups set up in front of the Sonic X background.
Here's a clever give-away.
This decal came free in the Nintendo Official Magazine in 2006. It shows a ficticious scene from Sonic 1 on the Megadrive You can stick it to your DS, to help decorate it.
Apparently, Fleetway's Sonic The Comic was rather fond of enclosing give-aways with their book. Here, you can see the rather ecclecitc collage of some of their offerings. It looks to contain 2 frizbees, a hand held fan (the paddle shaped item) a ruler with Sonic's face on one end, a sheet of Chaotix stickers, a badge with Sonic Adventure 1 theme, that ninja-throwing pog featured on another page, a yo-yo, 2 metal coin like items, a card sheet or possible mini-poster which shows some of the initial designs from Sonic Adventure 1 (incidentally, these designs were made into wall-scrolls, which became quite rare) and a card of Sonic with a stinky shoe. Why they think he's unhygenic enough to have excessive foot-bacteria, we do not know.
Free Gift Collage Sonic the Comic Fleetway
This is a literal 'metal Sonic', figure, that isn't of actual Metal Sonic. It just happens to be made of a pewter tone metal of some kind. This little figure is from SegaWorld England. What is it for? Looks like nothing but display. It's an ok little figure of Sonic, but his eye-ridge is a bit excessive. This figurine is not common. It is quite small.
Made of metal Sonic Figurine England
GAME UK Ltd. Edition Sonic Phone Card
To celebrate Sonic's 15th anniversary, GAME of the UK released a limited edition Sonic theme phone card. Themed cards like these for phone time or other pre-paid services started off their popularity in Japan. These are a fun idea to turn something you needed to buy anyway into a collectible fun piece!
3D Sonic UK Soap Container
This is a container of Soap.
It was only released in England, and is by Matey. The 3D figural container shows Sonic standing on the familiar red spring, which serves as his base. His head unscrews and covers the cap to the bubble bath which is inside. (I wonder what it smells like?) The spring surface has the Sonic logo.
For the time, this is a pretty good rendition of Sonic, especially considering that his head must be removable, and that the whole thing is basically a complex jar. Right-side photo found by Streakthefox.
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