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Still more wonderful and interesting miscellaneous Sonic items from Britain (and around in the UK) all of these things were either made there or sold there.. Info on where to get the item is added where possible. As more categories are added, things may move off these "General Merchandise" pages and onto more specific ones.
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Mercedes Benz World Sonic Selections
Wow, what's all this stuff doing in one photo?
And...isn't some of this stuff known to be USA items?
It's true...because here comes Jazwares figures & the known-Amazon 'lunch kit' stuff...but the answer is that a place called "Mercedes Benz World" brought it all together...for...reasons. As you know, Mercedes-Benz is a car type, but they also have a car promoting & educational area in Brookland Surrey in England. You can go there to see a tour, learn about what they do & more.
However, for whatever reason, they decided to amass up a bunch of Sonic merchandise in the MB World, possibly as prizes or maybe an exhibit? Could it have been a Sega cross-promotion? MB published the above image online (But it was only found much later, and without their context with it so that's why all these questions)
You can see a Sonic Racing / Speed Star themed soft-sides lunch box with matching drink cooler, a slection of Jazwares 3.75 inch line figures, including the Chaotix, 2 Jazwares modern Sonic & Tails larger plush dolls, the NKOK (probably) figure-8 little Sonic Racing 2 car set, a 'kids type' Sonic sunglasses, a canvas classic style Sonic wallet, a classic style baseball Sonic cap, and an outfit with gray modern Sonic top with black Sonic logo shorts. (This is debatable if it was ever actually released and if so where)
The last item is appears to be some sort of pinball game for the table top. It's modern in style, with CG graphics for the box background. However...that's not a real box. It's just a picture of what someone wanted the product to look like. Was this pinball ever produced? Most of the items in their selection are easily found and well it seems likely. You can always write in with information on why Mercedes would collaborate in their World with Sonic.
Rare Segaworld London Pewter Sonic Figure A Rare Item!
This is a pewter figure from Segaworld London. It's classic Sonic, in a walking/running forward pose. He's on a little base that spells out "Segaworld" in the 'Sega' Font. It's raised/textured on the circle shaped base. As you can see with the hand in the photo, it's not a very big figure at all.
Why is it uncommon? Because Segaworld London didn't last all that long as an attraction / it's not still around like the ones in Japan.
Also, it's a small, gray figure that doesn't do anything so it's not going to attract tons of little kids into buying it. Then, it was likely at least a little costly upon release because while Pewter isn't a precious metal, it's not a common/base one either. (Semiprecious metal?) Next, it's small so if someone is going to lose something, this could well be it. (Pewter's also pretty soft so who knows if someone ever bent theirs over the years)
The likeness is ok, especially considering the time it was made. It was barely known what Sonic would look like from the back at that time. The eyes are a little big, but it is still pretty Sonic-like and good to collect...if you can find one. Photo & owned by
Sonic Pins Pen Various Selection When this photo appeared, it was just called 'party Sonic items', but that's not what any of it is. Perhaps it was a 'goodie bag' for attending a party but...the rare pen you see here doesn't fit in with that theory. Here you can see a Mario Sonic Olympic Games flat keychain (it's plastic), and an uncommon Japanese character pen with a Tails picture on it & the Segasonic labeling (the round top/blue set). There are also pin buttons: sepcifically the 15th anniversary 3 pin set on the special card (1 logo, & 2 CG Sonics with logos) then there are 2 other pins, one classic the other modern/SA1 art. The last item is a 'flipper game' where you use the springy lever to try to catch a little metal bead in one of the numbered areas on the front. It's Sonic X themed, and from Jetix, which is who released the show in the UK area. There's a different art flipper game on another page here at UK Random Merch.
The flipper games may have been magazine give-aways or otherwise been a 'prize type' item, because they are so simple and also an ad for the show. So whatever this collection was created for, you can guess about the age. It is an interesting group.
Sonic Bike England Wow, a bike!
This is a fully modern Sonic themed kids size bike. You can see Sonic details almost every where. The chain cover has a CG portrait of him, the lower bar has blue checkering with the logo, the mid bar has that 'kids pad' thing on there with CG Sonic & Tails and the back bar has 3 rings on it. The front forks also have 3 rings on each as well. The steering shaft has a modern logo & the handle bar guard pad has the same Sonic/Tails print on there. The seat uses the "S" in a stars-circle (commonly seen on party supplies) on the top. Then, the optional training wheels are attached, and they are star-bumper themed, which is actually a really cute touch. The branding here is really good, the bicycle is totally Sonic & any little-kid fan would love to ride it. Too bad it's apparently uncommon.
A company in the Netherlands was supposed to have made this & then let it out in various EU countries but so far only England found them despite being a supposed 2013 release. Discovered by GinyuDBZFan
Universal UK Bike Helmet Sonic Kids Of course, a helmet to go with the above bike is the perfect accessory!
And...right at the same time/on cue there comes "Universal UK" Sonic Bike helmet for kids. It's a kids sizes only helmet where the shell over the foam is blue plastic. It has all CG Sonic, Knuckles & Tails in 'jumping forward' poses, among neat gold CG rings. The helmet has a red border and....there's even a star-bumper detail applied to the black foam underside. What a fun, extra touch to make it even more Sonic-like. This is a good helmet.
Search Sonic HWA Toothbrushes 4 Hedgehog With Attitude Toothbrushes MIB
Here are 4 toothbrushes from "SEARCH" brand (probably like "Reach" brand in the USA, but they do something interesting and different in a few ways. First of all, as you can see to the left, if you put all 4 of them together mint in the box, you make
a 'big picture' by combining all the boxes. The 'big picture' is Sonic in a bit of an odd pose where his head seems extra large? Then, there's 'running forward Tails', where he was in the era that the art of him wasn't so great (look at missing ear interiors, small ears, uneven eyes) but he is still colored correctly (orange). The boxes are different colored, (orange, magenta, green, yellow) with logos all over and the "Hedgehog With Attitude HWA" slogan that England area stuff was really fond of in the 1990s.
The box fronts all have plastic windows so you can see the color-coordinated toothbrush inside. Each one also appears to have a different Sonic art on the handle, which is a nice touch too. The other unique bit is that they have an ACTUAL video game tip "Top Tip" on the back that in this era 1. you might not know and 2. actually worked. The tips are mostly on where to find the bonus stage rings in the levels...which is actually cool for a tooth brush company to not only get the right info but to put different tips per package. So, by going above & beyond on design and fun, this set really stands out as a cool collectible. Photos & owned by AGTuff
Stretchy Mini Sonic Walmart Toy This is "The Stretchy Sonic".
But, did it ever actually appear anywhere for sale other than the UK? If you really dig into Walmarts' image bins you'll find him, but nothing else about the toy. However, in the UK area in Argos and Smyths Toys Superstores stores, you could find him.

It's classic Sonic, in a standing-there pose and...
He actually looks decent? The arms and legs are really thick (to not break when stretch) but the head is so proportional that it doesn't look bad? Same with the hands and shoes. The smaller nose even looks nice. Look at the curve for the ears too, they're actually really well done. This would actually be a cool little figure to own.

Stretchy Sonic Carded Figure UK
The package says 'super stretchy fun', but is pulling on things very fun? It shows with 2 panels you can stretch, shake &...pull the arms/with a kid photo where he's pulling the arms. The figure is bubble carded with a classic colors cardboard backing. How much does it cost?
Fan Caution: Paint CAN flake off right away when using toy as intended. Maybe better to leave in the box?
Stretchy Sonic No Paint Bad Toy Aaaaand it's better to leave it in the packaging.
Here is a fan photo of what happens when you actually play with the toy. All the paint comes off in wrinkles and flakes. You can see this one peeling and the paint that's remaining fraying. Other photos around the internet will have no paint at all left on the toy, and the whole thing this dull blue color.
Why does this happen?
Inappropriate paint choice OR improper paint application. For flexible or stretchy toys, you need paint that has the same 2 properties. Sometimes a wrong paint is chosen, or a right one is chosen but not applied under the right condition and it loses the properties and gets...well, like how you see here: no fun!
Not every Sonic item is a good one, and this certainly fits that bill. He'd likely be ok if left in the package, that's not really the point of the toy, for most. Photo & warning by Pungu
See all the Bad Reviews at Smyths Toys (And he leaks sticky goo too? Oh no--especially at 13 pound cost)
Smyths Big Box Sonic Items This is called the "Sonic Big Box" It is at Smyth's stores AND at UK's Amazon. It includes the Sonic wiimote holder figure (By Cable Guys), a Sonic 'cross body bag' (so, like a flatter hip-pack/belt-bag/fannypack but worn over one shoulder so it sits on the chest area-ish. This has running Sonic on the red nylon belt part, and a classic logo on the bag. Then there's a blue water bottle (plastic) with the Sonic 1 wing ring/start screen logo. It also has that odd little apparent replica of the wiimote holder...but it's actually a key cap. The key fits in the block shaped base and the figure/base becomes the 'handle' for that key. It has a key clip on top.
The other items are a bit of a dud, but are somewhat expected with wacky 'box sets' like this. There is a generic blue rubbery springy key cord, and a blue USB cable. The Wiimote holder already comes with its own micro USB cable. Extra generic items are often included to pad the item-count and hopefully make people think there is more value in the set. It's common with school bag sets and party sets.
Springy key cords aren't particularly useful (tangle, get pulled, etc) and a blue usb cable has nothing to do with Sonic. The key cap is an odd little item as well, as it is impractical. It's way too big to fit into a pocket, so it would have to go in a hand bag or purse, or exterior dangle keychain. Then, to turn the key in the lock you have to grip the whole big figure? It seems like more of a gimmick that you'd end up putting for display instead of to use. At Smyth's some people say the water bottle is of dubious quality as well. The box is put together by Exquisite Gaming. It is also cheaper at the Amazon UK link above, than it is at Smyth's, so probably get it there instead.