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Still more wonderful and interesting miscellaneous Sonic items from Britain (and around in the UK) all of these things were either made there or sold there. This page should also be a mixture of old and new items. Info on where to get the item is added where possible. As more categories are added, things may move off these "General Merchandise" pages and onto more specific ones.
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4 Sonic the Hedgehog theme Birthday Cards Birthday card interior designs Here are some great Sonic themed birthday cards! Each one has a CG art of Sonic doing something (running, snow boarding, standing with Tails) Two are year-specific (5 & 7) and those special cards
Birthday Card Backs come with a plastic pin badge. (seen in upper right corner) So it's like a card with a mini gift! Inside, some have repeats of the art, or mazes. (the maze has a Sonic vs Eggman theme, while collecting rings) There are also character profiles (top right corner) You can see the maze solutions on the card-backs. The one with two pictures is a "spot the differences". The messages are "Have a Super Sonic Birthday, or a variant of "Super # birthday SuperStar" These cards began appearing in 2011/fall. You should be able to find them in ASDA stores. Photos & owned by Shadouge.
HMV Stores Easter display Sonic This poster with CG mock up 'easter egg Sonic' appeared in HMV stores. The oddly shaped 'Sonic egg thing' does not/never existed, it's just an odd graphic used here to promote a sale. Photo & owned by Shadouge Sonic Yoyo
This is a Sonic yoyo. The yoyo is red, and curled Sonic is a raised & painted design. The sides are slightly different (note: only 1 side shows his mouth) It should be noted that the USA also had a nearly or exactly identical yoyo, as well as several others. Photo discovered by Piplupfan77
Winter Games 3D effect Sonic snowboard display This Mario Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games item is a store display. It has a 3D like effect for Sonic on his snowboard. You can see how the item is curved, but has a clear plastic front, to create the unique look...and hopefully get people looking at buying the game as well. However, this is only one side, it was made as a cube. (Mario is likely elsewhere on it) Photo & owned by Shadouge
Blue is the color Riders POP card display
This is a point of purchase (POP) display card. It's made of cardboard, and was meant to go on a shelf above/near games which include Sonic Free Riders. It has Jet & Sonic with "Blue is the Colour of great Sonic games". It's just meant to attract attention to the new release in the store. This was collected from HMV store. Photo & owned by Shadouge
Toys R Us Sonic Merchandise Display Toys R Us Games Stand Aisle Endcap In Toys R Us stores of the UK area, you'll probably find these cool displays in 2011. They're both here to celebrate the 20th Anniversary. The tall one is an aisle end-cap type free-standing one, to showcase only Sonic games, regardless of if they're on sale or not. The second is a special cardboard shelf topper, located above a section of toys and games. You can see a nice range of Jazwares figures from Colors, the 20th Anniversary small figures, and 3.75 line. That empty box would have had their small plush dolls in it. It's great to see stores having a cool effort around this occaision!
Both photos by Shadouge
Garden Center DVD Stand Sonic theme This is a rotating DVD dispensing stand that was found in a garden center. You'll notice 2 Sonic bits here, the first being DVD releases of SatAm in the stand itself, then, Sonic art is used on the base too. He appears down there with Hello Kitty and it says "Fantastic Childrens' DVDs" Sonic was expected to be so popular, that they made a stand with him permenently on there. Photo by: Narrator
Sonic & Knuckles Promo Poster
Here's a bold promo poster for Sonic & Knuckles. It has a simple static/pixelated red background, and the giant symbol & logo. The date (Oct 10) is in the circle as it was a world-wide release. Certainly, with its bright color, this would get noticed by fans wherever it was hung. Discovered by Piplupfan77
Segaworld London Catalog This is a Segaworld London catalog by HMV. At right, you can see the front, back and how to order along with ordering rules & etc. The left shows the actual order form, and the merchandise you could get. Pretty much all of the merchandise has the same image on it: Running stock Sonic and the "Segaworld" logo/word. The colors of the things vary, but they're all pretty generic/similar looking simple branded things. What all can you see here?
HMV Segaworld Catalog F ront Back
Bottom: Various colored caps & hats, left square item is "Record Bag" (yes, for the large vinyl items) center is a plush, right is a "Mini ruck sack" There is also a CD case, & ski cap but the CDs are mock-ups. Middle: Shirts of various colors with the logo in various places, plus a pair of jogging pants. The bottom shirt has Sonic punching through the letters for "SEGAWORLD". Long sleeve, short sleeve, sweat shirt & etc. The center shirt has the only large design- 'hands on hips' foreward Sonic stock art. Top: A wool "melton jacket" which is the most expensive at 65 pounds. A Rugby shirt, a sweatshirt, a 'big face' shirt which is Sonic with thumbs up in a square (center) and a polo shirt. All of the items were fairly expensive ranging from about 8 pounds to over 25. Possibly due to relativly high price for the time, and plain-ness/similarity of the designs the items here aren't common today. This catalog was active in 1996. Catalog photo & owned by Bianca Nishitani.
6 & 8 Sonic Birthday cards w/badge pins 6 & 8 Card Interiors /puzzles 6 & 8 Year Card Backs /answers
Both cards photo & owned by Shadouge
Here are 2 more birthday cards. One is "Superstar 6" the other is "You're 8". Each has a number with stars on it, and a free bonus pin/button (plastic, in top right corner) The inside of the card has the birthday greeting and either a find the word or a Sonic themed quiz. The backs have the answers, ex. the 'master answer' to the word-find you had to spell was "What does Eggman want to turn the world into? A. Eggmanland". The CG art for the fronts keeps them looking fresh/interesting...but look at how concerned Tails looks. These can be bought at Toys R Us stores in England, & are about 2 pounds each. They began to appear in Fall 2011.
Sonic Themed Wrapping Paper Giftwrap Finally, Sonic wrapping paper! This is likely to be the FIRST Sonic themed gift wrap to ever appear. It's nicely modern with a variety of CG Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rings and even Dr. Eggman! This package has 3 sheets of folded gift wrap, & 2 matching gift tags. It costs about 1.99 pound, and can be found at Toys R Us stores in England around the fall of 2011. Photo & owned by Shadouge

The wrapped gift here shows the application of the paper, plus one of the gift tags. The 'tag' is actually more lika card, as it's rather large & has a string at the corner so it can be attached without taping down to the card. This also shows the gradient blue of the background (dark here, but light above) This wrapped box was a gift for (and photo'd by) CoolLuke1337 in 2012

Dr Robotnik Thinking Figure & Conflict Card
This is a small PVC Robotnik (Thinking Version) with "Conflict Card". The card is rare because it is flimsy. The copyright here is for 1994, but what's the purpose of the card? It looks like part of a card game, like you could run the stats against other characters with conflict cards (which could be a fun idea, if there were multiple figures for everyone) but nothing similar has yet appared to suggest that. Also, notice that it rates him as stronger than he is smart...which is wierd, because even the "Robotnik" version was supposed to be an "evil genius", so you can tell this is sort of playing into the whole 'westernized' version of things where he's really bumbling instead. Photo discovered by: Calistine
Wrapping paper W/Sonic Tails Card
Sonic theme Badge & Magnet Moulding Set This is a rather unusual & rare item! It's the Sonic Badge & Magnet Moulding Set. It's a kit where you can make plaster shapes & then paint them with the enclosed colors. If you glue a magnet to the back, it can go on the fridge. Glue on a pin-backing & pin it anywhere (a badge). The stock Sonic has had a random pair of sunglasses just sort of pasted on there for some reason. Molding Kit Supplies
You can see all the designs it makes on the front. (That's Katerkiller behind Sonic's head) You can make 3 Sonics, 2 Tails', 1 Robotnick & several badniks including chopper fish, katerkiller, crabmeat & maybe kekleon. The likenesses are just ok. With the 2nd photo you can see what was included, like plaster bucket, plaster pack, stirrer & measuring spoon. This was available at Waddingtons stores in the UK area at some point in the 1990s. Plaster pins are somewhat impractical, as plaster is easy to chip or crack. However, they'd do well as a magnet. This kit is a fun idea for kids projects. Photos & owned by
Sonic Reflector Card
Tomy Water Game W/Box Remember the magazine photo on page 3 of the little Tomy water games? Here's the real deal! And, you can even see it with its original rare! This is called "Sonic Water Wizard". It features a probably spinning Sonic
This is a..."reflector". But what is it good for? It looks like a foil rectangle card shaped thing. It has a hole in it so you could hang it, but why? One side has Sonic's face, the other, the logo. This is likely from around 1994. Photo & owned by: Sonicfan3841
& many colored rings (seen in the loop) Pushing the button causes a current in the water-filled game so you can move the rings around. The box has a sort of interesting/altered stock art of Sonic, sitting on a jet of water. You can also notice a Buzz Bomber near the top of the loop. Photo & owned by Ultimate Freiza
Frisbee Flying Disk Segaworld VR Slogan Here is an intregueing frizbee /flying disk. It has a poem in the background, but the quality of the photo won't really let you read it. The top line is "Try telling your brain it's not real". It's the slogan from the Segaworld London VR ride. It repeats the same line over a sort of whirlpool like background. It was either available in the gift shop, or it was a promo item to get people to pay to go on the ride. It isn't very big. Interesting to see though! It's copyright 1996. Extra info by
Canon Williams Model Car Waterslide Decal Sheet What is this curious slightly abstract item?
It is a sheet of 'waterslide decals'. It is an item that would be enclosed with a model vehicle, which, in this case is the "Canon Williams Team" race car. First you build the model car, then you apply the logos, numbers and other accent details provided by this sheet, so that it can look just like the real thing. Sponsors are a big part of racing & their colorful logos are everywhere--just like the year Sega was a sponsor & had some Sonic details on the car. (That's what year is here)
You can see finger waving Sonic, a white Sega logo in a few varieties & the "sega labeled Sonic leg/foot" that was applied on the bottom edge of the car that made it like cartoon-Sonic is 'driving' the car. The car itself is pictured elsewhere here on Gear in Sonic events. The model (if anyone builds it and sticks the stickers) may appear here too if it's added.
But what about that water slide? Waterslide is just the name, because they are not normal sticker-paper items. They are activated by water & then you 'slide' the backing off, leaving only the print/design which can't peel later. It is a bit fiddly and difficult to do them right, but the result is nicer than stickers when it is done well. It is also typical for models to have this type of sheet item. (It's too bad cigarettes got on there too because smoking is bad, but all the other brands are good or neutral)