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Even more wonderful and interesting miscellaneous Sonic items from Britain (and around in the UK) all of these things were either made there or sold there. This page should also be a mixture of old and new items. Info on where to get the item is added where possible.
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UK Figure Cards PVC Sonic Here are some of the PVCs you've seen on Display Figures and in the UK Section. Caterkiller, Knuckles, Sonic, Tails & Crabmeat all appear here, but the new element is the cards you see below them. They have stats at the bottom (Strength, speed, etc) like you would see on Pokemon or other types of trading cards. Did the cards come with the figures? Are the a separate card game no one has yet mentioned? The cards appear to have figure photos on them, so it's unlikely they were a separate set. Also, this display looks like it appeared at a Summer of Sonic--so someone has to know something about them. If you do, write in for credit! Photo discovered by Sonic Boy 19.
Adventures of Sonic Show Set
This is a great box set. It has all 65 episodes of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (weekday show) all gathered together into one place. It is 8 DVDs. (all others, you had to buy multiple boxes/disks) It also appears to come with a set of free stickers, almost all AoStH related. (however, some SatAM items got in there as well, such as a SwatBot & etc.)
But which region of DVD player will play these? It is supposed to be region 2, (EU only) however, it is rumored it'll play on any player. The only way to find out would be to own 2 types, and test it. It's a fantastic way for fans to easily acquire the entire bonus stickers never hurt, either! It should be around 17.99 pound, and Amazon UK has it for sale still, in winter/spring 2010, they have been available since 2008.
Discovered by SonicBoy19, info by RedX and
Stickers included are: 5 Sonic, 1 SatAm Robotnik, 2 SatAm badguys, and 2 AoStH logos
The convenience continues with this box set. As announced on the cover you see here it has "the complete series of 26 episodes" of the SatAm Sonic show. The cover doesn't particularly use anything directly from the show except for the logo/title piece & the rays in the bkgrd. The Sonic isn't a stock art, & you'll notice that he (wrongly) only has 4 fingers (plus odd slipper-ish shoes, oddly titlted body & spikes. This box set also includes stickers. The ones you'll find in here are 4 Sonics, all in different styles, 1 tails in SatAm style, 1 correct Robotnik and 2 SatAm logos. Since this series was shorter, it was always more likely to be in just one box, but it's great to see that it is still for sale in 2010. You can get it on AmazonUK for around 17.99 pound, & it too has been available since around 2008. Info provided by RedX, interior photo by JenHedgehog Interior box set photo
SatAm Box Set Sonic Episodes
This classic styled bag is meant for carrying games and consoles. It's done in a classic look, with the old logo, stock running Sonic and a checkered border. It has a shoulder strap, zip front pocket, inner pocket and two buckle closures. It is similar to a school bag, but is marketed for console users. This is available at GAME stores in 2010. Owned & photographed by Alexandra Paxman
Console Case Flap Bag Segaworld Promo figs close
With this close up you can see the Sonics are pretty much horribly painted. Photo dsc. by Hali66
PVC MIB Box Sonic Metal Set Here's a rare look at the box that the popular 1990s PVC figures came in. The box is thin card, but is decorated with a nice batch of Sonic stock arts. Some are clearly more Japanese than others, but all are great to look at. Plus, could that be the most unusual and hard to find genuine classic Super Sonic art in the corner there? Certainly, the spikes are turned PVC Sonics Mint in box open photo
Likely aquired at Segaworld London
upward, though it looks like he is sitting down. Inside, each of the little PVC figures fit into specific holes in the packing. Unfortunately the paint on these guys wasn't always the best, notice the quite off-model and differently sized eyes. It is likely all the PVCs from this line came in a similar styled (and well done!) box. This box was also used (probably a scaled down version) for the solid metal/cast figure of Sonic. It can be seen on UK Items Page 2. Photographed & owned by Alexjess
8 inch Sonic UK Figure This is an 8 inch high Sonic figure. But why? 8 inches is rather large for a figure. Is it some type of statue? (item may move to Display Figures, depending what it is revealed to be) Does it have a purpose (like being a bank, etc) It seems pretty well done, despite it's early origin in 1991. Photographed & owned by John. Sonic Generations Shelf Card Ad
This is an in-store-use promo item for Sonic Generations. It's a cardstock shelf sign, used at HMV stores to promote Generations. However, when done with, it makes a great decoration/poster! Photo & owned by: DarkGamer2011
A sticker album/booklet isn't really a book. But, that doesn't stop this all new sticker collection from being cool. Apparently, you can collect stickers (rectangular & die cut) by buying packs, and accumulate them into a book or onto a poster. There are supposed to be 100 different stickers. The real news on the pack is, that it can contain all new official Sonic art. This sticker collection may be the first place to see these images in 2010. It may mean new stock art for zillions of other uses, so it will be interesting to see the debut item.
This should be available at WH Smith stores in summer 2010. It was made by Factory Entertainment. The photo is by SonicStadium.
Modern Sonic Sticker Collection Album
Action figure advertisement in sticker book
Advertisement page for Sonic sticker collection
Retail sticker pack box photo
At right, you can see the retail box the sticker packs come in, and an ad for the sticker collection, book, and stickers. It has the statistics on the collection, and explains there are 140 different ones to collect.
The book has an ad for the Jazwares Sonic figures, but with the Tomy name on it. A good spot for an ad!
The left photo compares the back of the modern sticker album to the vintage one. The modern album is 24 pages long, and the sticker packs have 5 stickers in each. Naturally that is 'blindboxed' so you may need to trade to get all the stickers. But where is the vintage album? What kinds of stickers were inside? How much does this new album cost, can you buy it online, and where do the stickers come from? There remain many unanswered questions about this interesting and complicated item! Write in if you know. Above photos discovered by Sonicboy19 Sticker book back modern vintage comparison
Sticker book Sonic focus page Here are 2 examples of the pages within the book. The blank numbered areas show you which stickers to place where, to fill it all in. Every main character has 2 pages dedicated to them in the book, so it MUST be big! (yes, even Big!) It has profile write ups, and interesting graphics. Sticker Book Profiles Character page
Sticker Tails & Amy Rose Pages Sticker Knuckles & Big Cat Pages
Let's take a look inside!

Owning this great book is the way to go, but if you can't, just have a look at these pages instead. The pages here appear in no particular order. Check out the new art for most of the characters, and see who got to star on their own page.
Each page has a profile and info write up, as well as spaces for plenty of stickers. Just match the numbers to know where to put them.
Do note that not everyone got new art. Chaos-0, the neutral/hero/dark chao and Tikal didn't get any changes, however their art was never common to begin with. Babylon Rogues fans will appriciate their whole page, and Eggman fans won't be dissapointed either. With characters like EMRL, Eggman Nega & E102-Gamma all starring on a sticker, this book has just about everyone covered. There's no shortage of Sonic either, as he stars & co-stars on several pages. This book is a super collectible for any Sonic fan, especially if you can complete it with the fun stickers. Photos discovered by: SonicBoy19

Sticker Cream Cheese Eggman Pages Sticker Shadow & Rouge Bat Pages
Sticker Silver Blaze Chaotix Pages Sticker Babylon Rogues & Misc Pages
Sticker Robot & Sonic Tails Pages Sticker Sonic Amy & Knuckles Pages
Sticker Back Photo
The backs of the stickers also were printed. In the upper left there, you can see they had the logo & winged ring / Sonic portrait, the number & name of whoever is on the sticker. You can see this pack had 2 of the same Cream in it, which 2 of any sticker isn't really something you want on a pack. Photo & owned by Rapid Hedgehog
Segaworld London Ticket This is a ticket (at least half of one) to Segaworld London! It's rare, because its a paper most people throw out after their visit. Naturally, it has the Segaworld logo (notice there's a pin that looks just like that graphic) & also has a sort of 'shiny effect' for the stock Sonic art. This cost 14.90 pound to get in, & was sold on Dec 12 1998. It's interesting to see as it's so uncommon /forgotten, plus now you know how much a visit cost while it was open. Photo & owned by UltimateFrieza. Blue arm Sonic PVC Figure These PVCs were sold as a pair however
...they're re-issues from
other sets. You can see the Tails in other photos here. Notice Sonic's error, he has blue arms. (Other similar PVCs have his arms down) Photo discovered by Cfire176
Arms Up PVC Turn Arounds photo Here's a better look at the 'arms up' Sonic PVC above. As you can see with these photos, they had a decent grasp of what his spikes should look like, even at this early year. You can see the trademark on the back of the head, & it says "C Sega ents. ltd. 1992 Lic by CPL". Notice the paint scuffs; these reveal that he isn't solidly colored plastic like some figures are. Photo & owned by Stinkarelly