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Still more wonderful and interesting miscellaneous Sonic items from Britain (and around in the UK) all of these things were either made there or sold there.. Info on where to get the item is added where possible. As more categories are added, things may move off these "General Merchandise" pages and onto more specific ones.
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Carnival Inflatable Hammer Mallet Sonic Theme This is a carnival prize by PMSCompany. It's an inflatable wacky over-size hammer / mallet. (sometimes these squeek or jingle when 'hit') The whole thing is squishy. It has a checkered handle, classic logo, 1 ring and the new-classic pose for the Sonic art. You can win this at various fairs in England, so be sure to look in the booths for this prize! This is likely an item from 2012 / 2013. Photo & owned by KariXIII
Sonic Unleashed store promo cube This is a promo item (for use in store displays) for Sonic Unleashed. It's a cube, and each side has a different Unleashed theme graphic on it.
No matter which angle you view, it's an ad. You can also see "The Speed of Light" on one of the sides...likely referring to the dark/light dynamic of the game. Photo & owned by Shadouge
GAME Store Gift Cards Here are 2 gift cards / money or discount cards for the GAME store. The store sells all kinds of videogames & merchandise (like t-shirts & accessories) They're about credit card size (seen here with other items, like tags & GG box art) The top card is from around the Unleashed release, while the other is from 2009. Photo & owned by Lee Soady.
Sonic Classic Characters Theme Stress Ball This is a "stress ball". It's a squeezy ball made of some type of solid, sort of soft foam. You can squish it & that's supposed to relieve stress. The design is nice & bright, with a big yellow star & all-over graphics. It has neo-classic art for Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Eggman & Tails. (Tails is hidden in the corner there) The other side of the ball has just
Sonic & the classic logo. This was made by PMS (the somewhat unforunately named company that produces carnival prizes as well) Photo & owned by SegaSuperStar
Stress ball care: If you aquire a collectible stress ball, it's good to put it inside of a case & not squeeze it after it is a few years old. The exterior designs on this type of ball have been known to flake with age, sometimes.
Sonic Themed Party Crackers / Favors This is a rare mint in the package shot of some "Party Crackers". A cracker is a sort of gimmick item to dispense prizes and celebrate occaisions. Usually they're for New Years. It's a tube & you pull the ends so that it makes a 'crack' noise and spreads confetti, glitter, stickers, ribbons, toys, plastic jewelry or other random celebration items. In this case they let out figures, badges (pin buttons) and stickers with themes of Sonic, Tails & Robotnick. The caption says "The Crackers With Attitude" & explains they were 9.99 pound. Notice how bad the bad the Sonic & Tails figures are. Tails is yellow with a brown (it's very brown!) bottom of his face. Robotnick looks much more like Eggman too, so this must have been a pretty early item. Still, these are cool to look at here new in the box. Disposable things like this are notoriously rare to see years later.
Sonic 3D Pop Up Board Game
Sonic board game pieces & tiles Here are some detail shots of the Sonic 3D Board Game. As you can see here, the game is pretty three-dimensional, with various levels & features that you had to put together. The split in the middle of the board has chop-chop fish, there are 2 bridges, a crabmeat & buzz-bomber picture, a row of rings along a mid-lvel & an upper level with Tails & old Archie Sally. The spinner part has SatAm style Robotnick.
That little blue thing is a catapult that you put the Sonic player pieces onto to launch them around the board somehow. Notice that each Sonic player piece is color-coordinated with 3 of the little 'monitor picture' tiles in the photo to the left. What do you do to play this game? Write in if you know! Photos by JenHedgehog
Happenin' Birthday Card This birthday card fairly commands you to have a good birthday. The front says "Listen Up Dude" and then inside it has "Have a Totally Happenin' Birthday!" with some random itallics. The front has that famous (as a poster etc) Sonic 1, finger waving art with tiny Eggman in the distance, while the interior of the card is printed with a grayscale screen shot of Green Hill Zone, complete with score in the corner. It's not that common to find a card with a totally printed interior, so this is interesting to see. Card owned & photo by JenHedgehog
Sonic 2 themed Play Ball This is a general purpose 'play ball' for any game that requires a big ball. It is very interesting with colorful, very detailed graphics and some mixed up art. It was released with Sonic 2 (obviously) but features the old Standing Sonic 1 poster art on one side, and a real mash-up on the other. You've got 4-fingers Eggman/Robotnick grabbing the "2" from another poster, but then there's Japanese stock (old!) bow-tie wearing Sonic and a really strange, overly small, big-eye Tails pointing at the background. The ball uncommon, and very interesting to see. It was made by Mattel, so it is not a fake, despite the odd art choices. Photographed & owned by Kari XIII
Pixel Brick Sonic w/box These are "Pixel Bricks". They're basically sort of a clone of those 1x1 Lego bricks, but packaged as their own thing. The bricks come loose in a bag inside this box. Using the instruction sheet inside (announced on box) you can build these sort of figures for Sonic & Tails. Pixel Brick Tails
The box says about how you can build your own figure / toy. The red splash has "Instructions!" and "Actual size!" It also says there are over 170 pieces inside to assemble. Are these a UK exclusive item? Are they sold in toy or game stores too?
Sonic Mario Olympic Winter Games Merch Why is all this stuff on misc. UK area when it has categories for almost each thing? Because it's all super closely related to the Sonic & Mario Olympic Winter Games & should probably all just be seen together for the best effect.
These were supposedly also outside of the general UK area, but that's unconfirmed. Have you seen these items in another country? If so, write in for confirmation.
There's a DS Stylus 2 pack, a 'fancy display bag' with snow sports Mario & Sonic, a keychain pack with customizeable snap-in character icon designs that you can add with Mario, Sonic, Yoshi & Amy, a tee with most of the character's logo disks & a set of small pin buttons with more character logo disks. It's a neat collection to promote the game! Photo by SegaEU
Stress Ball Sonic MIB Photo It's a Sonic stress-ball! A Sonic ball is a popular item, since he rolls around in a ball in all the games. This is a squishy, squeezy ball shaped like classic style Sonic. It comes in a square box with the slogan "Don't get in a spin". The purple rectangle on the box says "Collector's Edition". The ball kind of illustrates the oddity of some of the old graphics. Where did his legs & body go? His arms are shown coming out of the sides of his head, and his lower face is really large, to hide the lack of body.
Notice they did add the buckle texture to his shoes, and that his ears are actually sticking-up points. If you want to collect this ball, remember the rule of squishy toys: you can squish it when it is new, but don't squish it too much or it may become creased. Also, as it ages, it is best to not squeeze it / leave it in its box because the paint/rubber exterior sometimes doesn't age that well to stand up to use. Discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Sonic X Jetix Flat Flip Game This is a flip game.
It's a small, flat plastic item that makes a simple game. There are 4 metal balls inside, and a plastic peg on a spring. You use the peg (the flipper) to spring a ball up across the face of the game, trying to catch it in one of the crescent shaped shelves. If you miss it falls back down so you have to do it again. Each shelf is labeled with points so you can 'keep score'.
Games like this are easy for companies to "personalize" notice how the graphic of Sonic has nothing to do with the game, it's just him plastered inside the plastic with points written on his face. The bottom says "Jetix" and "As Seen on Jetix", so it's a game that's also sort of an ad for Sonic X the show. Because they're super cheap to make, items like this are usually seen as freebies or give-aways. Was this a free gift item & if so, what was it with?
Bagged Jigsaw Puzzle Here is a puzzle in a new type of packaging.
Puzzles usually come in boxes, but why? If you think about it, other than sturdiness there's no real need to put tons of tiny pieces into a box, rather than a bag. Here, they've done just that, and the jigsaw modern Sonic puzzle is inside a large tough plastic colorful display bag. It probably has a re-close-able zip top. The piece there on the edge says it has 48 pieces, so it's not too complicated. Does it make the scene you see there on the bag? Where can one find this in the UK area? Photo discovered by: The Tumblex
Sega Prizes Summer of Sonic Bunch A bunch of prizes!
This table of items was likely a 'winnable item', at a convention or for a Sega contest of some kind. You can spot Unleashed, a Sega classics collection, some Japan Christmas cards with Sonic, at least 1 Archie comic, a Zero Gravity riders tee, a Sonic Mario Olympic Games poster, probably the game, a mug, a Secret Rings item, a Sega notepad (square, white) a keychain, a Secret Rings tee, a pencil case, possibly something signed & the 'skull' n crossbones tee. What's revealing is the"Summer of Sonic" blue tee with yellow logo back there, that makes people suspect this might have been part of a
give-away there. Do write in if you know what this bunch of prizes was for.
Jetix Sonic X Volumes 1 through 4 Here are all 4 volumes of Sonic X show on DVD. Jetix instead of 4Kids showed this in the UK area, so it's their logo at the top of each case. These 4 volumes are supposed to contain the whole show / all the episodes that aired on TV there. (Is it really everything? The show was cut numerous times much to the anger of fans, especially when it became more serious toward the end with real stakes) The episodes may also be for sale in the SonicGear Videos Store. Photo & owned by Debbie Keers.