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Jazwares Modern Style 20th Anniversary Sonic Action Figures
For Sonic's 20th Anniversary in 2011, Jazwares released two lines of figures, (as well as more items) in both classic and modern styles. This page has MODERN style Sonic figures only. Having 2 lines with different looks also fits in with the Sonic Generations Game's theme, which does the same thing. All of their modern style toys will appear here, so long as it carries the 20th Anniversary symbol. Interested in Anniversary stuff? You can see their Plushes & Classic Style Line too.
All of these things should be available at Toys R Us AND GameStops in the USA. Store info by DrEggplantMan.
UK Release: In October 2011 UK TRU's should start having any of these 20th Anniversary items - Icelollyman
Australia Release: In November 2011 Toys R Us should start having any of these items
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Jazwares 20th Anniversary 1998 Sonic Spinner Jazwares 20th Anniversary 2000 Shadow Beetle Jazwares 20th Anniversary 2010 Tails Sandworm
The modern figures don't represent any one game or period, other than that the characters' styles are all "Post Sonic Adventure", so any game the came out after that, is eligable for one of these 20th Anniversary figures. Here are the MIB shots for Sonic & a Spinner, Shadow & a Mono Beetle and Tails & a Sandworm enemy.
You will notice right away problems with the dates they're using. Remember: the Dreamcast (and SA1) were released on 1998 is wrong for the USA. Shadow's date of 2000 is also wrong, as he didn't appear until Sonic Adventure 2 which was in 2001. Will they do a second run of these with fixed dates? It looks kind of funny/fishy this way because the very FOCUS of the line is about DATES and then they got them wrong on the box. Shadow & Tails photo discovered by: EmoElmo247, Sonic photo discovered by SonicToast
2003 Knuckles & Egg Pawn Robot Silver 2006 and Iblis Biter Enemy 2003 Knuckles seems to be an interesting deal, as his accessory, the Egg Pawn robot is actually likely to be a full-fledged figure, rather than a 'satue' like the other figures have, that isn't pose-able. Silver comes with an Iblis Biter (From Sonic 2006, the first game he appeared in, appropriatly) however look at his box, they mis-spelled it as LBLIS instead of IBLIS which is fairly important.
Comic Con Exclusive 10in Flock Sonic Fuzzy Sonic Box Comparison 10 Inch Fuzzy Sonic Joints Here is fuzzy/ flocked Sonic, from SanDiego Comic Con 2011. He was $30.00 there, but also sold on the Toys R Us website afterward
This figure is the 10 inch giant Jazwares Sonic, but covered in a layer of fuzzy flocking. You can see the texture of it with these close-ups. Only the blue parts of him are flocked, except where the joints are. (Joint action would rub it all off) The box differs a little bit as well, as seen above. (20th logo replaces name on the front, ComicCon official sticker, etc) The rest of it is the same. The figure works the same way, and is identical except for the fuzz. You may be able to buy excess figures from the ToysRUs website in summer 2011. Photos by Taaron.
Jazwares Flock Sonic Photo
Flocked Sonic Box Side Flocked Sonic figure texture close-up Never owned a flocked item before? They're not quite like normal items, so it's a good idea to look at how to care for it. Touching it is just fine (and the point of the figure!) but for best look and collectibility...
Flocked Figure Care:
It would likely be a good idea to leave this MIB if you get it. Flocking attracts dust, lint & fuzz. It is difficult to clean. Wetting it may mar the look of the flocking. Flock-glue can yellow in direct
Fuzzy Sonic pose & texture photo
sunlight. Flocking can be scratched/gouged off and is nearly impossible to repair, so if he gets hit, or falls off something he'll look bad. Flocking can get "Crush-down" which is if something presses on it/touches it for a while, the hairs will lay flat, and not stand up again, causing a bad look. The box should protect from all of that, while still being remove-able enough to touch the figure. Touching flocked things doesn't harm them.
Right photo by Rae Logan
Sonic Through Time 2011 5 inch Figure
What you see here is a "New Box Re Release". All this is, is them re-releasing their standard 5 inch line Sonic, but in a 20th Anniversary Sonic Through Time package to make him fit in with these lines/go along-side their 5 inch scale Classic Style Sonic. This is mainly to keep the figure on shelves for anyone who may have missed it on its first several runs. Since he doesn't come with anything new, or do anything different, there's no reason to get this if you already own a 5 inch--unless you are an MIB collector who needs all boxes. Photo discovered by: SonicFan09
Super Sonic 5 inch figures Classic Modern 2 Pack
What a great 2 pack! It's Super Sonic in the 5 inch scale that everyone both classic AND modern! They both look great (you can see the red eye detail here) with appropriate upward facing spikes and the same good sculpts that the 5 inch line already had. It's fantastic to release them both as a 2-pack like this: it displays great with nice all-clear bubble card, & there's nothing you have to re-buy to get it. This looks like another 'must have' from the line! Photo discovered by: Turbo the Hedgehog
Modern Badnik Accessory Sizes compare photo Spinner robot Accessory figure Monobeetle Accessory Turn Arounds Photos Knuckles Box Back Scene
Since the figures (3.75 size) releasing with this MODERN set of badnik robot accessories are all just re-releases with the stronger plastic joints, the figures themselves WONT be reviewed here (See their regular 'JW Small Line' page for review, since they are basically unchanged) These guys represent a good opportunity for new collectors, but are a forced-re-buy for anyone else.
Knuckles & Eggpawn box card art features the spectacular loops seen in Sonic Heroes Seaside Hill Area. Box card & Eggpawn turn around photos by Taaron.
Trio pic by SonicBoom403, Spinner montage by SonicToast
SandWorm Robot Badnik figure Egg Pawn Figure Robot Accessory
The enemy roster from Sonic games new & old is a whole rogues gallery of colorful machines (and other things) so the choice of which to enclose would have been tough. This first offering here is diverse enough, but not particularly perfect.

Spinner (came with Sonic)- This is a levitating robot with blade like 'wings' on the sides. These DO articulate, you can turn them independently for posing. It will not sit upright as the base is rounded. The detail here is good, with various 'seam lines' and appropriately applied paint.

Sand Worm (came with Tails)- The design for this guy is slightly clever, he's sculpted along with the 'hole' he pops out of for attack, complete with lid. This makes it look as if it is popping up out of wherever you set it. The lid doesn't move, and is attached to the back of the worm--this is because it is solid and heavy, keeping the whole thing from tipping over. It doesn't articulate in any way. (Thought it EASILY could have, a single rotating point could have been added at the 3rd 'ball' to let you pose it without it becoming needlessly complex.)

MonoBeetle (came with Shadow)- This is a GUN made item (not Eggman) so it's military-plain. It's a solid slug of plastic with 0 moving parts. It's well sculpted, with bolts, vents & hatches and the cut for the turbine fan thing is nice. It's a great representation of this simple enemy. (but it seems sort of an odd choice to do a figure of, is anyone a 'fan' of this thing?)

Egg Pawn: The Egg Pawn came with Knuckles. You can move the shoulders but not the legs, so it's a slightly articulated figure. The sculpt is good too, & they used glossy paint on the black portions to imitate metal, which is a nice touch. This figure stands up well. Look at the bottoms of the feet, they're quite well detailed too. Right photo by SonicToast

Modern 3.75 Figure Box Scenes All of the modern style 3.75 inch size figures have the same box back. It has CG modern Sonic, the logo and the same bio for him as what's on everything else. Modern Style Box Back photo
Each box card has a scene from a game behind the character (hard to see with the figures on the cards still, in photos) Tails has Sonic Colors scene --but it's VERY pixelated, it seems quite low-res, which is strange. Shadow (center) has part of City Escape's hills, and Sonic has Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure 1.
3.75 size figure leg comparison While the figures are technically repeats, there are some small differences. The legs will be streighter/less 'knobby' as seen with comparison to the left. (Right side is new figure) Shadow can tend toward more paint flaws/over-spray--so again, watch before you buy. The Tails may be darker orange, while Sonic's beige parts may be yellower.
20th Anniversary Label Knuckles Tails Posers Knuckles & Shadow Box Back Profiles Sonic & Tails Box Back Profiles Photo
20th Anniversary Label Sonic Shadow Super Poser To 'add' even more figures to the 20th Anniversary line up, Jazwares is re-releasing a lot of their Super Posers figures in new 20th Anniversary / Sonic through time packaging. The figures are the same, but the box has been changed some (as seen here) The most major change is to the box back, which now includes a profile for each character and some nice modern stock art. This is a nice & thoughtful addition, it really helps personalize them for MIB collectors. Sonic's profile is the same as on all of the other boxes. All super posers box photos by SonicToast
Silver Shadow Comic Paint 2 Pack Shiny Paint Shadow Silver Box Back Profiles Here comes an unexpected item! This is a Silver & Shadow figure 2 pack, with comic. It comes with The Archie Sonic Universe Silver Saga Issue 1 (with shiny ink for the cover). The figures have special glittery metallic paint. The round sticker announces the different paint, but that seems to be the only difference for these guys. Since the figures are a slightly different re-issue, this Exclusive Paint Close Up
would probably make a fine set to keep MIB. The paint appears to be a pearly shimmer coat, as seen in the close up. The box back has profiles & art for Shadow & Silver, another reason to keep this package. Photo discovered by: EmoElmo , close ups by SonicToast, box back by:
5 inch re-sculped Modern Sonic Re-Release Resculpt Jazwares 20th Modern Sonic New Sonic Arm Detail Close Up
What's going on here?
Apparently Jazwares has decided to re-sculpt their 5 inch size modern Sonic. He looks good here, but how BEST to tell him apart in stores? His hands. If his fingers are fused, he is the OLD version.
His box does not announce the new sculpt, so you'll have to look him over. The hands will be larger than before, and the easiest thing to do is inspect them. They have a new joint construction (seen above right). The face is set up to be slightly different as well. (face compare photos pending) Figure may have head construction flaws, inspect all figures before buying! Photo by Lalam, turn-arounds & close up by Taaron
Egg Fighter Box Card Art Egg Fighter Box Back 2008 Eggman & Egg Fighters Figures
Modern Eggman hails from 2008, and comes with not one but TWO accessory figures: Egg Fighters. These things hardly appeared alone in the games, so why should they in the collection? His box maintains the style, even though it's much wider for 3 figures. The screen shot background looks to be Spagonia from Sonic Unleashed. The Egg Fighters themselves are great. They have move-able arms and heads, and they stand up very well. MIB photo discovered by AzFastAzLightning, cards & turn-arounds Taaron
Egg Fighter Figure Turn-Arounds
Presenting....Eggman! Being so well done, and well articulated, these guys actually put the other pack in badniks down a little. If they -could- do something like this, then why didn't they do it all along? Eggman is great too, with knee & elbow joints, and a good ability to stand due to his long feet. His wrists should also move. His coat is nicely detailed, and the face is on-model as well. This is a great pack to collect!
Sonic 5 inch 20th Anniversary Compare Sonic & SS Compare Photo
JW 5 inch Sonic faces differences
ReSculpt Hands Compare
These photos illustrate how the re-sculpt 20th Anniversary Modern Sonic compares to the old version of him (5 inch) & their Super Sonic.
As mentioned above, you can tell him apart in stores by his hands. If the fingers are fused & 1 hand is closed, he is OLD (left) if they're both spread he is NEW (right) The other differences you can spot here are: new has wider shoes, different elbows, knees & no 'joint peg dots'. His head is also HOLLOW so he can stand better. Note the different head construction too (no ear seam) Over all the re-sculpt is a good buy. A figure that stands better, with improved joints & an improved face. The face on this one is computer sculpted so it's more accurate to the games.
Why not compare all the Sonics! With this new sculpt here, it may be the best/most accurate Sonic face yet. To prove it, here he goes with various other versions. Various Sonic Action Figures Compare Row
Sonic toys faces compare montage
From top left you can see: Toy Island Figures Emeralds, Toy Island Sonic X Megabot 'fists hands Sonic', JoyRide Big Bendy, Toy Island 6 inch line SA, JW previous 5 inch line sculpt & last is ReSaurus regular. The right photo has full body shots for everyone so you can see the sizes. Compared to this one, poor big 6 in Sonic is super goofy/off-model. All compare photos in this section provided by: SonicToast
Iblis Biter Figure Accessory Here is the Iblis Biter accessory that came with Silver. As you can see, it's not super like the game, because of the size (it was bigger in the game) and there's no "lava like" effect on the surface, it's simply red. This is likely to be the weakest-link accessory that any of
the figures had packaged with them. It's still ok, but it's not as super as some of the other choices. Also, this is likely to be uncommon, as for some reason, not a lot of Silvers appeared during the run of the line, and he seems to have been released later than other figures too. Photos by TheCPKStudios
New Package Double Super Sonic The 5 inch size "Super Sonic 2 Pack: Classic & Modern" also gets a package makeover in fall 2012. This has a white/gray background, modern Sonic CG art, & 'spin' dot proclaiming the 12 points of articulation. There's also a die-cut Sonic graphic on one side of the box. Scroll up on this page to see the old box. Notice that the "20th Anniversary" foil accent is also missing from this one. The box re-do, appears lighter & brighter than all their previous boxes, and it still looks good. Photo discovered by SonicBoy19
Repackage 2012 5 inch Sonic Figure As a part of their winter 2012 box makeover, JW re-releases 5 inch regular Sonic, now without the "thru time" or "modern" labeling. The texture of the plastic for his head seems more matte, or different from the previous release. Did they resculpt him, or just choose a different material for the head? All other repackages have been identical, except for the box styling. Photo by PacmanSonic138 SuperSonic Hand vs Normal hand
The Super Sonic modern hand vs the normal, for figures of the same size. SS hand is less well defined/more 'blobby'.
No Mouth Sonic is wacky looking You have made it this far down the page. Here is a picture of a Sonic figure that has no mouth at all. Isn't he strange?