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Jazwares Classic Style 20th Anniversary 3 Inch Sonic Action Figures
For Sonic's 20th Anniversary in 2011, Jazwares released two lines of figures, (as well as more items) in both classic & modern styles. This page has CLASSIC style Sonic figures only, at the 3.75 inch size. Having 2 lines with different looks also fits in with the Sonic Generations Game's theme, which does the same thing. Interested in Anniversary stuff? You can see their Plushes & Modern Style Line.
All of these things should be available at Toys R Us in the USA AND GameStops AND Target Stores in the USA. (GameStop most expensive, use as last resort=double price!) Store info by DrEggplantMan
Australia- Look for these figures starting November 2011 in Toys R Us Stores
UK Area- Look for these figures starting late October 2011 in Toys R Us Stores
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1991 Classic Sonic & Moto Bug
1992 Tails & Grabber Spider
Here are the 3.75 inch classic figures, which come with badnik robots as accessories from the classic Genesis games. Sonic has MotoBug (look how put-out it looks...its rather funny) Tails has Grabber (interestingly the 1 enemy he'd save you from repeatedly, if you were caught by it in Chemical-Plant. Photos discovered by Turbo The Hedgehog & AzFastAzLightning
Grabber spider Sonic 2 Enemy accessory Motobug Sonic 1 Badnick Figure The accessories feel really solid, not cheap or flimsey. MotoBug's tire feels like 'toy car wheel' material, and has treads. Grabber Spiders' legs are sculpted to be quite mechanical looking. Grabber won't grab, and you can't roll Motobug. Which is a bit too bad.
Both of these are decent figures. Since they're classic and small, neither has knees or elbows. Tails tails can turn, which helps him to stand up. Both figures' heads are solid/heavy, so Sonic may have trouble standing. Neither comes with a base or hole-in-foot. Oddly, they are NOT scaled, so Tails is taller than Sonic. It looks odd if you set them next to each other. Most of the Tails' waist joints will be easy to turn, most of the Sonics' will be frozen/stuck when you buy. If you attempt to turn him, the legs can break off instead. Also notice: That's NOT Sonic 1 Motobug. Why did they choose it to represent Sonic 1? That's the one more like from Sonic Colors.
Over All: Good figures so far. If you love the classics, pick these guys up! They should be about $6.99 at Target and Toys R Us, 9.99 at GameStop. There's no re-buying of anything here, so the TRU prices are just fine. The screen-cap box backgrounds make them nice for MIB display, and its wonderful to finally have badnicks to play with!
Why not "great"?
Sonic will barely stand * Tails isn't scaled, he's huge * Badniks don't DO anything, not even 1 simple action * Motobug is the wrong one * Sonics' frequently frozen waist joint that encourages kids to break him trying to move it

They're little things, but it's that pile of little stuff that turns "good" into "great & memorable"

Classic 3.75 inch figure Box Back Example Sonic & Tails Classic Box Scenes Each classic 3.75 inch figure box has the same back. It has the Generations CG art for classic Sonic, the classic logo, & the same bio for him as everything else. The cards also have screen capture scenes (complete with pixels!) from the game that the badnik & included character are supposed to be from.
Sonic's box has Sonic 1 Green Hill, though the Motobug doesn't match that game. Tails' box has Sonic 2 Chemical Plant.
Super Sonic Classic Tin & Figure Do you need a tin for some reason? Here's a nice one...with a classic 3 inch Super Sonic figure. They have decided to include a large metal tin with the figure. The tin has the 20th Anniversary logo, and the nice CG from Generations Classic as the art, over a checkered background. This may or may not be the first 3 inch size classic Super Sonic. Photo discovered by Cfire176 3.75 inch size Super Sonic Figure
The figure itself looks great, just like their 5 inch size classic Super Sonic, his sculpt is very good, and the expression is nice/appropriate.
Super Sonic in his tin
He has the same articulation as regular 3.75 classic Sonic (meaning, no knee or elbows) He also will have a bit of trouble standing up as his head is solid as well. You can fit him in the tin (seen at left) likely along with a few other items if you had the need to store him. Tins like this are great for keeping accessories from getting lost, or for storing your Sonic cards collection. Loose photos by Taaron.
Eggman & Egg Robo Badniks 3 Pack If modern Eggman gets 2 Egg Fighters, then Classic Eggman gets 2 Egg Robos! This great 3 pack is the perfect opportunity to get the USA's first classic style Eggman action figure! He looks good from here, but can have a few flaws. Watch out for his sleeve buttons, some of them have 2 of the same sleeve (ie: 2 rights) making the button in the wrong place for the wrong hand. This set is $
Photo discovered by EmoElmo
Egg Robo robot accessory badnik 3.5 inch Eggman turn-arounds photos All loose photos in Classic Eggman set provided by Taaron
Eggman himself is a fun likeness. He's very simple, very true to the original Sonic 1 look, including being nearly sphereical. He has no mouth (as expected), nor does he have knees. However, they did give him elbow joints, and he can balance enough to pose as his feet are pretty long. (see below) The EggRobos are a little poor, though. They won't hold their gun (it's strapped to them, in the package) though the gun has nice detail, but is un-painted. Notice the egg robo only has 3 fingers, just like in the game. The shoulders will articulate, but nothing else will. It also will not stand without support due to balance/weight/feet issues. Their box back is a screen shot of
Eggman  Dancin' Fun EggRobo Gun Accessory
Classic Style Mini Figures Multi Pack What is this mystery multi pack?
It seems to be that Jazwares is releasing First4Figures' mini PVC classics to stores, but under their own name. F4F does not appear anywhere on the box, though these are their sculpts, so they must of completely sold off the right to do this, somehow. Photo discovered by Taaron
Classic Amy Mini Figure Turn Arounds Classic Knuckles Mini Figure Turn Arounds
Because both JW & F4F are good sculptors, the figures are as expected, quite nice and classic. Again, they did not bother to scale Amy, though they did scale Tails. Metal & Super Sonic are the only ones really 'in a pose' but everyone looks pretty decent. They even detailed in Amy's shoe laces & hair tie bottom. These figures are just solid plastic, you can't pose them. They all stand well, & display nicely in the box (which has a clear top) or loose. All minifig photos by Taaron.
Classic Metal Sonic Mini Figure Turn Arounds Classic Sonic Mini Figure Turn Arounds
Classic Super Sonic Mini Figure Turn Arounds Classic Tails Mini Figure Turn Arounds
The box back (left) uses the 'neo classic look' stock art for each character, but does not represent any of the figure's actual poses. (though Amy & Tails' pose are quite cute on the art!) This should be about $19.99 & available at Toys R Us & Target stores in Fall 2011
Mini Figures Pack Box Back w/classic art
Opinion zone:
The weakest figure here is Tails, his pose is boring, and the face is 'off'. He's not quite cute. Sonic & Knuckles also suffer from dull poses (like Sonic tried hands on hips but failed with noodle-arms instead) They also have "center of pupil eye shine spot" which doesn't look good and never has. It needs to be off-set like it is in ALL the art there ever is for these guys.
Obviously, JW wasn't going to re-sculpt or re-size Amy, even though that was the biggest beef out of F4F. CERTAINLY this will be the least expensive way to grab this set, so DO go and buy it if you want it in any way at all. F4F stuff is good, but you can skip shipping (F4F only sells online) when you just run out and buy this.
3.75 size classic style Sonic figure turn arounds Here's 3.75 size regular Sonic (box seen above) He does not have knee or elbow joints, but he does have a waist-swivel. His head is solid plastic, so he's a tad easy to tip over, but can still have a couple poses. Both hands are just fists. His face & expression are good, & as usual, the sculpt is nice too.
Motobug back photo
Some of him may have a paint flaw on the waist swivel, so do inspect him. It is also important to note that if one of his joints are 'frozen' (like an ankle, the waist, a wrist) that you not twist it really hard to get it going. He'll likely break before it unfreezes. He's a great buy anyway, as you get Motobug with him, and nothing's a re-buy. Additional Motobug shot to show it has a vent in the back. Classic photos in this group by JeffNov
Egg Fighter Top View Egg Fighter Gun F ix
As mentioned above, the Egg Robo is meant to stand ONLY when holding his gun. However, his hand doesn't hold it at all. The solution is right in the box for you. Simply take the clear rubberband that held the fighter in the plastic, and wrap it over the hand & gun handle as shown at left. It is nearly invisible, won't stain like some glue-tacks, and will last about 1 year before the plastic breaks down. Alternately, the gun can be looped over one hand.
With this comparison shot, you can see classic Eggman is shorter than modern, and that he is almost a sphere, even when seen from top & bottom. Eggman photos by SonicToast
Classic & Modern Eggman Compare Classic Eggman Above / Below Photos
10 inch Classic Sonic Jazwares big action figure 10 inch Classic Sonic MIB 10 inch classic close ups
All photos & info in this section provided by SonicToast As expected for a big size 10 inch figure, he has great facial sculpt, and good solid joints. He DOES have knees, as the close-up above shows.
10 inch Sonic above / below photo
Here is Jazwares 10 inch Big Classic Sonic. He looks great! He is a Toys R Us exclusive (see silver sticker on box above) and should be about $19.99. The box is very good, with lots of clear plastic so you can see him quite well if you keep him MIB. He is also great out of the box, with lots of
Which big figure looks most 'Sonic like'?
articulation, & a hollow head so that he is not top heavy and can be posed easily. Classic lovers should grab this figure right away, it's a fantastic representation, as proven by the 'big Sonics' comparison photo to the left...which one looks the most 'Sonic like' to you?
Regular 3 inch Sonic & tin classic pack Here is the 3 inch classic Sonic & Tin set. It's a bit of a repeat-buy, because 3in Sonic was first seen with badnik (above) and the tin was first seen with Super Sonic classic. (tins are identical) If you need 2 classic small Sonics...2 of the same tin...well, there's this. May make a good MIB item too since both parts have already been released elsewhere. Photo by SonicToast Classic 4 Pack Collectors 3.75 in Figures
This "Sonic Classics Collectors Set" wasn't announced at the start of the JW Generations / 20th Anniversary flood. However, it's sure to be welcome because look: there's 3.75 inch action figure Classic Amy Rose! However, it appears that to get her, you must re-buy the other 3 figures who you might already own if you bought anything which was released before this set. Amy review/photos pending getting this set. Photo discovered by EmoElmo
Classic & Modern Tails Compare Figures
Classic Tails Face Closeup
Classic Tails is great, he's really cute. He has an additional eyeshine, & his open mouth is actually nicely cut into the figure. He looks happy & fun, which is really appropriate. Some may have a bit of poorly applied paint (see the ear at right), so always inspect before buying to avoid it. He does not have knee or elbow joints, as his limbs are too short. Unlike modern Tails, his are separate/not attached to eachother. They're fairly heavy though, & can limit his poses or tip him over. His sculpt is really great, detailed & different from their modern version. Photos by RaeLogan
New Issue Sonic & Amy Classic Style Pack
Classic Sonic & Amy Comic Pack Here's the 2nd way to get a classic Amy Rose: the Classic Comic 2 Pack. Likely to be $14.99, it's cheaper than the 4 pack (above right) and you only end up re-buying the classic 3.75 Sonic to get her. The issue it comes with is 226 (Archie timeline tie-in story arc) Photo discovered by: Scourger

In summer/fall 2012, Jazwares changed the issue of the comic that is packaged with classic Sonic & Amy. For some reason (Did they run out of that first Genesis arc one?) they've chosen issue 229 , which has (confusingly) modern Super Sonic (note the red eye) as the only character on the cover. Left photo by Pacmansonic138

No Hair Amy Defect Figure
Tails With Grabber No 20th Logo Box
Uh oh, this is an Amy figure with a defect! She's missing her bangs/spikes! This is a photo of her new in the box, in the store...and they just...completely didn't attach that part to the figure. She looks rather odd without it, as illustrated by the correct Amy at the right. Always inspect anything before you buy, if you get the chance. Mistake figures do happen. Photos by ZeroTheHedgehog
Collector Classic 6 Pack Figures Uh oh, here comes everybodys least favorite proposition: a Forced ReBuy! This is the "Sonic Classics Collectors Set" with 6 figures, all from the 3.5 line. But who's that in the middle? Why, classic Metal Sonic! A figure never before released with anything. A figure...not sold seperately. This whole set is $ , making it not a trivial buy you can just run out and pick up on a whim, like a five dollar figure. Also, chances are, by this time, most people
already own most of these figures (Sonic more than once, if you wanted the collector's tins) because of the cool idea of the badnik+figure combo (ex. Tails+Grabber spider) or the comic book 2 packs (ex. Sonic+Amy) Another hinderance could be that this set seems likely to only appear at "Toys R Us Outlets" which are temporary, holiday-season-only stores that appear in vacant areas in malls or stripmalls. A similar set with the modern 3.5 figures appeared in 2011's holiday season, and only at seems Jazwares is doing the same thing with this set.
Will they release classic Metal on a single card later? If they don't release him any other way, this figure will become super rare due to high price & low find-ability. Furthering the trouble, watch out for BAD PAINT on these guys or other diminished quality problems. Additional info by SonicToast , Photo by: SpearmintPony
The only new figure of the "Classic Collector's set" above is classic Metal Sonic, seen here with close-ups. His paint is often quite bad (seen at right) with sloppy application-notice that ear yellow all over & messy yellow in the chest. Also, why is his nose BLACK? It never was. It was always just a silver cone. Why are the fingers blunt & jointed? They were never that way in the games either. So he's actually their first oddly inacurate figure.
Classic Metal Sonic compare photo
Badly painted classic Metal Sonic
Classic Metal Sonic Turn Arounds
Above photo by SonicToast
With the comparison shot above, you can see that Classic Metal is much taller than Classic Sonic, though he wasn't that much taller in the games this figure isn't to scale? If not, why? Everything else was. With matte paint, odd inacuracies, forced re-buy, & loads with poor paint application...this isn't a fantastic figure. There are so many strikes against it, it's such a shame, because Metal Sonic is supposed to be quite cool.  But 35+ dollars for this guy? Only if you've got cash to spare...unfortunately. Hopefully they'll realize the error of their ways and single-card re-release/improve him. Photos by TiggerCustoms.
Classic Amy Turn Around Photo Here is Jazwares classic style Amy figure. She's the 3.5 line, but smaller, since all the classic characters are sculpted as shorter than their modern versions. She looks quite nice here, with good detail to her old clothing. You can see the shoe laces, shirt collar & puffy sleeves. Her expression is nice & cute.
As is usual with the classic styles, she has no knee or elbow joints. The hip/leg joint is restricted by her underwear (see white bit in photo below) & some figures may suffer from the paint making some joints sticky.
Classic Amy Compare & Views In 2013, the Classic style Amy had only been released as a comic-2-pack with classic Sonic. Here, you can see them together, & she is shorter, as she should be. The far left shows the JW Amy with the display figure/ F4F Amy. As usual, watch out for paint flaws on the individual figure.
The above right/bottom photo shows paint smears around her lower face area, and that she has a pink rim under her eye-white area that shouldn't be there. Be sure to inspect all figures in the package. This is still a great, classic looking figure, & should certainly be picked up by any Amy fan! Photos by PacmanSonic138