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This page of USA Sonic Pins & Keychains will have only modern items. For actual classic items, see Pins/Keychains pages 1 and 2. Because they're not that big, some of the older ones may be harder to find. There was a dry spell for pins and keychains in the early 2000s. Some of these keychains may be available in the Sonic Gear Store.
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Checkered Classic Charm Lanyard Bio World Here's a new lanyard for 2020 by Bio World.
Bio World retains the classic Sonic license, so they've used it to produce this nice quality lanyard. The nylon strap is 2 sided. One has the logo in black/white along with various sizes of Sonic faces. The other is black/white checkered with full color Sonic & Tails scattered around on it. Also notice it has a squeeze-clip to detatch the bottom part easily. Then, it has 2 metal parts with rotating clip to hold the plastic ID badge holder. They give you a Sonic card in there too. Then, there's a flat rubber/die cut Sonic charm. This has finger waving Sonic.
All the aspects for this are convenient, good quality & totally Sonic. This is a great lanyard that clearly had a good amount of thought into the design. This may be an Amazon item, but where else is it?
Zen Monkey Glitter Super Sonic Enamel Pin Zen Monkey releases an exciting pin in fall /2020.
This is their metal & enamel Super Sonic Classic Style pin, but it's a special glitter pin! Gold glitter is in the yellow part for Super Sonic so the pin is very sparkly. It uses the neoclassic art for him where he's hovering with fists out. The metal border lines for the pin seem to also be goldtone metal, which is a nice choice for it. They've done a good job here, all the lines are in good shape and all the details seem to be in place. See the size of the fingers holding the pin, it's a nice size too--not too small. Where will this be sold? Pin collectors should be quite pleased with this quality offering!
Discovered by Hedgy
Just Funky Sonic Shrug Big Size Pin This is a photo of a really large pin!
Whereas most pins are about 1 or so inches high (like the above pin being about average) this one is a real whopper. It's more like 3 inches, possibly more. This was first seen on Just Funky's presentation table of merchandise at a trade show. Without context, it was hard to tell what it was because it was clearly larger than any Sonic pin to have ever been seen before.
But it turns out...yes it really is that big BUT it apparently got re-branded or the company "FigPin", got a hold of it somehow. FigPins are all really large metal and enamel pins in hard plastic cases to collect. They span loads of brands including Sonic, Big Hero 6, Marvel, Star Wars, DBZ & Fortnight. (And likely more) The Sonic pin here looks good, using a new modern art for him where he is sarcastically shrugging.
The big size and new pose make it interesting. The metal and enamel means it's sturdy/won't go bad like some plastics. This size of pin is always about 14.99 when you find it. (Costly because it is big) Target is confirmed to have this, it is in an endcap of nothing but Figpins, and that is generally located around the electronics section somewhere.
Figpin Sonic Versions Target Here are the factory/company photos for the Sonic Figpin. They did 2 versions of him, but the glitter one wasn't talked about first, so it's a bit of a surprise. The glitter one is certain to be a Target exclusive, and the regular one may or may not be. But, Target online and in-store is your place to go for them as they're at least assured to have it (So long as it doesn't run out) Photos discovered by Nega
Glitter Figpin Phackage Photos Now, the Sonic Figpin is in the Sonicgear collection.
This is what it ends up looking like if you buy it: as you can see it's quite large for a metal/enamel pin. There's a removable back card in there with it that tells you the pin # (irrelevent unless getting all figpins somehow). The standing box is made of hard crystal clear plastic, and the black base is also a good quality material. You CAN use it as an actual pin, that vertical plastic thing snaps over 3 pin-points and attaches it to the box base for display as well. The exterior/hang box is usual box plastic & everything can be opened & then re-packaged to look the same/no destroyed package to open it.
Opinion Zone:
A good item! Metal/Enamel doesn't go bad ever so you can collect it without fear of like...plastic degrading. The packaging is quality, shows the item well, and is perfectly sized for collecting lots of them. Either glitter or regular looks cool, so freely pick this up if you see it to collect.
This is a "Just Funky Look Box".
It's a colorful, stackable, collectible cardboard box with Sonic art on all sides (except the top) It's not a blind-box because they'll freely show you whats inside each one. Each box has a different theme and about 6 items. You select the style that you like best, and get that box. The boxes should be 19.99 each in 2021 at Target or Walmart.
Just Funky Look Box Pop Comic This is the Just Funky Look Box Pop Comic
So, it has a pop art / comic book theme going on with all of the items. The square in the upper left is a canvas wall hanging mini painting type thing. It has tiled forward-faces for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles on different bold color square backgrounds. The solo keychain here is fists together Knuckles on acrylic clear plastic. The lanyard key clip/detatchable has a character collage all over, with plain orange backing. It's key chain keycharm is waving Tails. The pin is classic Eggman in a rectangle comic panel with the speech bubble that says "Hate that Hedgehog". It's sticker is "I'm Outta Here" in a wavy bubble.
Just Funky Look Box Retro 90s This is the Just Funky Look Box Retro 90s.
So, they've given this one a classic and pixel theme. The canvas has a classic Sonic face, but with offset/tiled pixel spirtes in it. The keychain is clear acrylic with waving classic Tails, but he is quite pixelated/wiggly edges. The lanyard/detatchable has a pixel Amy face charm, row of classic faces with Sonic Knuckles, Tails & Amy and a classic full color logo. The pin has forward-facing Knuckles face in a ring, and both are 16 bit pixel style. The sticker is pixel running Sonic with hot colored text "Fast Since 91"
Just Funky Look Box Sticker Bomb Style This is the Just Funky Look Box Sticker Bomb.
It has the same name as the style 'sticker bomb' which does apply to several other things around the site. The canvas has the drippy front facing Sonic face that's full of graffiti type stickers/character art. The keychain is looking-back Shadow. The lanyard has a mainly Knuckles theme, but other characters seem collaged in on the front while the back is all red. The detatchable part has the modern logo. The pin for this one is forward facing Tails in a ring. The sticker has peace sign modern Sonic with "Let's Roll" written in a drippy black font.
Just Funky Look Box Unstoppable Arcade This is the Just Funky Look Box Unstoppable Arcade. It's supposed to be somehow 'arcade' themed, kind of isn't? The canvas has "Unstoppable Sonic" as the text, with modern Sonic, Tails & Knuckles running/leap forward as art. The Sonic with hand forward may be new/first time on merchandise with this. The keychain is acrylic Amy with her mallet/standing. The pin is the hand/forward Sonic in a ring. The sticker has Sonic's name and a shoe in a triangle with rays. The text around the border is all in Japanese so you can't read it. The lanyard has "Shadow" in a perspective font, with the Sonic logo in a neon one on the detatchable. The charm there is acrylic Shadow.
Chao in Space Flight Type Pin This pin was made for "Chao in Space", which finally got a bit of a cartoon short by Sega, after appearing as a poster in the city / background element for games. This pin is in the Sega Shop, and is metal and enamel. However, you can see that the lines for the line-art appear raised because the enamel isn't thick at all, it's thin and settled into the sections. (So, not like a flat and smooth pin)
The important thing here is that it's finally a non-neutral chao but rather a partially evolved flight type with actual animal features still on it (the wings and the head tuft) but why did they choose the droopy/sleepy face with the frown? As you recall, the chao could hatch out with almost any expression/they seemed random, and the expression was just their 'defualt face', it could also change with their moods & etc. This is a Sega Shop exclusive in 2020
Zen Monkey Flying Tails Enamel Pin Zen Monkey keeps the momentum going in Winter 2021 with more classic style pins. Here, they use neo-classic art to create some fun Sonic & Tails enamel metal pins. The left pin is just a cool action pose of flying Tails. The pin metal captures the pointy details well, & it looks crisp and good like the art. Zen Monkey Pin Fly Sonic & Tails
The left pin is Tails flying while carrying Sonic which seems like a bit of an uncommon but fun art to choose. The tails are less dynamic here, but there is a 'swirl area' to indicate motion. This team up type of pose was probably pretty hard to neo-classically come up with though because the classic characters had rather short limbs and to get them to hold hands
beside Sonic's head is not an easy feat to capture with art and have it look normal/arms look normal length. However, it does work, and even the foreshortening on Sonic's leg looks decent in pin format. Both are good to add to a collection. These are likely to be at Amazon (Search Zen Monkey) but may appear elsewhere too. If you find them, they are likely to be about 9.99 each.
Zen Monkey Classic Yellow Keychain
Zen Monkey is making more than just pins, now here's a keychain too. This is called the "Sonic Classic Yellow" key chain...and it's sort of descriptive? Instead of just being Sonic alone as the keychain's charm, there is a background yellow/orange textured circle behind him to add interest. The keychain is supposed to be metal and enamel, so it's interesting to see texture used in that material as usually it's always smooth/glossy.
As you can see by the size of the ring it's not one of those huge/unwieldy keychains, but rather a good, medium size. The art used is neoclassic, where Sonic is jumping while looking back. The texture, background circle and neoclassic action pose make this a nice selection! It should be about 9.99 and is likely at Amazon, and hopefully elsewhere in 2021.