USA Sonic the Hedgehog Keychains
Sonic the Hedgehog Modern Pins & Keychains of the USA
This page of USA Sonic Pins & Keychains will have only modern items. For actual classic items, see Pins/Keychains pages 1 and 2. Because they're not that big, some of the older ones may be harder to find. There was a dry spell for pins and keychains in the early 2000s. Some of these keychains may be available in the Sonic Gear Store.
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Team Sonic Racing Texture Metal Pin Celebrate Team Sonic Racing with this cool metal pin.
It is an all-metal, texture-only pin of the game's logo. It has the familiar 'wing' background for the words. A patina has been added to the steel-tone / silvertone metal to help highlight the lettering, since it is texutre only.
This pin is a Sega Shop online exclusive item in 2019. It was released ahead of the game in April. It costs about 13 dollars. They also paired it with a TSR tee for a time as a sale as well.
Team Sonic Racing Lanyard Pair Here are 2 lanyards to celebrate the release of Team Sonic Racing in 2019. They are sold as a pair in the Sega Shop for 17 dollars for both.
Both have a black background, with logos & shapes. However, while they may be ok at making lanyards, they're not ok at taking photos of them. Even if you zoom, what's the pattern on the red / yellow one? The blue one probably has the game's logo & checkered flag images's really difficult to tell what exactly the designs are. Is the other Shadow themed? Their only photo leaves more to be desired, especially if they want anyone to spend 17 dollars on some fairly tough cloth ribbon.
Sonic X-Treme Unused Pin An UNUSED pin!
Is it modern? Modern...ish? This is a Sonic X-Treme pin, for the game that never came out. It would have been right before Sonic Adventure 1, had it appeared. It got pretty close to happening too, with magazine articles actual 'demo' like footage and other things. It's a subject you can certainly read up on. It even got to the point of a little tad of merchandise here and there...
And this is one of that. It's not really a prototype because, clearly, some of these pins did get made and it's in its final look of the release so it's not prototypical at all. It's a metal and enamel pin, with the game's logo in the 'Sonic' font and the more prickly 'extreme style' letters. It uses blue, black, white and purple. With the geometric shapes in the "Sonic" word, and the font-combo it really has an 80s-almost or 90s combination look. It's not Vaporwave but it looks like it might be on its way there with the color choice. It's a style and a path that Sonic games didn't go down.
This has to be a super rare pin, just because the game never happened. Also, for it to take all the way until 2019 to show up also says something about its rarity. This is an interesting item to see! Discovered by TheTumblex
SDCC Whisper Tangle Enamel Pins Here are 2 SanDiego Comic Con exclusive pins.
For 2019's SDCC, Sega Shop Online & IDW Comics had these two pins produced of the comics-only characters Whisper & Tangle. These are metal & enamel pins, and they show each character in a cheering or victory type pose. The detail is good, and it's easy to tell what they're up to, even with the long/spiral tail & detailed shoes. The pin art seems wisely chosen & worked with the enamel.
Naturally, they're quite a limited run, so each one is 15 dollars in the Sega Shop online. They were likely also at the booth for sale as well.