Sleepwear USA Title Card
Sleeping in Sonic stuff? Of course!
Here you can see the nice variety of Sonic the Hedgehog sleepwear produced for the USA. Watch out for the spelling though, if you're looking to search or buy, it can be Pajama, or Pyjama or PJs. No matter how you spell it, this page is full of fuzzy, soft or warm things to sleep in with lots of great Sonic designs to choose from. Wherever possible buying locations & prices are included with the entry, so you can hopefully shop for some of these too. Gotta sleep fast...or just fast asleep.
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Vanilla Underground Sonic Kids PJ 2pc Set A new company joins the Sonic Sleepwear fun in 2022:
It's "Vanilla Underground" which does not seem to have had a Sonic license before. They appear here with 2 piece kids pajama set. It's a pale gray color with good Sonic design everywhere. The top has a light blue body with the light gray for the sleeves & dark blue for the collar and cuffs. It has a really large art of modern thumbs-sideways Sonic, some rings and the logo. The interesting point here (points, actually!) are that his spikes are actual flappy cloth pieces that stick up off the shoulder area for a fun accent.
The pants have a scattering of Sonic faces and the logo, in a fairly busy all-over pattern. They have blue ankle cuffs (and probably the waistband is blue too)
This really does bring something new to the table with the pop up spikes that make it more fun for kids. It doesn't look like it would be annoying to sleep on either. An interesting first effort from the company, very nice!
Tie Dye Style Kohls Kids Classic 3Pc Set Kohls adds a little kids classic style 3 piece PJ set in spring 2022. This all blue set has a somewhat tie-dye theme. The shorts are all mottled tie-dye blue with a small classic logo on the waistband. The tee top is somewhat of a tiedye fade which seems to be on/in the blue part of fist-up neoclassic Sonic. The full color classic logo is on his waist. The 2nd top has a scattering of stock art and logos with a yellow collar. This set is probably little kids only, but it is an ok deal at 20 dollars.
Outta Here PJ Set 4 Kohls In spring 2022, Komar Kids adds another pj set for Kohls. This one re-uses the 'all-over Sonics' pattern as a previous set for one shorts and 1 top. The other shorts are plain blue with the logo on the waistband. The main piece is the "I'm Outta Here" slogan tee. It has standing/determined Sonic art with screen-tone style dots for the background. Each top has a yellow collar. The main tee has dark blue sleeves. It's a decent set for the price with 4 items. It's in the kids/teens section.
Snow Sonic Winter Pajama Sets Sonic with a snow theme!
In winter 2022, target added not one but FOUR different snow theme pajama sets for kids. It's unclear if these are bundles or each is a separate thing (with the exception of the dark one which is a set) These are all likely by HIS Clothing (acronym) They all have the same paper ring tag and the 30th foil sticker logo.
At left is a jumper type 1 piece with a fun down-hill snowboard Sonic theme. It has modern Sonic on a yellow/orange snow board over most of the body part & one leg. The logo is done up the other leg and is in plaid (to evoke a 'flanel' style) There are stylized snowflakes and blue pine trees on the gray background. The sleeves are blue/long, and it does have a hood. The hood has stuffed little ears and a rudimentary spikes on the side.
The next is a bit of 'wacky sweater' themed, with rows of character faces including Sonic, Tails, Amy & Knuckles. It also has "Sonic" spelled out in a knit-looking font with rows of wedges, snowflakes and dots, all on a light blue/frost blue background. This has the same pattern for the hood, but this time the hood makes less sense because it is made of the same fabric/not blue. The next 2 photos are the front/back of a set.
The set includes the 'scribble color' huge Sonic forward-facing top with blue sleeves, hexagon-tile theme fuzzy long pants, and a pair of blue socks with red grip-dots & red toe/cuff. Notice that the pants are also snow themed, there's a flake in some of the hexagons. The top is black on the front, blue for the sleeves and light blue for the back. It is interesting to see 3 snow themed things all at once on shelves.
Light Weight Summer Shirt Shorts Sleep Set A light weight summer time sleep set from Walmart.
This appropriately appears in summer 2022. The material isn't 'tee' material, it's some...maybe relative of lycra? It's not slick but it is soft and light. Dye sublimation was probably used to get the design onto the tee, as it is an all-over print for the body part. The sleeves are plain blue and it has a red collar. This uses CG art for looking-back running Sonic with a Green Hill type 3d background. His name is in red vertically in front of him/it makes a 'wash' effect over the background inside the letters. There's also speed-blur added where he is passing by.
The shorts are plain blue with an elastic waist. They DID include an embroidered patch/tag on one leg with the full color modern logo though, which is quite nice. This is only 12 dollars! It's in the boys/teens area, so larger sizes may fit more people. At 12 bucks you're not going wrong with this set. This is in the Sonicgear collection.
Unstoppable 2 Sleep Shirts Pack Kohls continues its Summer 2022 of Sonic stuff line up with this sleep shirts 2 pack. It's 2 light tees together on a hanger to buy for younger kids. (It's not toddlers, but it won't fit teens either) It's generally about 20 dollars but may go on sale.
The first shirt has the slogan "Unstoppable Sonic" and there's also the words "Let's Go" under a forward facing face. He is modern style, and they use jumping twist Sonic for the large art piece near the bottom. There's also rings, stripes, and the sleeves are blue. The 2nd shirt is rather busy with large rings, rows of rings, 2 sizes of Sonic, and his name spelled out in red. (No it doesn't say DINOS, it's just written upside-down) The main shirt here is rather stylish.
Triangle Theme 3 Piece Pajama Set Still more from Kohls in summer 2022.
Now, they add a 3 piece pajama set with a triangle theme. This has 2 short sleeve tops and 1 pair of long pants for the set. The 'main feature' top is vertically striped in 2 blues and has modern Sonic reaching out of a white triangle surrounded with rings. It has the slogan "I'm Outta Here" with his name at the top. The other tee is made of the exact same red fabric as the pants. This has rows of rings, different Sonic in a triangle again, and his forward-facing-face in a circle along with his name.
This set is probably about 25 to 30 dollars but they have sales randomly. It is for kids, but not toddlers nor teens.
Let's Roll Sonic 2 Piece Pajama Set This is the "Let's Roll Sonic 2 Piece Pajama Set"
And, like many before it, it's at Kohls. It has a long sleeve top, and long pants. The top has blue sleeves, and a nice blue to white fade for the body part. It uses modern jumping forward Sonic, with a scattering of rings and the slogan for the background. The pants are a lighter blue, with rings, a few poses for Sonic, and his name scattered over them. The designs are large enough that it doesn't seem too busy.
This isn't in the teens area, but it's also not for toddlers like that Jumping Beans stuff. It's kind of kids in between. It should be about 19.99 and appears in summer/fall 2022