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It's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
Knuckles statue in packaging First 4 Figures produced a set of 3 classic styled Sonic figures. These don't action, and are made of a hard resin type plastic. Each one comes with a flat black base with their name on it. The Knuckles to the left was taken at the toy show, and the right is him out of the box. It's a pretty good likeness for Classic Knuckles, and his pose is pretty fresh too, with fists together. Right side photo by Gabriele
Angled Shot First4Figures Sonic Their Sonic & Tails are quite all right and classic too. Thankfully, they went with a more Japanese look for classic Tails because most of his early stock art was quite the mess. The left shot for Sonic has him on a Knuckles base because the shot was taken at a toy show. They're solid looking classic figures, and good to collect. Right side photo by Gabriele First 4 Figures resin Tails figure
First 4 Figures display box
Clear Bubble First4Figures set 3 STK Here's the box they come in, (back to the right). The box is ok, but do watch out who you buy them from online. Some stores don't pack as well, and because they are resin, they CAN break and will do so if the mail doesn't handle with care.
photo by Gabriele
Back of Tails Figure The back of the Tails figure is as accurate/classic style as the front. The long white section of the tails matches the old art, and you can even see the tilt of his sock & the sock band. This displays well from any angle. Photo discovered by Sonic Boy 19
MIB Pointing Sonic Tomy Toy This little display figure is from 1991, by Tomy. This set of 4 non-posable figures was one of the earliest sets, and each one came on a bubble card. The back (at right) uses line art to show who all was on the line. The Robotnick can be seen on Display Figures 1, also carded. The back view shows just how short the legs are, and that they had an ok grasp of the spikes, but they are rather flat. Tomy Line Art Package Back
back photo tomy 1991 Sonic PVC The Sonic figure is somewhat primitive, with one big eye and one small one, as well as a bit of big-body, but due to the age and now relative scarcity of the figure, it's quite collectible. Photographed and owned by: John Eggman Early PVC w/Tails Sonic
These other figures are also very early models. The Eggman is sort of a cross between Eggman/Robotnik before they decided to change his look in non-Japan countries, so he's especially uncommon.
Mini PVC Trio Sonic figures
The Eggman also looks a bit out of scale with the other PVCs, being extra small. The Tails isn't too horrible, though he's nearly legless, and Sonic is shown cheering with both fists up, which is also not that common especially in early merchandise which they tended to base only off stock art. Photos by John.
Tomy 1992 USA Robotnick Carded Mini Figure
This little Robotnick figure is uncommon.
He was made in the USA in 1992 by Tomy Toys and is likely a PVC figure. He doesn't bend or move, and is simply painted plastic. Since you couldn't actually DO anything with him but sit him on a shelf, he wasn't popular at the time of release, so you don't see many to this day, especially carded like this one is.
The figure itself is actually quite decent, as it is rather accurate to the AoSTH weekday cartoon Sonic show version, though here his eyes are pink and not red. There was also a Sonic figure released with this one by Tomy at the same time. Photo discovered by Streakthefox
This is a set of mini classic style pvc/hard plastic figures. They don't move or bend, so they're just for display. These are made to resemble the PVCs of old, however with better sculpting and paint. The figures are all shown static (as in, just standing there) which is a departure from some of the others. These are made by First4Figures and are about 2 inches high each. They ARE actually scaled to the game (a great touch!) with Knuckles being the tallest.
Do these look familiar? They are the same as the UK PVCs being sold online & at Gamestation stores there. (It may just depend who is distributing them) First 4 Figures however, does not tell anyone where they can be bought...only being specific enough to inform that you CANT buy them from their website. Do you know where to find these figures in the USA? Write in for credit!
Photos furnished by: First4Figures

Special Note: Caption at the top reads "Series One" meaning they are planning another and a small teaser image suggests the line 2 could contain Sonic CD era Metal Sonic.

Classic Style STK Mini Figures F4F
Here are the packages for the figures. Each one is carded under a round bubble. The triangle with the name card/classic style logo is also raised under the plastic. The box back is fairly standard looking, with a 'collect em all' phrase and pictures of each figure. First4Figures PVC Box Back photo
F4F Sonic Tails Knuckles Classic PVCs
The Sonic (1 finger stock art) is only slightly out of place on the back because the other arts show the figures just as they appear, while that art does not match the pose. It should be noted that these are a USA and UK Co-Release. First4Figures released them in both countries in 2009/Winter. UK has online Play.com ordering ability AND Gamestation offline buying ability. USA has ? Photos by
This is the GAME figure seen above, from the side and the back. They've done a good job with his classic style spikes & tail (it's even off to one side, instead of being straight as usual) You can see the folds in his socks and the buckle on his shoe. They didn't give him a giant nose either, as some of the early figures did. Photographed & owned by OrangeUnicorn
Sonic Knuckles 4 Pak PVC MIB Figures This is an MIB shot of the UK (and possibly Japan) PVCs that were sold under the Sonic & Knuckles label. There were quite a variety of these figures, so you would have had to buy several packs like this to collect them all. The rest of the figures (group shots/close ups, etc) can all be seen on the UK pages of SonicGear.

This pack has confused Robotnick, Metal Sonic, Chopper/Chop-chop the fish and what looks like it could be a Newtron. Clearly, while they were marketing it under the Sonic & Knuckles label, they were just throwing in characters from any of the games, plus the non-Japan styled Robotnick who wasn't in any game except possibly Mean Bean Machine.

It is interesting to see what the figures looked like MIB and how they were presented despite being from a range of games. Photo discovered by SonicBoy 19

Super Sonic Classic 15 inch resin statue All Super Sonic photos and info. in this section provided by First4Figures.
Look at this cool classic Super Sonic resin statue! First4Figures wins again with this great display figure. He is all resin, with a Chemical Plant Zone inspired base. They got him right, down to the skimming along the ground/partially hovering pose that he really does in the game. This is 15 inches high, and the base is hand numbered. There will only be 1500 of these made in first quarter 2011, so be sure to snap it up early if you want one. It should retail at 139.99 usd. It also has an authenticity card, and enables you to buy the same numbered figure that is released next. (For example, if you got him with base numbered '5' you could get their next figure, also numbered '5', which owning all of the same number increases their value as a set)
If the regular-awesome Super Sonic statue was not enough for you, they're ALSO making a version that lights up! Just look at these photos, the light effect really adds a dynamic look and drama to the whole thing. That the light is different from middle to tip of the skimming/sparking effect is also a great touch. But watch out! This one is limited to ONLY 350 hand numbered pieces. It will go FAST too because not only does it look great, but it's only a little bit more money at $159.99 usd. You can order/pre order either of these figures right now at www.first4figures.com
Japanese early PVC Sonic Figure This MAY BE the first Sonic item produced. It's a simple PVC 3D Sonic figure, which was sold via catalog in Japan. It is Japanese, however you could also get it in France (for some reason) as well, when it was first released. You can tell it's quite early, as his eyes and mouth are a little strange, and he's pretty much totally covered in spikes on the back. Photographed & owned by John.