Display Figures Title Card
It's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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25th Anniversary F4F Diorama
First 4 Figures' latest Sonic offering is this "Goal Post Diorama" for the 25th Anniversary. It's a fun detailed display figure in a cool & change-able scene. There's Green Hill type grass & dirt for the base, which is all highly detailed. However, Sonic is shown in classic style doing the "figure-8-peel-out" which was only introduced in Sonic CD. He's shown doing the peace sign as he runs past the goal post for the level, turning it from Eggman to a picutre of himself, just like in the games.
Light Up Special Edition Diorama 25th If it's First 4 Figures, you know at least some version has got to light up! And this fun scene is no exception. Here, you can see that the lighting effect is for the figure-8 manouver giving it a 'speed effect' and a glow kind of like how it was on Sonic CD. Also notice the different sign-post sign, now it's Eggman, but with 25th Anniversary branding & in pixel style rather than art.
Why is this statue so late to appear on Gear?
First 4 Figures was supposed to be running an Affiliate Program & taking all comers with relevent websites. There's not really anywhere more relevent than Gear, but it wasn't chosen for the program. The diorama was held in reserve, in hopes that Gear could help popularize it / show it to people who wanted it, but the Affiliate program seems to never have panned out. But why?
Light Up Diorama Angles More views of the diorama lighting up...it's great no-matter how you look at it. The Sonic is (as always) super accurate with a good expression & dynamic pose that's enhanced by the light here.
25th Diorama Above Photo These angles reveal the detail of the grass and dirt/rock look texture of the base bottom. The sign post is pretty thick as well.
What's more?
It spins! You can switch on the turning feature AND switch out the sign art too. With light and movement, this really celebrates the 25th with style & extras.
Light up compare photo standard Sonic version
Light up vs regular edition...with the light off, or the regular edition, notice how you can see some buckle detail among the 'spin' effect & also how his socks are folded/somewhat included. This also shows off 2 more versions of the sign that you get with the diorama.
The spinning sign feature is included no-matter which version you get & you always get all the various cards to include with it. All photos in this area by First4Figures.
Pixel Sonic Sign Detail
Sonic Sign Close up
It's time for "Volume 2" of the Boom8 display figures. (Volume 1 was 2 Sonics, as seen on Display figures 7 here at Gear) Following in those classic lines, the next logical figures are (of course) Tails & Knuckles! Because they're teaming up with First4Figures, it's only natural that these small display figures look great & accurate in their classic style.
They did also bother to scale these, which is always great to see. Knuckles is a little bit taller than Sonic & Tails is shorter than everybody else. This will make them look great together on your shelf.
Look at how they have posed Tails' tails, it's 1 up 1 down which is nice to see because it's different than other previous figures (Sometimes both down/joined together to make molding easier/using them to help him stand, etc gimmick stuff with them) Knuckles spikes are also nice & wide and they made the fists big and distinct.

The boxes are similar to the Sonic ones, with big front window & character portraits on the sides. Look at the CG though...usually classic characters are never depicted with CG so Knuckles looks a little strange. These are available in 2018 at the First4Figures website.

GNF F4F Collaboration Sonic vs Chopper First 4 Figures is teaming with with GNF Figures to create this big display figure/diorama! It's "Sonic vs Chopper" in a Green Hill Zone type setting. It has modern Sonic jumping up to grab a ring, while the Chopper robot fish jumps out of the water under the broken log bridge.
This is 8.5 by 11 inches (so, under a foot, but still big because it is a diorama) The water uses a blue transparent plastic to make it look clear, the ring & chopper use metaillic paint & it has great detail all around. Look at the vents on the side of the fish & the purple where the fin is attached. Sonic's hand has a realistic texture & his mouth is sculpted/detailed in. It's a fun display item that feels full of action!
This will be sold in the first quarter of 2019, and should be about $359.00. Look for it at First4Figures.com
Totaku Knuckles Classic Figure Totaku is back! With more classic style display figures on little "+" shaped bases. They started with 'finger waving' Sonic (on the previous page) & continue with Emerald Guarding Knuckles & Flying Along Tails. They're both classic & fun.
Each is on the GHZ themed base with 16 bit type textured grass. Knuckles has a sparkling green chaos emerald. Tails uses a clear plastic rod to keep his 'flying along the ground' pose. They're both a great classic addtion to a collection...but really the Tails is the most fun out of everybody so far. He's just so active & 'game like' while the others are standing around. How much do they cost?
Totaku Tails Figure
Totaku Tails Knuckles Package Figures And....here's what they look like in the package.
Totaku keeps the same package format for Tails & Knuckles that they had with their Sonic. A square bubble on a character-colored back card. Because the bases are still "plus sign" shaped bits of GHZ type grass, it fits just fine. Notice the black sticker on each one..."Only @ Gamestop", which is fine, because it lets you know where to go to get these right away. Photo by Taaron
LootCrate Retro Arcade Clasics Figure Box Loot Crate had another Sonic figure.
This one appears in their "Retro Arcade Classics" crate. This particular one was found at a WalMart after (I guess they didn't sell enough through the normal way?) It has the Sonic display figure, Tetris magnets, pacman glass & Street Fighter comic book issue.
The Sonic figure is modern though, so it doesn't make sense to label him 'arcade' nor 'classic'. He is shown running on a GHZ theme base, with two rings held up by clear pegs ahead of him. The sculpt of the figure isn't the best. The head is somewhat flattened/too low.
Because Loot crates aren't a choice (It's a 'mystery subscription box that comes each month) you don't get to choose him (or not) If someone has this figure & sends a photo, it will appear here. Photo by Taaron