Display Figures Title Card
It's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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First 4 Figures Silver the Hedgehog Display Figure
It's First 4 Figures Display Figure Silver the Hedgehog!
F4F is doing another amazing job with this big figure that of course, comes in 2 editions: normal & light up. It features Silver on a cracked looking 'city street' base, with 'rebar' sticking up out of the ground. He has his hands out, ready to use telekenetic power to move debris or fight an enemy. With his hands out, he's still got a pretty dynamic pose, despite standing on the ground.
And of course...that psychic power glow is absolutely PERFECT for First 4 Figures to get their hands on for the special edition.
First 4 Figures Silver Statue Details
Look at these great details. On the light-up edition, the cracks in the ground glow, and so do the details on his boot cuffs! His expression is rather aggrivated, but his face, eye-edge & sort of 'mane' of fur are all detailed really well. The mane part is textured and realistic looking. The base itself has weathering, deep textures for the stones & metallic tones for the bent bars.
Glowing Special Edition Silver Statue What a great, game-accurate blue glow.
Here's the special edition lighting up in the dark, and in the normal lighting of a room. Because both the fronts AND the backs of his gloves glow, along with the cuff, it reflects so richly off the statue's face giving the whole thing a really cool look. The glowing boot cuffs & brick-cracks just add more to the statement. Any Silver fan will absolutely need the special edition one.

This is 17.5 inches tall & about 11 inches across in any direction. (Big!)

Various Angle Silver Statue Photos With these angles, you can see the textured detail for his palm rings on the gloves, how his ear fits in with his forehead spikes, the way the shoes are sculpted with a bend/wrinkle in them, and the texture of the fur that goes down his back from his neck. As expected, ALL their sculpting is just super.
Glowing Dark Silver Photo This statue will be released in the 4th quarter of 2017. (So, near the end of the year) However, it can be pre ordered (or ordered) at

First 4 Figures Silver

at 249.99
Special Edition

Learn more about him with their Youtube Video Silver Statue, too!

Its 42 minutes long, so there's tons of content to see about him.

F4F Silver the Hedgehog
Sonic PVC Freek n' Geek Figure Volume 1 Together, Boom8 (nothing to do with Sonic Boom) Freak & Geek Toys and First4Figures teamed up to make...well, more figures!
This "Boom8" series will consist of small size PVC display figures that come in nice collector boxes.
Because the figures are on bases, they can have cool poses that you normally wouldn't be able to do. The first figure is 'finger waving' Sonic & the second one is running Sonic. The figures are basically 3D representations of the classic stock art done RIGHT.
A lot of the little minifigs & such would try to replicate the stock and fall short, but these, as you can see here with their multiple angle photos are doing a great job no-matter how you look at it.
The boxes have a good big window so you can see the figure without taking it out. They also appear designed to keep it in place/safe for shipping. You can probably also remove it & put it back without destroying the package.
Sonic PVC Small Boom8 Volume 2 Figure
The "vol." there marked on it shows they'll probably want to do more in the future. Because they're working with F4F, that's who / the site these will be available through. These are a late 2017 item. As high quality figures, they may be a little pricey, but, for classic look, classic poses & really accurate quality you can't really go wrong with either figure. All photos by F4F.
Diamond Select Toy Sonic Ring Figure At Toy Fair of 2018, Diamond Select Toys revealed their display figures for Sonic & Tails!
These larger 3D figures combine clear & solid color plastic for a feeling of action for each character.
Sonic is shown holding a purple chaos emerald while grabbing a ring & leaping off the edge of a GHZ type path. The 'dust' from his jump is done in clear yellowish plastic for a speed effect.
Diamond Select Toy Tails Emerald
The Tails figure has him reaching for a purple chaos emerald as he's flying through the air. The clear plastic effect here has an orange fade inside it, to give his tails the look of really spinning.
From these angles, it looks like the characters are right on model with the games. Tails' base can't be fully seen in the photo & the emerald may look larger than it really is due to perspective. (If it's supposed to be regular Chaos, Sonic's is the right size but Tails isn't that much smaller than he is) This is an exciting preview-look at these display figures. Turn-arounds will appear here once these are released. Figures WERE released in 2019, in the SegaShop, see Figures 9. Photos discovered by Taaron
Tokaku Classic Sonic Figure A company called "Tokaku" has aquired a classic license.
In 2018, they will release this classic Sonic display figure. It's bubble-carded, and should appear at Game Stop (supposedly) in late spring/summer 2018. It's not a very large figure, and it has no action features. It stands on a "plus sign" shaped Green Hill themed base & there's a ring laying flat on the ground sculpted to it. Sonic is in his standard cross-legged & finger waving pose. The figure is quite on-model with the stock art, the base is more than minimalistic, and the whole thing looks pretty nice in the package which should also keep it safe. Looks good too for MIB collectors since you can see almost all sides & the printed background is also GHZ. It could be around 10 dollars. Further photos pending release
Game On Loot Crate Anime Shadow Figure A "Loot Box" is a monthly subscription 'gamble' where a company sends you a box of mystery items that share a theme every month. Loot Crate may have started the idea, but it's caught on elswehere too, as evidenced by "Loot Anime" which, naturally, has anime & game themed items in their mystery box for you each month.
It's a 'gamble' because you might not like all the stuff, or it could be something really cool, like this Shadow display figure. It's a full color figure, posed just like the stock art & even includes the yellow ring-like 'background'. His name is in Japanese on the disk shaped base.
It's a nice looking figure, but it doesn't have any data on how big it is. The box looks good as well, nicely designed with different Shadow art there in the background. If you didn't sign up for the box, you may be able to get the figure on ebay because (of course) not everyone who bought into the box scheme is a Sonic fan.