Display Figures Title Card
It's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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Metal Sonic Silver Variant Limited Figure Did you know this existed?
Quite quietly, sometime near the end of 2018, the Sega Shop online released this Limted Edition, all-silver-tone Metal Sonic collectible figure. It was 25 dollars, which is pretty reasonable for a fairly sized AND limited edition figure like this. But they did it with no fanfare, or notice it was coming....
And it sold out nearly immediatly. (Because of course it would) So, this is going to be an uncommon item for sure. It looks great & classic in the all silver tone. He's shown 'floating' along over the track with clear peg supports, just like in the real race. The box has nice art & a logo "LC" for the company that did it...
but what's the name? Will they make any more figures? What about the normal color, non-limited version? It wasn't ever for sale at the Sega Shop at the same time as this one. The track is branded with the 25th logo...so you know it had to be a 2018 item.
This figure is somewhat frusterating, because of the quiet release, limited quantity, and decent price that made fans who wanted it (and could actually get it due to price point) feeling left out.
Boom8 Super Sonic & Amy Rose Figures Boom8 just keeps on going!
In their link up with First 4 Figures, they're getting ready to release another pair of character figures. This set has classic Amy Rose & classic Super Sonic for figures number 5 and 6. Now, they're also joining GNF Toys. (Remember, Boom8 has nothing to do with Boom, that's just the name the company always had)
As usual, the small figures are really solid looking, quite expected of this quality company. Take note of Amy's clothing, it's what she had in Sonic CD, but catch all the little details
like the triangle cut at her shirt edge, how the shirt forms over the top of the skirt, and how the puffy sleeves sit on her arms. They didn't miss a beat, it looks like real clothing. Super Sonic has buckles added to his shoes (so they match the Japanese art) and the spikes set exactly right/upward. SS gets a good dynamic flying pose, and Amy is looking shy/fun. Both are really appropriate and nice looking. These will be a 2019 release, and look like a great collection addition!
Kid Robot Spin Sonic Figures Compare Kid Robot on Figure Display Sonic Shelf
Kid Robot Special Edition Shiny Sonic Spin Here are the fan photos for Kid Robot's first Sonic display figure in a scene. With this, you can see both the special, shiny edition, and the normal edition to see how they compare.

This display figure is fun, as it features an uncommon (in a figure) pose for classic Sonic. It shows him spin rolling down a hill, so he's all curled up. The Green Hill zone scene is nicely set with it's iconic sunflower, checkered ground, and somewhat stripy grass. You get 3 rings with clear stands to put before him.

MIB & Loose Kid Robot Vinyl Spin Scene
Here's what it looks like mint in the box. The box is, of course, GHZ themed and made to look like an extension of the mini diorama, complete with matching grass & the pixel sky background. The window is die cut to show off the Sonic and a fun shape for the sun flower too.
Making good use of plastic, there's a cool clear tinted 'motion-blur / energy' type ring around the Sonic & a semi-transparent 'spin up take-off dust' cloud thing for his base so he really looks like he is in action. It's good that you can pick the figure off the base too, as seen here. The top right photo shows it among other display figures so that you can see it's a fair size, it is neither tiny nor gigantic
The differences between the editions are interesting to see. The special has electroplate gold for the rings (normal are yellow), it uses hi-spec/pearlized paint for the Sonic, and green parts of the flower, and the 'spin energy ring' of the special one also features glitter for extra sparkle. Either edition looks really fun, colorful and dynamic in a nicely-classic way. Great to collect! It would look fun on any Sonic shelf. Photos & owned by Hedgy
Jungle Sonic & Tails F4F Big Scene Figures First 4 Figures blazes into summer with this big display figure scene! It has classic style Sonic & Tails in Sonic & Knuckles' forest area that is notoriously set on fire by Eggman in his fire spreading boss machine. You can display the scene two ways, just like how the level was.
There's also the Rhinobot badnick ready to charge in, as well as some spikes, but Tails is here to carry Sonic to safety, just like in the games. This makes for a cool, dynamic scene with great new poses that look cool from any angle. Of course, the flames light up on the deluxe version....but first let's take a look at the badnick.
Rhinoceros Badnick Robot Detail Photo
Just look at this robo-detail!
Someone was really in their element when they sculpted this thing. Of course, this is the first time merchandise has been made that features this particular no-good robot. (Badnicks, for whatever reason are fun to see, colorful & diverse...which means you'd think they'd be good to collect, but so far it seems nobody bothers with toys)
You can see not only the metallic tone of the paint, but also the texture of the two kinds of 'metal' used to construct it. Then, the screws are actually in-set as they would be AND the tire tread even has a texture atop it's...regular texture. The bottom edge of the robot also appears to have wear. The eye is very smooth, to look like the
white plastic shell with black camera center that Eggman would use. Notice that it does have the kitty cat ears instead of rhino ears, but that's how it was in the game. This little guy is quite impressive.
Sonic & Tails Carry Display Figures Close Up Of course, the Sonic & Tails figures are no less great.
Notice how the hands have caught each other, the finger-pose is exactly how it does it in the game. Then, see their use of transparent plastic and semi-transparent elements to really do a fantastic job making it look like Tails is really flying. This is maybe the best-ever look for 'spinning swirling tails' that anyone has ever produced as a physical product.
Sonic's got his legs kicked up, just like in the game, and both are going cheerfully forward as they avoid the spikes and rhino below, which is exactly as it would be.
The bent branch is what holds them up, without getting in the way of the view. It's an ideal thing to use as the 'stand', and it fits right into the scenery.
However, there's something a little different than F4F usually has happen...Look closely at the photo to the left, then see below on the deluxe edition to try and detect what's different. Is a prototype happening, or was something edited? Maybe the statues really are different.
Here, in the light up edition, the Sonic is shown slightly frowning / concentrating, rather than cheerful as he is in the above photo. What will his expression be in the final figure?

Because it's First 4 Figures, they seem to totally require a light-up-deluxe version of the display figure, and this one is no exception. It makes sense with the game, as it adds

semi-transparent flames which light up. There are 2 on the branch, and two on the base.

Interestingly, with this large size display figure scene, both editions cost the same.
They are both $499.00 USD
Usually, the lighting up one will cost more, so this one is an exception to the rule. As usual, they are hand numbered, and you can get it on First 4 Figures website, as long as they last.

Another fantastic offering from First 4 Figures!
They always seem to come up with something cool and new for their display figures with detail that doesn't dissapoint. Using add-on flames to represent both areas of the zone is a great idea that hasn't been done before. The badnick is just amazingly done too, really top notch. Should you get this? Yes, totally if its in the budget, as it is super classic in all its detail from (arguably) the most exciting time period of classic-Sonic-era.
All photos by First4Figures

PVC First 4 Figures Post Sonic First 4 Figures is branching out!
At the end of 2019, they're getting into PVC figures in their usual style...cool! Their first large 10 inch PVC is this classic Sonic as he runs past the midway level star post. Of course.... the post lights up!
This exclusive edition has the star post & its circle of 'stars effect' as a light you can switch on. As you can see here it comes with a cool card, and a nice display box so you can see it quite well or display it on top of the box. The base is round, with the usual Green Hill Zone/checkering theme. The post is nice & metallic. Sonic himself is very well done! Perfectly classic and on-model.
F4F PVC Star Post Sonic Turn Arounds
Because their sculpting is always amazing and pretty much perfectly game-like, of course, their PVC is as well. It has getting ready to run Sonic perfectly translated into a 3D figure. At 10 inches, it's a great size too, it'll really stand out in the collection. However, being PVC, it's a lot less than their super-higher-end figures at only 99.00 for the exclusive light up version. It is numbered and has with it the Leaflet & Authentication card too. See more AND a video at www.first4figures.com All photos by First 4 Figures.
Diamond Select Display Sonic Ring At the end of 2019...Diamond Select Collectibles releases their figures! These were first seen on Figures 7, when they were announced. They're PVCs, so they're not too costly or fragile, which is great for collecting.
The Sonic is different from their prototype one, as they have switched his emerald color to green (it was the same as the Tails one) which does look better if you were to display them side by side. The 'splash' effect around his toe adds action and looks great in the transparent plastic. He's quite on model, the paint looks good...and it shows nice action with the pose.
The Tails figure keeps its much larger purple emerald and seems to remain unchanged from the preview photo they released on Figures 7.
Diamond Select Display Tails Emerald
The use of transparent plastic here is in the swirl of the tails, so it looks like it has that 'motion blur spin effect'. It's a nice effect, and the pose combines with it to give the feel he's flying in to grab the emerald. The base is a little odd, it's a square of pastel textured multi-colored triangle shapes. Does it, and the flat checker path represent a special stage maybe? It's unobtrusive though, and gives a good and big /stable base for the tall figure. These are in the Sega Shop in 2020, but where else is Diamond Select selling?