Display Figures Title Card
If tt's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, PVC, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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Boom8 Modern 4 Figures Boom8 enters into 2020 in an exciting way!
With 4 modern figures to display! These are seen at a toy show here, but should be released in 2020...and this company is proving that they're the right ones to have a license now. Each figure looks really great, and uses a new and cool pose.
You can choose modern Sonic in a sort of 'jumping twist' pose, Super Sonic who is clearly speeding forward with a blast of yellow transparent energy behind him, Silver who is hovering with psychic power, or Shadow who is holding a transparent green chaos emerald. Each figure is held up by a rod/pole (Silvers' is clear) so it can have a more active and wild pose than normal.
Only Super Sonic has a sculpted-on element to the base. Everyone is on-model perfectly, colors look great, transparent items are nice, it just seems quality all around. Photo by TreasureHuntingSonic
Boom8 Classic Super Sonic Figure Here's a better look at Boom8's classic Super Sonic figure. (Away from the fake background) He's on the usual black disk base, but has a trail of white dust under him. This 'dust' is used as a pillar to hold him up so that he can be in the classic 'going fast ss' pose, where he doesn't run, but kind of hovers super fast over the ground, which is what's happening here.
It kind of looks like there's a shiny object behind him? What is that visible between the spikes? Maybe the photo background work didn't clear out all the other objects?
The pose being from the games, the color/sculpting being accurate to the games, & metallic paint used for the buckles all adds up to be a satisfying figure to collect. Boom8 is keeping the good work going strong.
Boom8 Eggman & Metal Sonic Boom8's "Volume 7/8" of releases are another 2 figures in 2020, this time for classic Eggman & classic Metal Sonic. For whatever reason, they never took photos of Eggman by himself, so...these are what we get. You can see they went with how he generally is in the games, which is basically
him just sitting there, operating the Egg o Matic. He's not doing any gestures or expressions, he's just shown as sitting there. Which is fine, it just seemed a little unusual. Notice the comfortable looking high back leather-look chair is has too...The Egg o Matic is nice, with a clear front wind-screen, the usual yellow/black caution striping, engine areas & steering wheel which he is sculpted as holding onto.
Boom8 Eggman Classic Egg o Matic It seems with vol. 7/8, that a new company has been added "GNF", so that makes 3, Boom8 itself, First4Figures that brought them on board, and now GNF is helping too. And, this combination of 3 seems to be working out well/working together nicely because these 2 figures are great. The Egg o matic is metallic, and looks exactly like the game. The unobtrusive black bases/with stands had to be here because both items are known for almost always being depicted as floating off the ground. Any Eggfan would be advised to try and collect this, as it is less expensive than F4F regular items which are out of the range of some.
Boom8 Metal Sonic Display Figure Here's Boom8's classic Metal Sonic and...it looks great!
There's the hi-spec metallic paint all over, the accurate & cool sculpting, a good pose (like seen in Sonic CD) & everything's on point.
What's great about these guys is that unilke everything modern, the classic characters DONT have CG sprites or models that can be somehow exported and turned into super-accurate
toys or figures. So somebody had to actually figure out how to make him be perfectly like the pixel-art (basically) that represented him in all the classic games. And they still did great!
Interesting note:
Look at the hands. Metal Sonic's hands are always posed in very specific ways. It's a mannerism of the character to have the hands/fingers posed specifically--and this follows right along. This IS the finger/hand pose that it would often have. Hand-mannerisms...what else do you know of that has them? They're an interesting detail that's hard to find but Boom8 captures it here. A great collectible!
Funko Pop 30th Anniversary Sonic Silver For Sonic's 30th Anniversary, Funko celebrates with....
Two more dead-eyed little mutant display figures. This time you can get figure-8-peel-out (from Sonic CD) running Sonic or standing Silver the Hedgehog.
These have all the issues of a POP, which is what you either enjoy about them or what you don't enjoy about them. "Re-chibi-fying" already 'charicature' type characters doesn't carry the same 'funny art' as it does when there's a little big-head version of something like Thor or Iron Man or a normally/semi normal proportion character. With the Sonic characters it puts them into an odd place with ginormous expressionless square heads and blank black eyes.
What's nice here though is look at Silver's boots, they actually gave him metallic paint, then the 'speed shoe' look for Sonic is made of nice transparent plastic. The bodies/hands/etc are all very well proportioned and well done.
Opinion-zone: It's just too bad about those heads!
Kid Robot Metal Sonic Eggman 2 Pack KR Metal Sonic Eggman Figures
In 2021, Kid Robot is releasing figure 2 packs.
Their first pack (oddly) is Metal Sonic & Eggman. They have chosen a 'styleized look' for the characters. They're sort of...what, mini? Chibi-alike but not quite? Like the legs are stumpy but the bodies are fat/dumpy also. It's kind of an odd look. The Eggman is a static figure/you can't move it. The Metal Sonic can only move the arms. You can press the emerald on a stick accessory into the hand of any figure/they are mitten-grip style hands. They did use metallic and silvertone paint for Metal Sonic, which is a good look. Eggman's nose is very flattened to the face, so profile/not the best. As you can see here, the paint is decent, there's no real flaws anywhere for it.
The figures all come in a Green Hill themed box with the Kid Robot mascot in the winged ring on the side & a portrait of the characters who are in the box on the front.
The issue with it is the expense, however. This box is 19.99 at Target...but they're tiny 3 inch figures that don't even move or do action and they're 'stylized/deformed' too so it's not even like...this great character likeness to collect. The styleization makes them feel gimmicky but the price of 10 dollars per figure doesn't match that. (When you can spend 10 and get the Jakks Pacific figure and accessory that actually does actions & is on-model to the character too....hmmm) Do note though that KidRobot stuff is almost always "costly for what it is" so they are likely a $$brandname type thing going on where people pay more just becuase it is that brand.
The Bottom Line:
An ok line of figures that could use to be a bit less pricey. There's nothing terrible about it, the detail/paint is good, the box/presentation is nice, and the figures feel quality. Collectible...for anyone who really wants to spend.