Display Figures Title Card
If tt's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, PVC, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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Boom8 Modern 4 Figures Boom8 enters into 2020 in an exciting way!
With 4 modern figures to display! These are seen at a toy show here, but should be released in 2020...and this company is proving that they're the right ones to have a license now. Each figure looks really great, and uses a new and cool pose.
You can choose modern Sonic in a sort of 'jumping twist' pose, Super Sonic who is clearly speeding forward with a blast of yellow transparent energy behind him, Silver who is hovering with psychic power, or Shadow who is holding a transparent green chaos emerald. Each figure is held up by a rod/pole (Silvers' is clear) so it can have a more active and wild pose than normal.
Only Super Sonic has a sculpted-on element to the base. Everyone is on-model perfectly, colors look great, transparent items are nice, it just seems quality all around. Photo by TreasureHuntingSonic