Display Figures Title Card
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
It's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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First 4 Figures Light Up Knuckles Statue Knuckles punch crackle detail
Lit & Unlit Knuckles Figure Bases Classic Knuckles Face Detail Look at this great figure from First 4 Figures! They continue the trail of awesome sculpts with classic styled Knuckles. True to his form, they use a dynamic pose with him punching & ready for action.
All photos provided by: First4Figures
The lighting effect for the special version of the figure is yellow & orange LEDs that flicker to enhance the lava quality of his base. Yes it IS based on Lava Reef Zone. Just look at the great glowing detail! This is a great statue to own. It is about 10 inches high, weighs 3 kg and was sculpted by Khuram Alavi. It should appear in Q2, 2012...but you can pre-order it now at www.first4figures.com website.
And getting in early would be a good idea...because the unlit one only has 1500 pcs, while the lit one is limited to 500. Lit = 189.99, unlit = 169.99 (so not much price difference) As usual, they have authentication cards. If you can afford one of these, it's a fantastic collectors' piece.
Knuckles LED Lighting Effects Classic F4F Knuckles Pose The sculpt is good & classic. He just has a simple line for his teeth and his shoe-bottom is un-textured.
The lava effect here is really great with the LEDs. Very dramatic for him.
Name Base Tails Figure Turns Remember the 'name base figures' from Display Figures? Here's a good turn around for the Tails. He has good detail, & a sturdy pose. A bit bigger than one might expect, he has pegs on his feet that allow him to be taken off the base. The texture on the back of his head is where he's stamped for copyrights & Sega. Photo & owned by: Ultimate Tails
20th Anniversary Classic Modern Display Statue Jazwares making a display figure/statue type thing?
Yes! This is their first effort, and it looks cool so far. This is the Sonic Generations 20th Anniversary Classic & Modern display figure with base. It has both versions of Sonic shown running, & the base is a shiny gold ring. The box design & art look good, with dynamic poses in CG for both, and a large window area for MIB collectors. Note that the top & sides are also see-thru.
Watch out for misplaced paint/paint minimalism on modern Sonic reducing his expression. Always inspect for overspray before buying! Some are better than others paint-wise. Photo discovered by ScourgeSonic
20th Anniversary Box Views 20th Anniversary Box Side Windows
It Retails for 14.99 At Toys R Us and the height is 5 inches for modern Sonic and 4 inches for classic Sonic. You can see above the fun round side-windows for the box, as well as the top view for great MIB displaying. The box-back has the same Sonic profile as everything else JW has been releasing. Dimensions info provided by: SonicExia. Loose & close up images by: . Item is in the SonicGear collection.
20th Statue Loose View 20th Statue Sonic Faces
The loose photos give you a better idea of the transparent blue 'speed lines' that help hold up their feet. These are an example of good paint...some statues can have overspray, dirt on the limbs or other little things that need fixing. This looks good both MIB & loose. A great starter display figure, at a reasonable price too. It says "comes with exclusive game codes"which were a list of codes for the Statue Room in Generations. Loose photos by Sam
Jazwares Mini-figure Single Packs Here are the Jazwares mini figures (a re-release of the First4Figures ones you can see here on DisplayFigures) re-released on single bubble cards. Their first appearance was a box set, with 6 classic figures. Here you can see they've done Sonic, Super Sonic & Metal Sonic. Will they also issue Amy, Tails & Knuckles in this way? Photos discovered by Sonic Toast, TurboTheHedgehog
First 4 Figures Tails Mushroom Hill 1 Tails Display Details
Isn't this a fun & dynamic display figure? First 4 Figures tackles the challenge of making a figure that looks like it's really flying/zooming along the ground. Nothing like this has been tried yet with Tails! (Even though it was such a familiar sight in the
Tails Glow Effect Mushrooms
games!) They do a fantastic job with this challenge by using clear & white plastic for the 'whipping around edges' effect, as well as showing the tails flattened like a propeller, how it should be. The little dust trail behind him helps hold him up, because they got the pointed toes correct as well. He's shown here on a Mushroom Hill zone base (note the triple 'layers' of grass and oval dotted ground.
As has become the usual with F4F, the statue / display figure comes in 2 versions, 1 that lights up with LEDs that change colors slowly in the mushrooms, & a plain one where everything is sculpted normally.
As usual, they've really got the sculpting spot-on, with cute expression, bangs blowing back in the wind, and the posture proper from the game. It's a very Tails Like statue. Also as usual, he's limited edition, so all Tails fans should order quickly from the F4F website to get this great piece. All photos & info courtesy of First4Figures.
12 Inches high * Lit Version 199.99, 500 pieces available * Unlit Version $179.99, 1500 pieces available *
Release in 2nd Quarter 2012 * You can get him at www.first4figures.com
First 4 Figures Light Up Modern Sonic Base F4F Non-Light Modern Sonic Statue First4Figures Modern Sonic Close Ups First 4 Figures makes a great debut into the world of modern Sonic with this cool (and big!) statue / display figure. It has Modern style Sonic running on a sandy strip/base and is about 15 inches tall. (Gives the impression that it's bigger because he is leaned over in the pose) Naturally, like others before it, this statue has 2 versions: a light up & a non-lighting one.
The light up one uses the skid/spark/impact of the foot & also seemingly the 'water' under the base for the lighting effect. As expected, the detail here is great, look at the impact of the foot on the sand--it's well thought out. His arms are back like in the game, and he is having a facial expression (modern Sonic is often accused of promoting design where he's kind of neutral looking) this thankfully avoids the SA1 "BDG" (BigDumbGrin) , though he is still smiling/looking to the display side. The hands & shoes are very well crafted, everything looks proportional. Look at the nice use of matte (body) vs shiny (eye white).

Figure Details:
Full Set of larger images are always available at First4Figures site at: Modern Sonic Statue

1) Name: Modern Sonic Regular

SRP: 199.99 USD
Size: 15 inches tall
Limited: 1,650 pieces
Available: Q4 2012

2) Name: Modern Sonic Exclusive

SRP: 219.99 USD
Size: 15 inches tall
Limited: 750 pieces
Available: Q4 2012

Notice that these have larger runs (more pieces) than pretty much all previous figures, but are also more costly. (likely due to size) All photos & info for this figure provided by: First4Figures
Modern Sonic Jazwares 6 Pack Mini Figures Jazwares produces its own set of mini figures (last ones were F4F, run under the Jazwares label) this time with modern styles for the characters. With this 6 Pack you get Knuckles, Shadow, Sonic, Tails, Metal Sonic & Amy Rose. (Not Super Sonic) They're all on the 'spin' shaped black bases that came with the 3.5 line figures, but are likely attached. The poses look dynamic from here...but this set had POOR distribution. It is likely becoming harder to find. Buy this if you see it at a reasonable cost & want it. Photo discovered by Pacmansonic138
Mini Modern Figure Individual Shots
Here are the turn-arounds for the mini modern figures. They did fairly well with setting the characters into poses that action figures might not be able to do (pretty much the whole point of a static figure like this) Tails is a bit dully-posed (what's he doing?) Shadow is pulling his glove cuff like in a popular art, Amy is sort of leaning (but she looks sort of startled), Sonic is pointing & Metal Sonic raises a hand aggressivly. (Note: this MS has been laquered, the original may not appear that shiny) It's a nice set with some new poses, it's just too bad it's somewhat harder to find. (So watch out for high prices) Loose figure photos by Gennifer
Mini Fuzzy Flocked Chibi Display Figures MIB Here's an all-new type of display figure...the "Chibi Styled Fuzzy Figure". This set features little-bighead / SD style figures of modern Amy, Sonic, Shadow & Knuckles. (Where's Tails!) They're super small, at about only 1.4 inch high, & they are not to scale with eachother. The figures are flocked (Fuzzy to the touch) much like the comic-con exclusive giant Sonic. Little peeved Shadow seems cute. Just how big is he? See next to an ordinary pencil (right) for the real small size!
The set is 9.99 which is rather pricy for the quality & number of figures on the set. Photos discovered by: CoolLuke1337 & SonicBoy19
Shadow & Pencil Fuzzy tiny size photo
Fuzzy super small figures turn-arounds Little dolls for big figures Fuzzy Figure flaws photo
The fuzzy display figures are mostly nicely detailed, and rather cute. The turn arounds show everyone's spikes came out well, plus their mini shoe details. But...where is Knuckles tail? There's a little hole there...was he supposed to have one? Do some of the figures have it and this is just broken before shipping? He looks a bit plain without it. They have clear bases (the black you see on the base is a tiny number) & they are glued to the base.
The price point is a bit high at 9.99 for tiny items, especially when compared with "Blind Bag" flocked items like FillyPrincess, Squinkies, FIM Ponies & other "micro toys".
If you can avoid it, DONT buy these online. Inspect every pack of figures before you buy. Amy Rose with 2 noses? Shadow's eye red border in the middle of his eye? Shadow with 1 sideways eye? Sonic with brown blotches on him UNDER the flocking? Knuckles with squeezed in eyes/massive red blotches on his face? These little ones have it all. It sadly appeares to be really common that most sets have at least 1 really flawed figure.
They're flocked...so you can't paint over paint problems unless it's the eye. (white paint over Shadow's misplaced eye border) They're micro, so any flaw looks huge/stands out. Plus at 10 dollars plus tax, you really don't want to be spending on messed up toys. The Shadow in the photo at above right (eye red slightly misplaced) & Knuckles (red on face bottom) were the best from a whole stores' worth of toys.
The bottom line:
Totally adorable little set of nicely flocked figures. Quality, low, dense flocking feels sturdy. Cute bases keep figures standing for display on monitor tops...or almost anywhere. They interact cutely with other figures (middle) 3.5 line Tails looks like he's got a little Sonic plush doll, while Rouge covets mini Knuckles. Great & fun for display! (But where's Tails?)

Get these if you like cute figures IF IF IF you can inspect before you buy. At 9.99 you don't want to have to buy twice, but a 2-Nose Amy Rose just isn't as cute.

JW Modern Mini Figures Box Mini figure hazard photo
Here's a look at the box back for the Jazwares Modern Mini Figures seen above. It uses the nicer new poses for each of the characters. However, the quality on these can be LOW
As you'll notice in the inset of the photo at right, the Metal Sonic broke even though he was removed carefully from the box. Sure, he can be glued, but no one wants some super frail figure that just snaps like that. Also try to buy this in person, as the paint jobs on the figures might not be the best. At 19.99 for the set of small, static figures, you'd hope for better quality. If possible, inspect all sets on the shelf before buying & take extra care if you're de-boxing. Since the figures don't move..this may be best left MIB anyway. Photos & owned by KennyTheHedgehog