Display Figures Title Card
It's not an action figure. It's not a statue...it's a Display Figure! These non-actioning figures are like little statues you can collect. Not particularly 'toys' they can be made of resin, hard plastic or other materials that hold detail well. Usually they're in cases or on bases, all the better for displaying.
This is an international page. The figures here can be from any country, and it will be noted near each one where it's from. Especially with more modern figures (Like First4Figures) the item may be produced in a certain country and mostly advertised there (ex. the USA) however since they're sold over the web, they ship anywhere in the world, making the items available to all.
The "International" approach to Sonic items is really the best one, because Sonic fans live everywhere on Earth and everyone wants an opportunity to collect.
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Funko Pop STK Trio Color Figures Here's a magazine photo of the Funko Pop styled display figures. They've got Sonic, Tails & Knuckles all in their 'little big head' type style. You can see their all-white prototypes over on the prototype pages of gear. With the simplified Funko Pop style, you'll either think these are cute...or not. Tails has the biggest body out of everyone, which makes him slightly strange...also that his hands touch the ground.
Knuckles' arms appear to be coming out of his head & for some reason they chose all-white for Sonic's eyes, which makes him come across as slightly zombie-like. These should retail for 9.99 each. Buying locations pending actual release date. Photo discovered by Taaron
Here are Funko POP! Figures for Sonic, Tails & Knuckles in their display boxes. The boxes have a plastic window for 2 sides, a die-cut character portrait that crosses the window edge & a full view photo of each character.
Funko is a toy / figure company that has licenses to many different products. They often make stylized display figures of characters that look 'cute' or wacky compared to the original. Here, they've made a classic type set of sort of "chibi" Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. They're very simplified, with big heads & round dot eyes. The boxes are stylish & well thought out. The figure 'peeking' in the art on the top is a cute touch, but are the figures actually cute?
Or is their blank look too much like "The Tails Doll"? Sonic looks a bit like an angry zombie with his white eyes with slanted lids. (They were going for the look of his 'mono eye', did they miss?)
The details here are good, everyone has nice little hands, & the spikes are well done for Tails' bangs & Sonic/Knuckles are accurate. Knuckles arms look a bit like they're growing out of his head though. These can be bought in Australia for about 15.98 AUD in 2013. They should be between 9.99 & 12.99 in USA (So, distribution for USA & AU confirmed) Loose figure photo & owned by Joe
F4F Glowing Shadow Statue Photos Lighting Effect Shadow Statue Compare
First 4 Figures Shadow Statue Sides
First 4 Figures has created a GREAT Shadow display figure for 2013. Just like the rest of their figures, he looks amazing & is both detailed & dynamic. This is a fantastic statue, a must-buy for Shadow fans. His base is "Radical Highway" type with pavement looking texture and road lines/arrows around the bottom and on the surface.
Naturally, this one has to have a light up version too, so the fitting place for this is his hover shoes! The 'hover rays' of whatever it is that blasts out of the soles of the shoes provides the light up feature here, & it's very fitting and well executed. The non-glow version (at left) looks very cool as well, with the gradient paint job on there. Shadow is quite dynamic in his hovering pose, with a good expression as well. (concentrating, not raging or emo)
Look at that top photo in the dark, his eye paint is reflecting! What detail!
Of course, you can get him at Shadow Page First 4 Figures website. You can see way more photos at the website, their photos are always top-notch. They ARE limited edition (as all their display figures tend to be) so there are 600 of the light up one, and 1500 of the regular one. He is 15.5 inches high. The light up one is 229.99 and the regular is 214.99 , so anyone would have to save up. However, with how well this is done, it's certainly a collector's piece worth while!
These new figures are called "Mini Morphs". They're by Jazwares and are only 2.75 inches high each.
Jazwares will release a new line of figures in October 2013. They're called "Mini Morphs" and the style is "Super Deformed" or "Chibi Style". Cute little display figures with really big heads. The style is most suited to the cuter, classic style Sonic characters, so that's who makes the debut as the first three. They chose thumbs up Classic Sonic, standing Classic Tails & standing Classic Metal Sonic. Everyone's expression seems ok so far, in these company/factory photos. Sonic is faced with head tilted a little (too far?) down, which also explains why you see the bottoms of his feet in that out of package photo above...they had to tilt the figure back to get him to be truly 'face on' for the photo. Each box has 4 window/sides so you can get a good look at the figure inside. Sonic is die-cut into both box edges. The boxes look good here, they're attractive enough and show off the figure.
These are due in October, probably at Toys R Us. ToyWiz.com will preorder them for you for 9.99 each, but that's really costly for such a tiny figure. Remember, these are SMALLER than JW 3.75 small line, and they're not articulated. If you can't wait for the regular store date you can try the Sonic Gear Store 1 .Get them at Toys R Us for about 5.99 instead. Discovered by: PatMac
City Escape Sonics Light Up Sculpture
City Escape Generations Diorama Statue What's this?
First4Figures starts an all NEW type of Sonic item for you to collect. Not content with producing only super cool statues, they now expand into Dioramas! Yes, this is actually the first in a series they intend to make, so there will be even more cool things on the way in the future.
This is City Escape Sonic Generations, which they announced in 2013. It has both classic & modern Sonic on a City Escape level big base hill. Modern Sonic is on a snowboard, while classic Sonic is on a skate board. Classic Sonic is shown going off of one of the jump ramps
from the level. Both "spark trails" are sculpted on there & everything is fully detailed. Look, you can even see the name "Sonic" written on the bottom of the snow board.
Of course, the sculpture comes in two versions, a light up one, and an unlit one. Both look greally great, as seen here. Getting this means 2 great sculptures in 1!
The only small nitpick is modern Sonic's expression might not please everyone as he has the SA1 era bent teeth "BDG" which sometimes gets a bit of flak from fans.
This is 12 x 10 x 12 so it's really big. The light up version is 329.99 , but it is limited to only 450 pieces. The unlit one is 299.99 & 1000 of it will be made. You can order this at First4Figures website with the link Generations City Escape Page. All photos & details in this section provided by First4Figures.
First 4 Figures Classic Robotnik Emeralds Figure F4F Robotnik Classic Detail The villian gets the spotlight! Here comes classic "Dr. Robotnik" from First 4 Figures. This figure is a must for Egg fans...no matter what they name him*.
All Eggman photos by First 4 Figures
This figure is super classic in style, & is clearly inspired by the "Eggman Wins" ending screen that you get when you failed to get all the chaos emeralds before beating the game. In that screen he holds out his arms (just like this) tossing however many emeralds you didn't get (and whichever colors you missed) back and forth as a taunt to make players play it again. Really, if you're going for perfectly classic Eggman/Robotnik, that's the victory pose to choose.

The statue adds detail while keeping it classic. His teeth are textured, as is the mustache. The body shape is perfect, and the mouth is truly indented/not just painted on. The simplified detail of his clothing is also present: under sleeve wrinkle, glove edge & sleeve button. His metal disk base is great too, like something out of his lab. The emeralds are made with a quality transparent material (look at the reflected blue light on his glove thumb, cheap plastic won't do that)

*In dealing with the Eggman vs. Robotnik confusion, Adventure had him with both names, but the "Robotnik" name had been (still is?) leaning toward the OTHER character, the one who was made up for audiences outside of Japan, like in the early Archie, Fleetway, SatAm, Underground, Segaworld Australia, & Adventures of Sonic shows. That character did not look like this "Egg Shaped" one, so people started calling it "Robotnick" because that's how they renamed him anyway when they created the new character.

Price & size detail pending

Tornado Airplane Scene Statue Sonic Figure Tornado Wing Detail
When First4Figures decides to add a vehicle to their sculpture line, watch out! They go big, and they go cool!

Their first more of a 'diorama' or figures & vehicle sculpt is the iconic "Tornado" airplane-biplane, built by Tails. Of course, the plane has to have TWO figures, not just one, so it's extra cool to begin with. Sonic stands ready in his usual position on the upper wing, while Tails pilots the plane in the cockpit. Look at the detail, Tails' bangs are blowing in the wind & he has fully sculpted hands on the steering yoke. Sonic is appropriatly very classic looking, with a nice active pose upon the wing.

Tornado Metallic Paint Light Up Deluxe Feature Rocket Plane
Tails Figure Pilot Plane Detail All photos in this section by First 4 Figures
The plane is great, with really metallic looking paint & 'spinning look' propeller. The light up feature (on deluxe model of the statue, of course) is the flame from the added jet engine underneath. You can see how the glow reflects off the paint. The base is a stylized cloud to hold up the plane...but that black piece you see there is POSE-able so you can actually tilt the plane. F4F is never short on great features.
17 inches high x 14 x 14. Deluxe light up is limited to only 425 items, regular is 1000. Deluxe price 329.99 , regular 299.99 (which really, 30 dollars more and it lights up? Why not!) Also they made payment plans available to make getting the item easier, via the First 4 Figures website in 2015.