Japanese Sonic Plush Title Card
Sonic Plushes of Japan is the first page-set in all of SonicGear to reach 6.
No other area of Sonic merchandise has been as plentiful as these plushes. They're also well-photographed and were apparently made in a large enough quantity that collectors can still collect them, even after all of this time. Once again, this page will feature both vintage and modern Japanese plushes.
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STF Sonic Fighters Eggman
Here's a nice close-up of the Sonic the Fighters Eggman plush. While it seems simplistic, it's actually got some nice detailing. His pants are quite fuzzy, the glasses are a hard plastic, and he even has a plastic nose. If you look closely, you'll see they even bothered to give him teeth. The felt moustache is nice and big too. He has the 'giant finger' thing going on, (Much like some Sonics) but over all this is still a great plush to have for Eggman fans! Photo by Rhia.
UFO Catcher Square Body Sonic Plush This little plush is another UFO catcher offering from the very early years of Sonic. (Right around Sonic 2, as indicated by the tag which has tails, but retains the mini walrus animal as well) This one has fairly defined figners, no shoe buckles and a bit of a square body, with quite short/thick arms. The face is pretty good, though the eyes are a bit small. The whole doll appears fuzzy and soft.
UFO catchers provided quite a large offering of the Sonic plushes in the early days. Photo provided by: Rhia.
Taiko Drum Theme Tails Plush Do you remember the traditional Japanese Taiko Drum Theme plush set from Sonic Japan Plush Page 1? Now, you can get a closer look at the Tails from the set. He looks ok, if a bit odd with a headband across his eyes, and the little suit. A tad of over-kill on his facial edges becomes evident, but the double-shine-spots in his eyes keep him cute looking. The early clothed plushes helped capitalize on more plush sales, though they only had 2 main characters to work with, 3 if you count the rather scarce Eggman. Photo provided by: Rhia.
Santa Dress Up Christmas Sonic Plush Another "Sonic as Santa" themed plush, though this one has quite a bit of detail!
A classic plush has been given a bit of a 'costume' here, complete with fake beard! Also note that his socks and glove cuffs have been replaced with winter-ey fuzz/fur. The hat brim is also fuzzy, and it sits at a nice off-angle at the side of his head. He has a santa-sack as well, which reads: " and also has a wreath graphic.
This plush wasn't some last-minute deal, they've put real detail into the costume. This is uncommon. Photo provided by: Rhia.
Here's a Knuckles doll that was sold out of China, though it seems to be modeled after Japan plushes. The question is: is this a bootleg or is it official? Notice the odd yellow dots on top of his shoes (they should be gray) and his mini-fists which are not really fitting with the character. However, the head is so big, could it be in 'chibi style'?
Tiny Fists Knuckles Doll- A Fake?
Embroider Eye Medium Knuckles This is a medium size Knuckles, likely of the embroidered eye set. His nose is a little long, but otherwise, this looks quite good, with rounded fists and decent proportions. Photo provided by: Rhia.
The face is actually pretty decent for a phony, usually fakers will screw up more than just fist size. Until this plush can be proven real or fake, it'll have to stay here. Photo discovered by Calistine.
Red Kart Sonic UFO Plush
With this photo, you can see the details of the kart, & that this Sonic is posed differently than the one below. (hands on hips) These go for around 30-50 in 2011. Mario had a similar cart, but it has side-details. Photo & owned by Sapphi.
Flicky Bird on Gokart Plush
UFO Prize Sonic Kart Doll Cute and silly!
This is a "UFO Catcher/Claw Game" prize toy. It's a mini Sonic plush who is riding on a plastic go-kart and waving! The giant smile-mouth and mini car make this a rather charming addition to your collection...if you can find it. Since you actually had to WIN this as a prize, it isn't very common. Also on the set were Eggman and Flicky Bird. Sonic plush Photo by Rhia.
The other plushes would be found in the same UFO catcher in 1992. Wacky Eggman on his yellow kart, and big-head Flicky Bird. It looks like the steering wheel is broken off, though. Discovered by Jordan J Eggman Kart Plush
Flicky photo discovered by Berzerker.
Sailor Tails Themed Plush
Remember Sailor Sonic plush from Japan Plushes 1 ?
Well, where there's a Sonic, there's usually a Tails! So here is Sailor Tails. He has a pale blue sailor type hat, and a matching collar with silky fabric bow. Back in the day, when they only really had Sonic & Tails to work with, they turned out several plushes in some kooky themes, but unlike the recent USA based attempts at them, the dolls were quality underneath and the outfits (while a tad strange) don't really get in the way of the doll. This plush isn't common now, and likely came out of a UFO catcher when it was new. Discovered by Berzerker.
Tails Badminton Birdie Plush Here's a Tails from a sporty set of plushes done in the early 1990s. This tails is ready for the slightly obscure sport of Badminton. This is where you hit a rubber tipped cone back and forth over a net. He has a plush version of the Badminton Birdie in one hand. The interesting thing about this doll is that it is BIG at 13 inches. Usually the 'gimmick' plushes were much smaller and in UFO games. He has a fuzzy chest area and felt bangs. However, the arms appear understuffed/attached oddly which is unusual for Japan. Photos by Liltichan on Ebay. Tails Plush Badminton Back
TGS 2008 Prize Sonic Front Special Prize Sonic Doll Back Photo
This large Sonic (15 inches) is rather rare. Why? It was only available as a prize at gaming shows in Japan. It was free...but there weren't very many of them made at all. The only way to get one would have been entering for it at a show. This particular one is from TGS in 2008.
The eyes are cloth or embroidery, and he looks to be a good quality doll with nice fabric and decent proportions. You can see a tag in the photo too...but with the angle it's impossible to read...or even spot any Japanese lettering on it. Photos by Liltichan on Ebay.
Sonic Fighters Espio Turn-Around Photos
Sonic Fighters Super Sonic Close Up Pic These shots get you a closer look at some of the famous (and expensive) Sonic the Fighters plush collection. The Super Sonic, you can actually see the texture of, and that they bothered to add his eyebrow ridge. The spikes are also clearly standing upward, as they should be. Remember, this is from the days before any eye-color change was present, so they are black, as they should be for the era.
The Espio the Chameleon is also well done and with his turn-around you can see the details of the shoes (with buckles) and that he has the spikes along his back, and curling tail. The face is rather well done and he's accurate seeming from the back as well. These will occaisionally go into and out of stock at www.animemate.com , which sells vintage plushes such as these. Photos discovered by: JordanJ
Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Shadow Large Doll Here's a real treat for you to see!
This is the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Shadow plush. The whole line of these was quite well-made, but also really rare. Just look at all the details, and you'll see why everyone wants him!
Well sculpted eyes, with precicely placed red accents, appropriately sized ears, non-mutated hands, accurate spikes and a good expression. A lot of work went into his shoes as well, the bottoms are realistically detailed, and his cuffs are spot-on! This really is a fantastic plush.
But if you want one, you're going to have to go to a lot of trouble. This one
On Ebay (the only place to aquire one any more) these ROUTINELY sell for over $1,000 USD! A Thousand Dollars,--at this price he's one of the most expensive plushes you'll ever run-across.
was aquired for $480.00 USD! And that's WITH a flaw (notice that the only remaining piece on his chest is gray, there should be a white layer over it.) Owned and Photographed by Rhia. The back photo is by AnimeMate, but discovered by Techno1252.
Cream the Rabbit front doll cream plush side view cream plush back photo Here's a nice series of shots for Cream the Rabbit by Link of Germany.
Since Cream tends to be cute, so is her plush, naturally. They've done a good job with her 1 piece dress and little bowtie. The shoes are decent as well, with curving tops and shiny material for the soles.
Large Size Fuzzy Sonic Vintage Japan Doll This Sonic plush is one of the earlier large size ones from Japan. The plush there started off small, but this one is fairly big, at least a foot high. It's also made of fuzzy/furry fabric which is a bit unusual as well. The fabric choice doesn't affect the decent proportions, and he looks just fine. Photo discovered by Techno1252
This small old Sonic doll has an unusual feature. The glove cuffs and socks are made of wooly/furry material for some reason. This isn't an Xmas plush, either. With a big smily mouth on both sides and super big head, this is likely to be a very early 1990s doll. Wooly Cuffs Old Sonic Plush
Sitting Soccer Sonic Plush Soccer Ball Football Sonic Back With Soccer/football being as popular as it is, it's not surprising that more than 1 Sonic plush could have a soccer theme. This vintage plush has brown shoe soles (somewhat unusual) and a yellow/green soccer ball that's sewn under one arm so that he's always carrying it. Sonic & Tails Plush Tag Close Up Detail
The plush itself is somewhat fuzzy, and has a large nose. It also looks somewhat bored. With stubby short legs and a bit of a case of 'big body' it comes across a bit cute. The tag (seen in close up) is one of the less common ones...meaning that the plush is as well. The tag art is cute with "Sonic & Tails" in neon as Tails runs across the foreground. With such Tails promotion, this was likely released around the time of Sonic 2. Photos by Liltichan on Ebay