Japanese Sonic Plush Title Card
Tons of plushes!
Page 4 is another nice mix of old and new. No matter when these plushes are from, they're still 99% a great quality and a super addition to your collection. As of 2007 Japan still has more plush and variety than the USA, (simply because of history) but the battle is really on, thanks to the popularity of Sonic X and new Sonic games for the Next-Gen systems. However, it still seems Japan always wins on quality!
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Sonic X Japan Plush
Here is a Sonic X inspired plush that seems to be an interesting mix of old and new. The head is big and round (as well as the body) like the old style plushes, but the eyes are the new green. Also, those hands should look familiar from the other pages as well. Could this be a 'refurbished' doll? If it is or isn't, it's still cute and quality!
Awesome Shoe Sonic Plush Ah, here is a real nice plush!
Look at the totally awesome detail on his shoes! They're totally accurate and even use shiny material! The head is also less round, and it looks like they're shaping the nose as well. His hands are a bit 'flat' but they do have 5 fingers and are mostly proportional. His expression is good, and the eyes are nice as well. This is an EXCELLENT over-all quality plush. Highly reccommended to add to your collection--if you can find it.
Where are these guys coming from?
Credit goes to Rhia for this and the above photo
Rouge the Bat Large Plush Photo More quality heads your way if you can get ahold of this excellent Rouge the Bat Plush. This is supposed to be from a UFO catcher (claw game) machine, but it seems quite large and good quality for something like that. You can see the texture of the soft fabric in the photo. She even has shiny silver-tone smooth fabric for the soles of her shoes. The expression is nice, and her details look solid (hands, wings and 'hair tips') By the tag, you can see this is from the "Sonic Adventure 2 Battle" era.

Over-all, this looks like it would be a super plush for your collection, and is sure to please Rouge the Bat fans! Photo courteys of Rhia.

Here is an unknown-make Cream the Rabbit. This one uses 'decal' eyes (note: these can crack or rub, be careful with any plush that has this) This is not the same as the Cream on the previous page, you can see that the nose is smaller and her eyes are a lighter brown. This is about 7 inches high.

This photo is by www.videogamefigures.com. They sell this Cream (even though it originated in Japan) as well as The Bigfoot Dolls, the Sonic X DVDs and some action figures. Watch out though, as this site tends to sell out of things.

Cheese Chao Plush If Cream is here, Cheese can't be far behind. This curiously isolated photo from ZeroToys. They don't seem to have a website (if you go to zerotoys.com, it has fun science toys---but no Sonic) This just gives you a better look at a Cheese plush. You can see the eyes and mouth are embroidered on for a sturdy, accurate look. The bow-tie is fluffy and the whole doll is proportional. Is anywhere selling this?
Fuzzy Segasonic Vintage Japan Tails Now we head back in time! Here's an older (yet cute!) Tails plush close-up. You can recognize this Segasonic tag from earlier photos, but Rhia provides a nice detailed shot. This tails is rather chubby, and the fabric looks fuzzy all over, even his shoes! Old Japan Sonic Plush This is a funny old Sonic. It could be one of the first! His eyes are oddly shaped, and the soles of his shoes are strangely brown. It isn't particularly cute, but it is quite interesting to get a close-up of this early Sonic plush. Photo by: Rhia.
Sonic the Fighters Hedgehog Plush Fang Knack Weasel Sniper Texture Plush Here are some nice close ups of the Sonic the Fighters Fang /Knack and Sonic. The Sonic is up to a good standard here, as can be expected. This detail shot lets you see the fabric of Fang's construction, and exposes his holster/cork-gun detail. The hat is so 3D and excellent! No wonder he always commands a price above $100 USD when you see him for sale online!
Both photos, and 2 below by Rhia.
UFO Catcher Tails Doll Photo Here's yet another plush to come out of a UFO machine. (what, are there no toy stores? Must everyone use a claw to get Sonic items?) This one is far less fuzzy, but no less cute. This Tails looks particularly happy, despite his slightly-off shoes. As usual, the details are good, and 3D, and th likeness is nice. Micro Amy Rose Miniature Plush Photo With micro-Amy, least is not last! This Amy Rose plush looks positivly miniature. It is no higher than 4 inches. Is it related to Tiny Tails? Was there a micro set? Here, Amy is wearing her old Sonic CD outfit. The detail is good for the size, with sewn on felt accents and even eyelashes (actually stitches to keep the eyes on) This is likely rare due to it's small size!
Super Sonic Fighters plush doll rare
Behold! A Super Sonic Plush!
This rare find is from the Sonic the Fighters plush set...although it isn't seen in the official 'group photos' of the set. Why not? Possibly because it was a surprise doll or some sort of purposeful rare. Which is super unfortunate, because there is hardly anything of SuperSonic despite how much people love him.
As you can see, the spikes on the plush are standing up, just like in the game, and he has some kind of 'meany eyes'. This isn't just some re-colored regular Sonic, they've brought the real deal here! Trying to buy? Watch out! As rare as he is, a collector paid 220 Pounds for him. That's about $440.00 USD
Photo by Rhia.
Surfing Sonic Doll Another blast from the past is surfin' theme Sonic here. He looks like he might be yet another varient from the Summer Time Sonic Plush collection on this page...but notice the different glasses and surf board.
Japan did several themed sets back when there were not so many characters to help boost sales of 'different' plushes. The important thing is, they've done a MUCH better job of it than ToyNetwork.
Flower Tails Doll Here's what is likely to be a "Valentines Tails". This lets you see him up closer than the holiday themed group shots. He has a little boquet of plush flowers. This is not a very large doll, but it is rather cute. It is not very common.
Sonic Adventure 1 Quality Sonic Plush Here's a great photo collage to illustrate the Sonic Adventure 1 plush. All the different views give you an idea of his quality from every angle. As you can see, he's fairly fuzzy fabric with 3D details. The body is still kind of 'oldschool' being big and round, but it has no fill problems or terrible facial features. The only bit of oddity about him is the double pointing giant fingers which are a bit strange.
Double Fingers Sonic Adventure Plush
These guys from this set are really rising in value now, as well as becoming harder to find as people hang onto them--so watch out if you're trying to collect. Photo credit (montage) to Zenkai Kenny and (right) Rathe
Knuckles Doll Multi-view collage photo
From the same set, here's Knuckles.
The likeness of this one may even be better than Sonic's with his smaller (non-round) body, proportionate fists, and well detailed shoes. The way his eyebrow ridge is set up gives the end of his eye a kind of 'pointy' look at the tip, but as the side-on photo shows, it's really just the view.
Photo collage credit- Zenkai Kenny
Plush & Dreamcast size comparison How big are these? Here, you can see them with a Dreamcast as a part of someone's collection. These plushes are a nice big size with quality details and fabric.
Photo by Zenkai Kenny
Sonic Adventure 1 Quality Amy Rose Plush
This Amy Rose is another fabulous find.
This is the Amy from the Sonic Adventure 1 plush collection. She is 16 inches high. From this photo, you can really see the quality they brought to the line. Shiny soles to her boots, 3D nice bracelets for her gloves, and no huge stupid black eye-rim. There is a rim, but it is so thin and well done, it compliments the plush. Her expression, hair and eyes are also great. The quality of the whole line was really very good, and this Amy is just further proof. However, not too many were made, so if you're looking to collect...beware. A collector paid 300 Pounds or about $600.00 USD for her. Photo by Rhia.
Fish Man Pets a Giant Sonic Doll Trying to collect? You might end up in competition for them with this large...fish...man thing. It is a Suketoudara from PuyoPuyo the game. What's going on here?

This fish man is petting -different- Sonic dolls than the ones just above. Look at the texture of the fabric, it is fuzzy rather than smooth. The Giant Tails here must be one of the biggest Tails's around! What are the colored bits they're holding? Puyos, colored beads from a puzzle game. Each one has an expression.

Big Sonic Tails & Fish Man Puyo Plush
Flappy Head Metal Sonic Doll Back of Metal Sonic Plush Photo Metal Sonic Plush wilty face Metal Sonic Look Up Plush
This somewhat unusual Metal Sonic Plush resides in SonicGear's collection.
This is a rather bizzare item, isn't it? It's not quite mutant but then it's...not quite MetalSonic either. The 'spike' is actually a flat flap of floppy cloth. Why? Who knows. It has not been altered or destroyed in any way. It is however slightly faded and has some dirt. He is indeed an official Sega item, as the faded tag shows. It is obviously supposed to be viewed from slightly above as in the last photo. But they did detail him out, with small shoulder guards, wrist cuffs, and all 5 pointy felt fingers. The jet engine in the chest has sewn in vents as well. It isn't very large, perhaps only about 6 inches high.