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Wow, 5 pages of Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog plushes!
It seems a collector's work is never done, as they keep on making more interesting additions! What sorts of plushes will 2007 and 2008 bring? This page should keep you posted, as well as adding in vintage ones if photos are found.
Side note:
The online store Animemate may appear in the block to the right, but if it doesn't, sometimes you can find some of these plushes there by clicking their name. Note: selection varies over time.
Embroidered Amy Plush Japan
Here's a nice recent Amy from Japan. As you can see, she has a felt strip for her 'bangs', they didn't go too heavy on the eye-edge, and her expression is nice as well. The fabric looks very soft, almost fuzzy. But the interesting feature here is that her eyes are actually embroidered on. If you look closely, you can see they're stitched rather than plastic or decals.
Embroidering an eye onto a plush is more difficult than nearly any other method, but it has its advantages. They don't scuff, crack, or succumb to wear and tear. It also means the whole doll is soft and nice. Detail can be captured in the stitching, so sewing on the eyes isn't a shabby move. In all, this is a cute Amy Rose to collect. Photo credit to Segasonic01.
Embroidered Tails Plush from Japan This Tails doll is likely from the same set as the Amy you see above. Notice that his eyes are embroidered, his bangs are a felt strip, and he is made out of a very similar fuzzy fabric.
With his nice detail (face edges, chest edges and glove/shoe cuffs) and cute center-smile this Tails is a really adorable collectible. This is about 7 inches high. It is all too rare in the USA to find such a cute Tails.
Photo'd and owned by ToeiTails
Back Plush & Tag Photo by:
These Embroidered Eye Plushes are still being sold in 2009 in Japan's Sega Joypolis Tokyo. Sonic is available in 2 sizes, the others are all 1 size ($10.00). Info provided by: Jon Evans
Knuckles Embroidery Eye Small Plush Another from the 'embroidered eye' set appears, and this time it's Knuckles. You can see the similar stitching of the eye, with the white spot as in the above plushes. He looks really good, especially for a small doll such as this. The head-shape seems fine, and the fists are nice and big. As with the above, his cloth is bright and looks slightly fuzzy as well. The expression and feature-placement is all pretty accurate as well. With this Knuckles, the set appears to be shaping up as something of nice quality to collect. Photo by: OrangeUnicorn1984
Slightly mutated embroiderey eye Sonic The 'nice quality' streak of the above smaller plushes stops with this Sonic. The doll to the left is 'small' the doll to the right is 'medium'...though they're from the same set/run, as you see the embroidery on the eyes and the fabric is all alike.
Unfortunately the smaller one has a sort of bizzarre mis-shapen head with huge mouth and over-done eye ridge. The seam-lining on the head also gives it a lumpy quality that isn't helped the the "horn-ish" ears. The Amy did not suffer from these, so why should Sonic? This Sonic can also have a missing buckle. (It should be glued on, but some are not...so do observe first) Info by Chibiko.
Medium Size Sonic Embroider Eye Plush
With the "medium" doll, you can see they're using a scaled up pattern (the head is still too flattened-oval shape) from the previous one, but sheer size helps fix it. This one's shoes aren't as puffy, the buckle looks a little more in-place and his arms are a bit more proportionate. The head looks less 'alien' and more pleasent, despite the fact that it appears they did NOT scale up his eye embroidery. Also note that the mouth-size is the same as the small doll, only here it looks better because the whole face is bigger. A curious development for the series. Both photos above by OrangeUnicorn1984
Black Bird Penguin Animal Sonic Basket Plush Do you remember the "Basket Holding" plushes from Japan Sonic Plush Page 1? Well here's a nice close-up of the black bird or penguin. Here, you can see the detail of the basket, and get a good look at the face. It's a cute detail that the wings or flippers are curling over the top!
Photo by: Rhia
This seal or possibly a walrus is not from the same set. If you notice, the flippers/arms aren't long enough to be holding the basket. This has to be from another set of plushes. It's still rather cute with fuzzy face, pom-pom nose and cross-eyes. Photo by: Rhia. Sonic Seal Walrus Animal Plush
Hero Chao Plush Front Cute Hero Chao Plush Back View Doll
Now here's something EVERYone needs a closer look at! The Hero Chao plush! Isn't it wonderful? It's a real bummer that it is so rare. Here, you can see the shiny softness of the fuzzy fabric. The back view gives an un-seen before look at the tail and little wings! It even has a blue tip before the dove-like tail. The 'halo' is held up by a clear plastic cone. The strange white eyes are also solid plastic. With such great accuracy and quality materials this is a great plush to add to your collection! Photo by Rhia
Suction Cups Sonic Plush You can stick this Sonic to any smooth surface.
Here, they've modified "Big Pointing Finger" Sonic to have suction cups on his hands. They've yellowed due to age, but it doesn't stop the Sonic from being rather cute looking. Photo by Rhia.
Japan Shadow Shoe Detail Plush Here's a decent Shadow from Japan. While he isn't all that large, (about 7 inches) they've gotten the details pretty well. The bottoms of his shoes have the textures as decals, but if you look closely, you can see that the middles are actually raised, just like on a real shoe. His glove cuffs and bands lay right, and his chest fur white patch is raised (by using felt) The eyes are embroidered on, making this an all-soft doll, while also avoiding the tilting/twist problem of the plastic eyes. His ears also stay standing, which can be a problem with some plushes. All in all, this is a good likeness for Shadow, although these can be rather expensive to obtain/import. Photo by:
Big Nose Amy Rose Rosy Rascal Outfit This is a Sonic CD era Amy Rose plush. As you can see, she's in her old outfit. The outfit for this relativly small doll (only 6 inches high) is quite detailed. With colored socks, accurate shoes, and even little yellow bows for the laces! Look at her skirt too, it has a hole in the back for her tail. The spikes are well formed and you can see her headband too. However, she's not without problems, as her nose is HUGE. They've chosen to go with a 'fur' for her 'bangs', and she has no fingers. Still, this is a very detailed older Amy Rose. Amy Plush 6in Back Shot
Wierd Clothes Event Tails with Headband Do you remember the different "Seasonal" plushes from Japan Plush Page 1?
Here's a nice close-up of the Tails from that set with the drum in it. This is obviously some Japan only occaision. Tails is normal, and cute, but he has on some sort of red vest thing with a yellow ribbon belt. He also has on a twisty-rope head band (it has slipped down in this photo) His bangs are semi-3D and look to be made of thick felt of some kind. It is interesting to see this doll up closer.
Sonic X UFO Series Sonic Doll Sonic X Claw Machine Shadow Sonic Shadow Comparison Spikes
With this comparison photo, you can see that the Sonic's spikes are kind of wilty or strange, as compared to the Shadow. They're above 'felt strip' level, but they're not as great as possible.
All the plushes here are from the Sonic X UFO Catcher set. Meaning, they can all be won out of claw machines in Japan. Usually plushes found in there aren't the best quality, but here you can see this isn't the case. Rouge has heels to her shoes, her 'hairs' in back, and detailed eyes. Eggman has 3D goggles, shiny glasses, and a felt mustache.
Sonic X UFO Rouge Rouge the Bat Back Silvertone Shoes Eggman New Plush Everyone has fingers, and Shadow's shoes are fully detailed. The eyes are embroidered on, though Rouge's eyes are not the right color, if you look closely. Sonic and Shadow are a bit fat, but still, the likeness are pretty nice and detailed.
These are all by Sonic Project 2004. Bokkun is on this set too, but you need Plushes 3 to see him. Over all, this is a fine set of Sonic X plushes, especially considering you could win them. All of the set owned and photographed by Memeki.
Back of Sonic X line Eggman Here's a better look at the X plush set's Eggman. He looks fine from the back, they kept the detail of his coat & the 'fins' at the bottom are floppy as they should be. The detail shot at right shows his cuff, both sides of the cloth tag (so you can see authenticity) his shoe color decals & the details for his face. The goggles are 3D with little colored dots for the 'glass' his eyebrow ridge is sewn on & the mustache is flat felt. This is a good & detailed plush. Sonic X Eggman doll detail photos
Boquet & Bow Sonic UFO Plush
Boquet & Bow Tails UFO Plush
If you remember the UFO Catcher set from Japan Sonic Plush 1, you can get a closer look at these guys. Sonic & Tails are wearing satiny-looking bow-ties in purple and green, and they're carrying a boquet of plush flowers. If you look closely, you'll see that the flowers are even wrapped in clear plastic--so realistic! These have really been given a nice touch with quality accessories. These aren't very big, so the details such as shoes, glove cuffs and socks are simplified, but the plushes are still cute. Photos by: Rhia.
Green Shirt Gimmick Sonic These are also from the page 1 plush set. For some reason, each plush is wearing a shirt. It seems rather gimmicky, and a bit out of character with what Japanese plushes are known for (quality/variety) but, here they are. Sonic's head-shape is off as well, with having no neck, and sort of a 'long' head. Tails is still just as cute though. You'll also notice that none of the four have fingers at all, it's just that here, you can more easily see it. These were produced in 1994. Photos by: Rhia.
Shirt Wearing UFO Tails
Sweater wearing Sonic doll This added photo for the above plush shows the tag, and that not all of them are slightly distorted. Notice the slightly different eye-position, and that the head doesn't appear as 'tall' as the doll above. Perhaps these UFO plushes had small variations. This should be around 20-30 in 2011 if you want to buy one. Info & photo by Sapphi