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It certainly seems the most common item of Japan to be photographed is the large plush selection. For some reason it seems like plushes were easy to get outside of the country, or many were sold over the internet to non-Japan areas. They're also well-photographed and were apparently made in a large enough quantity that collectors can still collect them, even after all of this time. Once again, this page will feature both vintage and modern Japanese plushes.
SA1 1999 Large Chao Plush Here's a good look at the turn-arounds for the large, expensive Sonic Adventure 1 chao plush. The set just had a neutral chao, but it was really well made (like everything else on the set) With these photos you can see they used a nice fade for the yellow on the feet & head tip. The pink wings are nice & big. Do note the cloth tag, to help avoid fakes. It says 1999, which makes sense with the release of Sonic Adventure 1. Photo & owned by OrangeHedgehog1984
These plushes may or may not appear on another page here (likely not) as some dolls get to looking similar without their paper tags. These dolls have unusual round tags featuring Sonic & Tails portraits, with the Segasonic name, letting you know they're an early pair. Each one looks fuzzy and soft, with wooly material, especially for the belly dot on Tails. Look at his different colored sock & glove belt details. Both dolls have cute faces and are pretty big. (That's SA2 Knuckles beside them, for size reference) Photos & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
SegaSonic Tag Sonic & Tails Plushes Big
Fighters Plush Tails Close Ups Here's a close up & turn arounds to get a better look at Sonic the Fighters Plush Set Tails. (The group photo for them is on a different page) These were all small, somewhat simple plushes, but the set was remarkable because it had so many rare characters in it. Tails looks good here, with nice big tails, good shoe shape and an ok expression. The things to note here are the tags (front and back, paper & cloth) as there are a LOT of fakes of this set circulating around due to high prices. Photos & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
1st UFO Catcher Sonic Doll Set You've seen individuals of a few of these before on earlier plush pages, but here's the whole set. This is believed to be the first ever set of UFO catcher dolls they ever did for Sonic. It's a believable claim, as the 'string Sonic' (notice his arms) was always confirmed to be extremely early, as well as the notion of 'toothy Eggman'. Since there weren't any other real character-characters present, they used the little animals that pop out of the robots to fill out the set. Flicky bird, Pecky Penguin & Rocky? Rabbit all have felt or fuzz details. Eggman is sort of wacky with his small head, big red nose & odd blocky teeth. These were made in Korea in 1991. They're about 7 inches long each.
PSO2 Office Giant Tails Plush Here's an interesting photo. It's taken in what looks like some type of meeting room in a game development office. The game is Phantasy Star Online 2 (the original PSO was developed by Sonic Team, for consoles like the Dreamcast) The sequel is for the PC & Playstation Vita, which is where you get this rather unique picture. It has Augmented Reality, so you can see it being used to create an IRL photo with a virtual guy. However, if you inspect the background, you can spot a giant Tails plush over there on the sofa. (There's a Sonic & smaller Tails too)
Giant plushes are not common at all for Japan, so where'd they get this one? It's clearly taking up most of a cushion. It makes for an over-all cool photo.
Slightly Flawed UFO Tails Variable This cute Tails plush will look familiar. He's the same as the one on #, & has the same tag & details...except that his bangs are flawed. They're missing 1 spike, & have also been sewn in upside-down. The order of his bangs is always longest to shortest, this is the opposite. Since this is a UFO prize, it's not 100% surprising to see a small flaw or variation like this, however it is uncommon. Here's a set of 3 Sonic X themed plushes. You could get Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. The Tails especially looks quite like he did in the show (notice the white face edges) These are SegaToys brand, & about 10 inches high each. Since it's Sega, they always produce a quality product. Photo discovered by MrCalistine
Fuzzy 1997 Japanese Sonic Plush Here's a rather large, fuzzy Sonic from 1997. He has a big head, but small arms/hands. The ear-interior color is glued on felt overlay. The fuzzy cloth & sort of chubby look make him cuter than usual. The belly dot is connected to the bottom of his face though. For some reason, this sold for 102 on ebay in 2013, which is unusually pricy for a seemingly cute, but random doll. Photo discovered by MrCalistine
Walrus Plush Gray With Tag Here's a walrus plush from a set of 3 plushes. This same one is on plushes 5, but here's a better look. The interesting thing here is the unique tag. It has only Sonic, Tails & this walrus on it, even though there were plenty of other little animals at the time. Why just this one guy? Why a walrus-specific tag? Look at the fin too, it's vertical like a shark instead of flippers like a walrus. The Tails plush right above on this page is the other from the set, as seen by its matching tag. Photo discovered by Shadowfoxx757
Fan photo all STF Fighters Dolls This is a fan photo of all of the Sonic the Fighters plushes set. The entire set is very costly, making this collection seen here worth a lot. You could see the factory photo of the whole set on Japan Plush 2, but this fan shot shows how they really look / has better resolution. It also exposes the fact that...the Metal Sonic is actually really poor! Look at him, uneven eyes, crosseyed, wierd tiny feet, fat body, & what's going on with his engine? It's rather unfortunate the quality didn't seem to extend to him, as everyone else looks pretty good. Photo discovered by The Ultimate Hedgehog
Mini Penguin Plush with Tag With this, you can get a nice close look at the tiny penguin plush from the "Super Sonic" tag set. (Has nothing to do with Super Sonic, just has the word on the tag) The mini penguin is cute, with fluffy white topknot & plastic eyes. The tag still has that error gray mustache skipping eggman, & also shows the penguin with yellow instead of white feather-top. The Flicky & the bunny look about like their dolls did. The back of the tag has "Sega" on it in Japanese, with the copyright info. Photo & owned by PiplupFan77
1994 Soft Tails Plush Turn Around Here's the turn-around photos for the 1994 soft Tails plush. He's not as bright an orange color as others, is made of a fuzzier fabric & has those 2 white dots for the 'eye shines'. This one's shoes are also the same softer fuzzy fabric. You can see the construction of the tails is solid but simplified (not lots of little jagged edges from the orange to the white) This is about 24.5 cm (or 9.6 inches). Photo & owned by 7marichan7
Sanei Shadow Plush turn arounds This is the Sanei company plush Shadow. These dolls can be distinguished by their embroidered detail. Notice his embroidered mouth & eyes with these photos. The tag shows everyone they Sanei Shadow Plush Front photo
made on the set. The size comparison above is with a Sonic X Series 2 Sonic...so you can see they chose almost exactly the same size doll to make for this set. You can see Sanei Amy on another page of Japan plushes. These also aren't that expensive, & they're a good, soft quality. Photo & owned by Warden Of SuperJail
Espio Keychain Tiny Plush 1996 This plush is really small! Instead of the usual string at the top for hanging, it has a beaded 'keychain' style metal loop chain. However, this is probably more 'plush' than it is 'keychain' so...here it goes.
Does this tiny Espio remind you of any other item? It should! Both "mini Sonic" and "super tiny Tails" plushes appear here as well. They both feature little flat felt hands just like this one does. That likely means that...
There's a whole SET of these micro dolls out there somewhere. Certainly, if they did an Espio, there's going to be a Knuckles, likely a Mighty & Charmy Bee too. Despite being made out of little pieces of flat fabric, this looks pretty much like the old Chaotix sprite, with yellow socks, black area around the eye, thin tail without spikes & brow ridge. This was made in 1996, as you can see there on the tag closeup. Photos discovered by SonicToast
Elusive Tails Stocking Plush Item The ever strange & elusive "Tails Stocking"!
Just what is it? Why is it rare? Who knows! Clearly...it's Tails...in a stocking. But why? He's some kind of Christmas decoration. The Tails part is a plush doll, but it has no legs or tails. The bottom half of it is literally that plush stocking / boot thing you see there. It has white fur top, gold colored 'bells', & green holly leaves. The Tails plush is shown waving & has a cute little Santa Claus hat. In this photo, it's shown next to the "Christmas Sonic Slippers", so you can see about how big it is.
String Arms Plush Front & Back Here's a great inspect-able photo set for one of the "Stringy Sonics", where the plush has (probably) nylon cord or some kind for the legs & arms. There are actually 3 dolls made like this. One has plastic beads for the feet, the other 2 have felt hands/feet but can be told-apart by how the face is built. (This one has the pupils further apart & smaller mouth) One of the earliest dolls, this was made in 1991 & is simple and cute. The spikes in back are 3 rows (notice how Japan dolls got them right right away, while other 3-dimensional Sonic products from elsewhere would give him a fin, 1 row etc) & are made of felt. There's plastic inside the hands/feet to keep them stiff. Notice that they forgot the stripe on his shoes. The tag says "1991 Made in Korea" with Japanese letters. Photos by: