Japanese Sonic Plush Title Card
Japan was (and still is) quite prolific with Sonic character plushes.
This page will have a mix of classic and modern plush doll photos. Pretty much all of the Japan plushes are collectible, regardless of how common or ultra-expensive they were/are. Adding to the collectibility is the general theme of these to be better quality more consistently than plush from elsewhere.
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Mobile Promo Doll W/Phone Tag 2008 You've seen this doll elsewhere on Japan Plushes, but this one is slightly different. It's their usual 'big size' Sonic plush, but the paper hang-tag is different. He has been re-tagged with Sega's "Mobile Items" tag. It just has a CG Sonic picture, but they've got him reaching toward a mobile phone to illustrate that it's for their mobile division. Dolls like this with the new tag were given away at the Sega Mobile Sonic Celebration event in Japan, which was around June 30th of 2008.
This event was reported on by Japan's The Sonic Channel, which is also what took a picture of the doll (w/water bottle for scale) Photo discovered & info by Fueled By Chaos
E-102 Gamma SA1 Plush Robot Here's a closer look at the rare & expensive E-102 Gamma plush. He was released on the first set of SA1 dolls, & never again. But, what no one knew was...
The doll is TO SCALE with the rest of the plushes, making this one absolutely enormous. (Remember, E was quite tall, with his long folding legs & arms) This fact makes the rare plush even more desireable. Hopefully someone gets a pic of this one laid out on the floor next to the SA1 set Sonic & a ruler for scale...
Bokkun Detail Photo Here is a better look at the detail of the Bokkun from the original Japanese Sonic X plush set. For such not that big dolls, he has a good amount of sewn on detail, like the grayish ridge of color on his head, felt M for his belt (Speculated to be for "Messenger" but nobody ever confirmed it) and then even the inside of his rocket backpack has texture/threads & stuck on 'fins' for the sides of the outside. The whole X set seemed like a really quality production, and this detail shot is further proof.
Sonic Project Knuckles Plush This is a Knuckles produced under the "Sonic Project" licensing label. They did a set of dolls around the time of Sonic X, which MAY have had more than 1 country of release. Notice how the poster in the background is also a "Sonic Project" license item, but it appeared in the US & UK, as well as at Amazon.com. The Knuckles is nice, mostly. The bottom of his face is a bit big/chunky, but his fist-spikes are stuffed, he does have clear-cut thumbs, the glove cuffs, socks & shoe-bolts are also raised/detailed. The eyes are decal style & well positioned. While not 100% perfect, this is still a nice, collectible plush. Photo & owned by Rae Logan
Mini Sonic Keychain Plush
Should this item go on Keychains, or Plushes?
It's both at once! However, since a plush doll makes for a rather poor keychain choice (it's still big as fobs go) it goes onto plushes. This is a mini doll that you could win out of a UFO catcher prize machine. It's only about 5 inches long (which is small for a doll but big for a keychain) and has a beaded chain loop to attach it to things.
Because it's so small, the construction suffers a little bit. The nose is a flat flap (see how it goes sideways) as are the spikes & ears which can just lay down & not look quite right. The shoes are a bit long/tube like & the hands are flat felts pressed together. The tag marks it as a 1996 item. This was supposedly released to promote Sonic the Fighters, but is not labeled as such. It's still a neat little item! Photos by Retro Mushroom
Sonic Fighters Mini Keychain Plushes More Sonic the Fighters mini keychain plushes! Apparently, they made the whole cast (or most of it) as tiny simple dolls.
Here, you can see Espio, Amy, Knuckles, Fang Knack, & Tails. The Sonic from the set is pictured above. Who's missing? Bean, Bark, Metal Sonic & Eggman, if they included him. Neither Amy nor Fang Knack have their weapon included. They're all cute in the mini size, and there's clear evidence they tried to include each detail (different shaped chest color patches, pleat Amy's skirt, Knuckles gets big (if flat) fists etc.) Photo & owned by Choppi
Love Live Rin Sonic Double Doll Plush This is a first of its kind: A double doll.
Here, a 'chibi style' squishy little version of Love Live Rin has a smaller doll of her own. Her little Sonic plush is kept under her arm as she lays flat on the surface. The cute Sonic plush is mimicing her (or she, it?) happy shut-eyes expression. This is a cross-promotion item for the show Love Live, where they paired Sonic items/images with the character Rin from the show. Others to be found here on Gear include Food, Standee, Bath & Statue. This is a Sega factory photo.
Pumpkin Holding Caped Sonic Doll Here's a Halloween plush! Sort of unusual because Halloween isn't that big of a deal in Japan as it is in the USA /elsewhere. Here, you can see they've modified one of their usual Sonic plushes to be holding a plush jack-o-lantern. He is also wearing a cape (seen at right) with black tie strings. Since the doll was good quality to begin with, adding a pumpkin doesn't change much & gives it a bit of a theme. This is win-able in 2012 in Joypolis UFO machines, as evidenced by the round paper tag. Discovered by SonicBoy19
Joypolis Halloween Theme Sonic Plush
The art on the tag no doubt inspired the doll, as he holds a witch-hat wearing pumpkin, cape & cane. (but why a cane?)
Poseable Plush Sonic X Doll MIB Poseable Plush Back & Box Edge
Here's a better look at the Pose-able Plush Sonic X doll from Plushes 4. Here, you can see what it looks like while mint in the box (an open front cardboard) & also the illustrations the box used. The back explains the pose-ability, while the edge has Sonic X art for Amy Knuckles & Tails. You can see all the SegaToys logos too. The back of the doll is decent, with well formed non-droop spikes, and it's fairly proportional. Despite the age of Sonic X in 2015, some of these may still be around for sale, as they were prolifically produced and are not that rare. Photos discovered by Lightening
Posed Plush Turn Arounds Here is a better look at the 'posed plush' from a previous page of Japan Classic Dolls. This is from around 1992, as evidenced by the paper tag. (Skipping Eggman & small animals) It is 'posed' in that the hands are glued to the face edge & body to make him look like he is in the 'hand on hip' stock art. However, because plush arms are just kind of floppy/bendy, it doesn't carry off very well. Notice the details though, the sock cuffs are fuzzy, he has 2-mouth syndrome & the 'belly dot' is connected to the neck, where it's not supposed to be.
While it does have problems (as early plushes could) do notice the structure of the spikes on the back & back of head, they're correct, even though this was supposed to be out before Sonic 2 (Where the half-pipe revealed the official structure) It is interesting to see how well they did, when compared with USA plushes from a similar, and even past era. Photo & owned by: Spazer
Sanei Sonic Tails Knuckles Embroider Eye Plushes Here are the other 3 Sanei plushes from the set. (Shadow & Amy already appear on previous page) Sonic, Tails & Knuckles look pretty good here with their embroidered eyes & detailed hands. (Knuckles' fists are normal/ large, but his nose is a little pointy) It's a good set to collect, with 5 characters in all. Photo & owned by Max6464
Sonic X Small Size Plush Tails Knuckles Another trio of plushes! This time, it's a closer look at the small size Sonic X series plushes, made for the show (as you can see with the paper tags here) These dolls feature really thick plastic color parts for their eyes. (That's the easiest way to distinguish them) Tails & Sonic have clearly defined ear edges & good big feet. Knuckles has a bit of a thick 'eyebrow' area & smallish fists.
The shoe bottoms are made of a plastic-coated fabric to add shape & texture. Each paper tag has the characters from the show & the logo in Japanese. Photo & owned by Max6464
Pale Small Sonic All Angles Photo Here's a better look at the 'all white' pale Sonic doll from the 1990s. This is the small size one & now you can see it from all angles. It's actually a bit of a cream-tone with egg-shell white as opposed to 100% stark white.
Every detail is there, like shoe buckles, eye-shines & mouth, but each is in a varying shade of white-ish. Notice his giant finger. The plush is likely the same pattern as the first 'way too big pointy finger' doll, just made with different fabric. This doll is HIGHLY collectible & sought-after for it's uncommon looks & ability to stand out in a collection. Photo & owned by: Spazer