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Even more Sonic the Hedgehog Plushes from Japan. Most of these are more recent additions with new Sonic Adventure looks and styles. Watch out for some super rare dolls on this page! Did you know some of these have sold for over $200.00 USD each? Amazing!
Sonic the Fighters plush collection: rare & exclusive!
There is a Fighters Plush forum & rarity index / currently keeping up with prices & info at

Fighters Plush , the website!

If ever there was a set of plushes to wish for, this would be it! Amazingly rare dolls in this collection made for the obscure arcade game Sonic the Fighters. You can now play Sonic the Fighters on Sonic Gems collection for the Game Cube. This set has a nicely done Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic...but Amy's got her mallet!

The back row are the real treasures. Who has EVER seen a plush Bark the Polar Bear? Bean the Dynamite Duck has his bomb, and Fang Knack the Sniper Weasel comes with his Cork gun. Eggman in the background is striking a pose, and even METAL SONIC has a plush version. Totally unbelievable! See closer Sonic Fighters Photos on page 3!

Sonic Adventure 1 Plushes Photo Once Sonic Adventure arrived for the Dreamcast, the characters looks all changed slightly. This makes it easy to tell what era a plush might be from. Look for the colored eyes. This set is the FIRST line of plushes released along with Sonic Adventure, in 1999. They are fairly large, and retailed for around $20.00 USD each at the start. They are now very expensive. You could import them, for a while as well. The knuckles' head leaves a little to be desired with the sculpt, and the Sonic features the stereotypical SA smile. The chao is especially well done, and Big the Cat even comes with his fishing rod.
You can see the tag that comes with the plushes on this different shot of the chao Chao plush tag
Rare Hero Chao & group plush photo When Sonic Adventure 2 Battle arrived, it got another series of plushes. Even a Hero Chao plush! That would be so cute to own, but is so very rare.
Back of SA 1999 Tails doll Here's the back of the above Tails Sonic Adventure 1 plush from 1999. The battery is there for size comparison (he's big!) You can see his quality looking construction, and that he's nice & accurate from the back as well. Owned & photo by: Nice Resolution Fighter Plush Photo This photo of the Fighters Plush collection has better lighting, a better angle & crisper resolution than the one above. Photo discovered by SonikkuForever
Egg Man Plush UFO UFO Catcher Sonic X Series Rouge The Rouge from this set is rather rare. This particular one sold for over $300 in 2010. She's nicely detailed, especially for a UFO plush! The tag shows the other characters you could collect from the machines. Rouge the Bat Plush UFO
Even Eggman was released as a soft toy with his new look. He was in the Sonic X themed UFO catcher set.
Above photo disc. by Trogdorbad
Sonic X Plush Line Proto-Photo
The TV Show "Sonic X" brought about its own line of plushes to collect. This even included a mini-version of Chris the human protagonist. The Cream the Rabbit one looks quite accurate and cute. Look at the difference between the two photos.

The top one has Frowny-Cheese! Why would anyone make a gloomy Chao plush? Especially if Cheese is generally a happy chao. Fortunatly, it looks like it was fixed in the bottom image. Were any Frowny-Cheese chaos sold?

UFO Catchers / Crane-Games in Japan: Dispensing plush this way made them especially rare, because you had to win them, instead of just being able to buy one. 2 Images by Japantoy.
Cheese the Chao Plush
Sonic X 2nd Plush photo Happy
Collected SonicX Plushes & Posters Here's what they look like in a collection, up a bit closer. Cheese is of course not 'life size' it is huge in comparison to the characters. As you can see here, each one has a little string on top. Photo by Zenkai Kenny.
Chris plush doll close up photo
Close Up Turn-Around Chris Thorndyke Plush
You've already seen a zillion Sonics and Tails dolls, but what about the Chris? This photo collage shows him from all angles, and gives you a look at the official tag. You can see here that his face is embroidered on, and the bottoms of his shoes are actually shiny. His hair is fuzzy, but sculpted to be pretty close to as seen in the show, though his head is a bit flat. The detail on the clothing, and the look of the embroidery contribute to make this a decent "Chibi Version" of Chris Thorndyke. Photo credit: Zenkai Kenny., close up photo UltimateHedgehog
Bokkoe or Bokkun Robot Plush In Sonic X, Eggman has helper robots. This one is Bokkun. What an odd plush. This photo might have been taken by Japantoy.
There is also a Decoe plush, but that's coming soon, along with more photos. Be sure to return!
Nights Chao Plush from Japan NiGHTS Chao Back Photo Look at this! It's a NiGHTS Chao plush! SO fun! Who wouldn't want this great and adorable plush for their collection! They did such a good job, look at the accents for the stripes, wings, and feet--it's so life like and cute!
NiGHTS Chao's Tag Here's the tag to show it's official, and not some fan project. Lookout though, as this big-size plush is most desireable AND expensive. If you see it on ebay, expect to pay more than $100.00 USD for it.
Why does this have a devil-tail? I raised one of these in the game and it never had one. The big wings are so nice, and it looks so quality with the plastic eyes.
Normal & Dark Chao Plush A normal chao and dark chao plush, both un-evolved. Wah.. where are the Dark Chaos for the USA? Japan gets everything. Isn't angry little dark chao so cute? It can't be determined if this is the same one that appears with Shadow Character Costume over Here. These are large, good quality plushes.

The question is: Were these EVER for retail sale? This photo is from Sonic Team HQ. Are these the only 2 in existance? Can fans obtain them somehow?

Hero chao & more at Sonic Team HQ Hero Chao needs some fun too!
This thing must be really big, if it is near a framed poster for Sonic X, and those two plushes. But look at the foot of the Sonic plush. It is another new-style sneaker, unlike those seen on other plushes. This hero chao is another great likeness, complete with the odd white eyes and color tipping found in the game.

With all the other interesting things in the shot, this could be none other than Sonic Team HQ. You can see part of the other picture (normal chao) in this one. What are some of the other things? Sonic X promo poster, Stickers, Gamecube JP game boxes, a Sonic Heroes item, something for 'project rub' Feel the Magic XY/XX, and an Xbox version of Sonic Gems.

Whoa...Ultimate plush collection!
Can you imagine owning this! There's well over $1,000 USD worth of plushes here, easily. Whoever watermarked the photo, did it for ebay...but is otherwise illegible.

We have hero chao (DIFFERENT from the one above, notice the blue accents) Cheese, normal chao, Big, Cream, Eggman, some Sonics, Amy Rouge, a GOOD Shadow, Chris, Bokkun, E102-Gamma (how is that thing as cute as it is!) Tails and a new shiny Metal Sonic.

So many rare plushes!
The hero chao here proves there was more than 1 type of hero chao created. The E-102 is one of the most costly plushes you can buy. It sold once for over $800.00 USD on Ebay. Metal Sonic is so rare, he doesn't really have an associated price. He also proves there are at least 3 versions of him available.
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