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It certainly seems the most common item of Japan to be photographed is the large plush selection. For some reason it seems like plushes were easy to get outside of the country, or many were sold over the internet to non-Japan areas. They're also well-photographed and were apparently made in a large enough quantity that collectors can still collect them, even after all of this time. Once again, this page will feature both vintage and modern Japanese plushes.
Sonic Adventure Tails Plush Photos Here's a better/closer look at the Sonic Adventure 1 Tails plush. You've seen it before in a group on other pages of Gear, but now you can get a nice look at the quality. There's a reason these dolls are so expensive...they were large, well made, had good detail & quality materials. Also being done in Japan, they were harder to get a hold of outside the country. Being rather expensive to start with also contributes to the rarity. Photo & owned by Or@ange Unicorn1984
Sonic Adventure 1 Eggman Plush Here's the SA1 plush line's Eggman, he looks great in his detailed coat, 3D goggles, big mustache & soft, quality material. He's also proportional, mostly, & the shoes even have heels! He's quite uncommon. Photo & owned by Or@ange Unicorn1984
Sonic Adventure 1 Big Cat Plush Here's a good look at Big the Cat, complete with his sandles, and nicely detailed fishing pole. Look at how well the tail ends, as well as the 'hair like' spike things on the back of his head. They didn't miss a single buckle, & he's pretty proportional as well. The tag seen there (cloth tag) should be the same for the whole line. Photo & owned by Or@ange Unicorn1984
The rare & expensive big chao plushes! These guys appear elsewhere as well, but this photo provides a great look at all sides. Neutral chao is from SA1 (see tag) while the Hero & Dark are SA2 Battle, and would have had the split tag. With these photos you can see the clear plastic that holds up the halo, the nice light yellow wings, and the fun 'devil type' arrow tail on the Dark chao. These chao are great! It's too bad they're quite so costly. Photos by SonicTeam
SA 1 Knuckles Doll Turn Photos Here are some great shots of the SA 1 plush Knuckles. You can see they got his details worked in quite well, everything from the bolts on his shoes, to the way his spikes aren't out of proportion/lay right on his head. Like the rest of the line, he's a tad chubby, but it doesn't wreck the look. With these photos you can see the texture on the quality, soft fabric that was used. A great line, but too bad they're rather rare. Photo & owned by Or@ange Unicorn1984
Sonic Adventure 1 Plush Tag Close Up SA 1 Plush Cloth & Paper Tag Details Here, you can see the location & size for the paper and cloth (tush) tags of the SA 1 plushes.
The back of the tag is really quite detailed, loaded with copyright & company info (all in Japanese) The front has all of the initial SA 1 re-design character stock art, for all the dolls from the line. Photo & owned by Or@ange Unicorn1984
SA1 Sonic Doll Turn Arounds SA1 Sonic has already been displayed, so this recap is here to show some of the not-yet-covered angles, such as direct back (spikes look nice!) & the good construction/detail on his shoes. Photo & owned by Or@ange Unicorn1984
Hapi Coat Sonic UFO Plush Front Back You've seen this 'clothing doll' Sonic in a compilation photo elsewhere on these plush pages, but here, you can get a nice close up. This is "Hapi Coat Sonic" and he was a UFO prize you could grab. Obviously that's a Hapi Coat that he's got on, but what's that Kanji on the back? Why does he need a headband? The belt is shown to be a ribbon (from the back) while the headband is tied with a knot. He's uncommon because of the UFO prize status, but also because the get-up is kind of obscure unless you're in Japan. Photo discovered by Hali66
SegaPrice SA2 Battle Rouge Plush SegaPrize SA2 Battle Tails Plush These are SegaPrize plushes, which came out in a whole set of characters for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. They all had the same half/half tag, seen here.
These plushes were always highly prized for their quality materials, large size & excellent structure.
With these detailed photos, you can see that it's all true. Look at Rouge's face & expression! Each nose is correct, & the mouths are embroidered on. They even got her pink lip. The wings are big & each bit of hair at the base of her head is sculpted nicely. Tails is just as good, his expression is really cute, & the proportions are all good too. It's no wonder these dolls are so expensive and sought-after. Photos & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
Sonic Adventure Amy Rose Big Plush Here's a great quality looking Amy Rose from Sonic Adventure 1. She has thick felt bangs, nice embroidered-on eyelashes, faux leather lookng shoe-bottoms, & they even got her under-skirt thing (it's white) and tail too. Her expression seems good/cheerful & Amy-like, while the rest of her appears proportional. She's fairly large, too. Photos & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
Here is a Sega Toys Plush Tails, from 2003. He looks to be a good, solidly constructed plush. Look how they shaped the face, the nose is pointed, the white edge fur stuff is detailed & stands correctly, his ears are a tad small, but they're positioned really well and don't look wierd. His tails seem to be sewn together. Photos & owned by OrangeUnicorn1984
China Big Sonic Plush This doll hasn't proven to be official!
It was made in China, but sold to Japan. It was aquired without a paper tag, but the cloth tag seems normal /appropriate. The quality of the whole plush looks decent too, with good proportions (though the spikes are slightly thin) The eyes are embroidered, & there are no
obvious defects or mistakes on the shoes, which is usually where bootlegs will start to go wrong. It just seems too quality over-all to be a fake, but what set or where was it from? OrangeHedgehog1984
Hello Kitty Sonic Plush
Is this the first official crossover Sonic plush?
It's Hello Kitty dressed up in a Sonic outfit! Sanrio & Sega are apparently doing some sort of cross over promotion to make this cute doll. Hello Kitty has on little Sonic gloves, outfit with shoes & hood with spikes & ears. Her bow still sits on one side of the head. You can see her whiskers going under the hood. As with all Hello Kitty items, this one will be somewhat pricey at retail, it should be $40.
You'll be able to find her at Sega amusement parks in Japan starting in late July. After that, they say that this plush will be available worldwide starting next summer 2013. Does that mean she'll be win-able there? How do they plan to distribute world wide? Hopefully more details appear about how to get this. Photo discovered & info by SonicRulz14
Sega Prize Flicky Bird Plush
This flicky bird is from the Sega Prize line (see the paper tag) and isn't very big. It also looks a little like a...Ninja Turtle! With that red band across the eyes. The details such as beak (though it looks like lips because it is flat & they drew a smile onto it), cheeks, feather, wings & feet are all flat felts.
Is the red stripe an error, or was there offical art that showed the bird this way? Usually a flicky is shown as having red areas on the outside of the eyes only, not between them.
Sanei 2012 Plush Selection Ad
Little Basketball Eggman
This is a page/ad with Sanei plushes for 2012. They seem to be making more of the same (see their other modern dolls around these pages) though these may have other sizes or some different feature, it's hard to tell here. Perhaps the Amy is pale-er pink than before. What's the new deal with these dolls, or are they a nice re-release? Discovered by mslourinho
This is a silly and cute little old plush. It's mini round squishy Eggman with a cape and basketball. He's no doubt from a "sports series" of plushes, could he have been with "Tennis Tails"? The many series of small UFO catcher type plushes they had in the 1990s makes it confusing to pin down the set. But he's funny with his ball & very short legs.
Santa Costume Eggman Plush At last, in 2013 there appears good photos for these early 1990s really rare Christmas themed plushes. You've seen the Sonic & "Tails Stocking" in the old grainy company photo on Plushes 1, but here's a real good look! Tails Stocking & Santa Sonic Xmas Dolls
This is believed to be a win-able UFO catcher set, released soon after Sonic 2 in Japan. Eggman is a Santa variant, with green hat, green bow-tie & white bag. (Bag has word on it, but what?) He's very rare. He sold for $300 in 2012! The Tails is unique because his lower body (doesnt have one is a xmas stocking with cute faux bells & holly leaf. He looks fun popping out of the stocking. Sonic has a red Santa hat, furry glove & sock cuffs, & a white bag that says "Merry Christmas". Notice the bag is on the left (other Xmas Sonics have been made too) Photo discovered by MrCalistine