Japanese Sonic Plush Title Card
Japan was (and still is) quite prolific with Sonic character plushes.
This page will have a mix of classic and modern plush doll photos. Pretty much all of the Japan plushes are collectible, regardless of how common or ultra-expensive they were/are. Adding to the collectibility is the general theme of these to be better quality more consistently than plush from elsewhere.
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And You 6 Chibi Style Plush Set There is a company in Japan that makes plush dolls/products called "And You", but because they work with brand names/franchises it's always "Something And You", so in this case it is "Sonic And You".
Here, they make 6 modern 'chibi style' mini keychain plush dolls. Each has simple balls for hands, a big head, small body & small limbs. They're all in the same sitting pose. They're simplified, with flat felt details to fit in with the 'simple toony chibi look' that they're going for here. You can get Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow & Eggman on the set. Each has a hang-loop with beaded keychain at the top. And...probably a flat felt/sticker type tag, although Tails is the only one with that showing.
It's the good attention to the embroidery and the facial features that make these work out well and look on model despite being 'mini'. You've got Tails/Amy with the center smile (where it should be) Eggman is wacky enough with the giant mustache & everyone's faces are pretty in proportion.
And You Sonic Set 6 Side The company seems to be doing something a bit new with the felt, which is combining it with regular plush to create the spikes for all 3 hedgehogs. Everyone has flat felt ears and bangs. Knuckles has previously had all his spikes made of flat fabric, so this isn't anything new to him. Notice how Knuckles does have a different lower face shape than everybody else too. Eggman is looking a tad pale, and is the weakest of the designs with a rather small head that seems somewhat flattened. However, they're all a solid effort, and the 'mini doll' look was carried out successfully. You can buy these conveniently as the whole set of 6 in Japan or at Japanese retailers that sell overseas.
And You Advertisement Here is the ad for the 'and you' plush dolls. Look how much it resembles the Japanese ads of the early 1990s dolls! They've got a whole little dolly-house set going on with picket fence, mini car, soccer ball and bench. The dolls are showcased here as sitting on the edge of something, climbing on a table, or crawling along the floor (as Tails plays with the soccer football) It is likely no accident they set up the ad in a nostalgic or retro way like this. It is interesting to see a company do it. Toy photos discovered by Taaron, ad discovered by GCHVocaloid