Japanese Sonic Plush Title Card
Japan was (and still is) quite prolific with Sonic character plushes.
This page will have a mix of classic and modern plush doll photos. Pretty much all of the Japan plushes are collectible, regardless of how common or ultra-expensive they were/are. Adding to the collectibility is the general theme of these to be better quality more consistently than plush from elsewhere.
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Tiny Sonic Ball Doll Package What's very small, and inside this plastic ball?
Sonic Doll!
If you ever wondered about how those "very tiny" plushes were packaged, well...wonder no-more because now everyone can finally see
that they were inside of clear plastic balls, likely to be dispensed from claw or coin-prize machines in arcades. It's a cute idea, because the clear ball lets you see which character to go for inside. These little guys are the VERY tiny dolls, not the 'stringy leg' earlier ones. They have 2 flat felts for hands & other small details. There are at least Tails, Sonic & Eggman made in this format. They'd of probably all been sold together in the spheres upon release. They're all small enough to fit on one hand, yet still have nice proportions and details. Photo & owned by
Mystery Thick Feet Sonic Doll This is a Japanese Sonic plush, but what is it from? There are 2 fairly distinguishing characteristics though, so maybe someone can recognize it.
First off is the mis-match cloth tag. The Sonic doll is mdoern, but the tag has the classic style logo, which is wrong. This CAN happen on legitimate dolls / merch, but it's not that common, especially
on Japanese things, where the quality control tended to be tighter than most other places. The second thing is that the feet are very thick. Like, look at the shoe sole on the left foot there, it's much thicker than other plushes. The stripe position isn't the best either, instead of the center where it should be, it crosses the sock. The rest of the plush seems decent, with good thick hang-cord, appropriate spikes, stand-up years, all-embroidered eyes, good head shape & nicely sewn hands. The back of the cloth-tag is all in Japanese with fabric-care instructions. His spikes are fully modern-style & well sewn. It's a good solid quality looking plush. Photo & owned by Tones Caffa
Big Old 1997 Sonic Plush Large Here's a real 'wow!' item!
It's a BIG BIG Sonic plush from 1997. Not only is it big, it's pretty amazing as well. Look at the fingers of the gloves, they're actually individual items...and that's pretty much unheard of. The size is also very unusual for the time (classic) and also for the place (Japan). Japanese plush tended to focus on quality over size. "Jumbo Prizes" like in the USA/Canada seem fairly unheard of there. So, a doll big enough to take up a whole chair is an unusual/rare thing indeed.
The spikes, ears & arms are all very nicely sculpted. It looks like some kind of shiny/foil fabric was used for the buckles. He has plastic eyes, which look fine here/nice and classic. The expression is good too, he really does look like the art of the times. You can fairly well bank on it that this is a very rare and expensive doll. Photo discovered by Pichu97/Charlie