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(That I don't approve of)
So here's a sub-standard title card that's very boring.

After the art fiasco that set the internet ablaze with flames for 'bad design' (true) in 2019 the "Sonic Movie" live action Hollywood production went back to the 'drawing board' and re-made the hideous hedgehog into something more akin to a friendly hairy bigfoot troll that happens to be blue.
People seemed to like this better, and so merchandise moved ahead. However it's #NotMySonic so, like bandana and sports tape loving Boom Sonic (And poor Stupid BoomKnuckles) the merchandise must all get corralled away onto a special page/set so as to keep it from contaminating other items. This is that page.
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Spiral Notebook Sonic Movie Cover Here is a spiral notebook themed for the movie.
This is, of course, a Sega Shop item. They are endlessly re-branding the hard-card wire spiral notebook with different themes for its front cover. In this case, it's all black with the movie logo at the top. The design is slightly awkward-jumping CG movie Sonic in front of a gold ring, shaded trapezoids, and a orange/blue fade background in the ring.
The CG art of him is heavily shadowed and darkened (as is the usual) as if he is leaping forth from a dim environment.
*Why they keep doing this is unknown, maybe to hide the design and that he has generic shoes (that aren't as stylish as real Sonic's shoes) but they are constantly burying this thing in shadows as if they didn't want anyone to see all of it/or note their (poorly) design.
Movie Sonic Phone Cases Here are 2 movie styled phone cases. They're both all black, and likely for whatever iphone was there in 2020 when the movie was released. (These cases are only ever for iphones anyway) The first case has MovieSonic shadowed away again, but this time he is pointing out from a darkened ring, with some rectangles in the background & the movie logo. The second has CG Moviesonic holding a ring, but set quite large so he goes off each edge of the case. They are a Sega Shop online exclusive, and are 35 dollars each.
Movie Halloween Costume Package In the usual cash in cash-grab...
Here comes Halloween with this accidentally scary costume. This is Movie Sonic costume,'s got a hairy texture printed on. It's the usual jumpsuit type thing with a hood simple costume that comes in a bag at all of the general Halloween sections & Halloween shops. It's got the movie logo, a gold ring, and is in kids sizes only. The back-photo (inset) shows that the hood is indeed spiked, but it looks like the texture for the actual back is printed on.
Do note that it doesn't come with gloves or shoes to complete the look. Photo by Taaron
Sticker Pack Movie Sonic Here are 2 different sticker sheets for the Sonic movie. The first one has a really large sticker of running forward Sonic, and the logo. The other sheet has 2 poses for him, and a small logo. The legs look odd, like the knee is somehow very low on the cross leg pose. Of course, the bottom one has him eating popcorn because 'movie'. They all use the CG art from the movie, and have a dark background. Were these a promo? Where were they sold? Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Prototype Baby Sonic Plush Proto Tomy Plush Tag Baby
Tomy was originally set to make the movie-baby plush, and this is the prototype of the doll. As you can see on Page 1 Movie, it didn't end up looking exactly like this. This has the eyes quite up and also crossed. There is a strip of blue on the lower face area, and the mouth is set in.
It looks like they've given him cloven feet...or two toes? He does not appear to have fingers. The ears are low set but not as low as that terrible tail?? It's almost between the legs with how low it is. The tag front is ordinary, but the back, as you can see above, is not. It repeats in every language 'the color and style may vary'. So, it is clearly also a prototype tag. Photo & owned by GamingChiliHedgehog
Creepy Movie Doll Yeah ok not cool dude.
Look at this creepy doll! If you've got "Tails Doll" problems, this thing would probably scare that urban-legend menace right away with that dead looking stare. The tiny arch shaped eyes, big green dot embroidery and horn-like tiny ears combine to make the face not fabulous. Then, there's the...what? Insincere looking? Big mouth smile. Of course, because it's movie it has 'big body' but instead of making the doll look fat/dumb like that problem usually does it somehow enhances the wierdness level. The shoes are poorly an afterthought without any detail. The white hands still come across as gloves, but without the cuff it doesn't look right at all.
Yes the movie hands were made of white fur/skin, however to get the look you'd need the hand fabric to be fuzzy like the body fabric but with the only difference being it's white...they didn't do that here. You can see the official cloth tag on the side of him with the in-color logo. Photo and owned by GamingChiliHedgehog
Pure Harvest Apples Sonic Movie Cross Promo
We now take a break from dudly dolls to see...a sack of apples.
That's right it's a plastic bag of fruit! You weren't expecting a bag of apples, but here we go because apparently after the year...2018 or so, people have figured out that you can cross-promote things with various fruit companies. You can sometimes find Minions (Gru, Despicable Me) bananas (because those are also yellow) and you could also get for a while Star Wars branded BB-8 Oranges with a picture of the robot on the bag. (BB 8 is round and has orange paint on it)
So...unsuspectingly along comes Movie Sonic Pure Harvest Green Apples. Their little mascot appears to be some kind of cute circle apple fairy or something. The apples are completely ordinary, the only Sonic element is the top of the bag itself. What country are the apples from? Where were they sold?
This bag sure will make for an interesting collectible far down the line. Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Tomy Proto Movie Doll Odd This is another of Tomy's attempts at a Movie Sonic doll.
It is FAR less scary than other dolls here, but that is also because it is not very movie-like at all--probably why it stayed in prototype phase. They've split the eye into two, but kept the usual/nice 'Sonic eye style' though they are a bit close together. They reduced the ear border, and lowered the arms but that only makes them look like they're growing out of the sides of the body, rather than suggesting that he has shoulders. The body is small/round belly-dot so that's normal (unlike movie) It looks like they couldn't decide what type of hands he should have so they're like...sorta-gloves with no cuffs. The shoes are a stand-out because they are so rudimentary. No detail, no sock, no even real shape...they're just ugly balls on the ends of the legs. The fabric looks sort of textured? Like it might even be wiggly/curly somehow.
It is interesting to see their effort here, even though they lost the license (rightly so) and what the prototype looked like. Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Enjoy the Ride Records Movie Soundtrack The Movie Soundtrack was released on real vinyl records by "Enjoy the Ride Records". Here, you can see their factory photos of the records in their printed card sleeves. There is a flesh tone one (why) and a pretty silver/white spatter one with a blue splash in the center, flecked through with white speckles.
Spatter Color Movie Soundtrack Vinyl More for the movie sound track.
This record has 2 sides with 14 songs. It is a silvery white color with red/blue confetti spatter effect radiating out from the center. (Did you know? Most all vinyl records were black, but now new technology allows colorful vinyl that is decorated like this and probably each one is a bit different) The sleeve has the movie poster on the front, & 2 scenes from it on the back, of course with Jim Carrey the headline actor. Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Movie Soundtrack CD Record players are big and not everyone has them, so of course the soundtrack has to be on a CD too. Here it is in its case which says "Limited Edition" (was it really?) The music was composed by Tom Holkenborg. The CD is suppsoed to have all the same songs as the vinyl records above. Discovered by GamingChiliHedgehog
Blu Ray DVD Digital Limited Collectors Edition Movie Box In 2021, they release the Sonic Movie on DVD & Blu Ray.
This is the Blu Ray & DVD Digital version, that's the "Limited Collector's Edition" for it. It has a bright yellow box with, of course, running movie Sonic and some blue zap energy rays plus the logo at the bottom. He's not 'hidden as usual' in darkness on the box as he often is with other merchandise. But with the mouth open a little bit and the angle he looks a little more like a deranged beaver.
It also has packaged inside some 'collectible art cards' of which there are 4, which is all just him but with varying light and dark backgrounds.
Blu Ray DVD Digital Pre-Order Version Box If you pre-ordered the Movie you would get this version seen here.
It's the usual Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital copy of the movie with the typical poster as the cover where you have Jim Carrey as the star in the gold ring with his robots and then Sonic at the bottom running on a road.
The thing to note is that sticker there in the bottom left of the package. It announces that you will get a Limited Edition Sonic Comic that's packaged only with this version of the movie. Photo & owned by Rae Logan
Mini Comic Sonic Donut Lord And here is the mini comic that's packaged with it. And... BIG SURPRISE! It DOESNT use Movie Sonic in it! It copies the sprite from the game ending (cover), throws the movie logo on it and titles it "The Adventures of Sonic & Donut Lord".
It has glossy cardstock for the covers, and feels good quality. You could likely only get it if you pre ordered at Best Buy stores, or got it on "Home Media Launch Day" for the movie itself. That makes it fairly exclusive, so it may end up being a rare or uncommon item.
But what's it like?
Mini Comic Interior Page
The interior is also done with sprites and modified sprites because that's easy to do. So is taking Green Hill backgrounds out of games & re-working them. But notice how the Sonic is NEVER movie-style in this even though it is literally supposed to be 'movie Sonic'. There are probably a few reasons for it and none of them reflect really well on anything. So let's look at them on purpose.
The comic had to be made quickly and cheaply, so being given free reign over Sega's art-assets is the best way to just slap something together with those 2 criteria. That's probably the #1 reason for this. (Of course the design over-haul may have also propelled that as a choice but that's cut from the same faulty cloth)
Then, also likely: Movie Sonic is just not really that appealing even in the 'improved format' he still looks like a hairy gremlin that isn't nearly as cool & clean-line as any version of Sonic previously produced. It'd look terrible as pixel art, it's difficult and creepy to draw regular comic art of, so of course there are no art-assets that way of that design. But not having 'movie Sonic' in the 'Movie Sonic Comic' is really....dumb? Whatever the reason, here's this comic anyway. Plot explanation may be added in the future to this entry. Photo & owned by Rae Logan

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