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(That I don't approve of)
So here's a sub-standard title card that's very boring.

After the art fiasco that set the internet ablaze with flames for 'bad design' (true) in 2019 the "Sonic Movie" live action Hollywood production went back to the 'drawing board' and re-made the hideous hedgehog into something more akin to a friendly hairy bigfoot troll that happens to be blue.
People seemed to like this better, and so merchandise moved ahead. However it's #NotMySonic so, like bandana and sports tape loving Boom Sonic (And poor Stupid BoomKnuckles) the merchandise must all get corralled away onto a special page/set so as to keep it from contaminating other items. This is that page.
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First 4 Figures Movie Standoff Sonic Turns Even First 4 Figures gets into the movie merch scene with this display figure called "Sonic Standoff".
This is made for Movie 2, but it was only announced at the end of 2023. It is actually only 1 half of the final item, which is a 2 piece set with Knuckles running the opposite way planned for the other half so that the title will be appropriate as it's "them facing off against each other" like the battle from the movie.
As is the usual for F4F, look at what an amazing job they did for the base. The broken pavement and double-yellow line texture is super perfect. The defeated/half buried Eggman Robot even has the missle side door open/stocked with fully painted mini missiles. The 'eye' is clear plastic. As for the gremlin, they do the best they can for it, texturing in all the wooly hair and making sure the hands are small & the face is angled down to (seemingly)
minimize the look of the eye divide. The pose is good/convincing, and attaching it to the base only at the very tip of the heel makes it very active/action.
Movie Ad Superbowl 2024 Until 2024, there were plenty of Sonic commercials all over the world, and on lots of different shows and channels, but there had never been one on the supposed pinnacle of all advertising:
The Superbowl. The football event known for its highest ad prices and most extravagant high-budget big production ads that comes only once a year.
In past years, the Superbowl ads were even more extravagant than more recently (So, early 2000s/2010s kind of times and a bit before) they even would have clip-shows which were TV shows dedicated to rebroadcasting compilations of the most famous and memorable ads that people would deliberately watch. "Kind of a big deal" is an understatement, but you did have to know the history of it.
To know why having something Sonic on there would have been inconceivable years ago/and why it's so surprising even to see it now. Of course, as you can see it's part of the Nickelodeon collaberation they had with part of it to show like Spongebob doing football something, and that's why there's random CG fish in the row ahead of them. But, that they think the movies are a big enough deal to have the characters in an ad spot on the biggest ad area of the year is really some sort of milestone.